Charles Spurgeon


Spurgeon is the most widely read preacher in history. There is more Spurgeon material available today, than any other Christian author, living or dead. We offer here, a very choice selection of Spurgeon's best sermons!

"With whom among men can you compare Spurgeon? He combined the preaching power of Jonathan Edwards and Whitefield with the organizing power of Wesley, and the energy, fire, and courage of Luther." B.H. Carroll
J.C. Ryle, "I am not a bit ashamed to say that I often read the sermons of Mr. Spurgeon. Now when you read Mr. Spurgeon's sermons, note how clearly and skillfully he divides a sermon, and fills each division with beautiful and simple ideas. How easily you grasp his meaning! How thoroughly he brings before you certain great truths, that hang to you like hooks of steel, and which, once planted in your memory, you never forget!" 

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The following choice sermons have been gleaned from Spurgeon's 63 volume set.

Genesis 1:1-5   Light, Natural and Spiritual

Genesis 12:5   Effectual Calling, Illustrated by the Call of Abram

Genesis 16:13   Omniscience

Genesis 19:20   Little Sins

Genesis 21:16   Compassion for Souls

Genesis 24:5-8   No Compromise!

Genesis 28:16   Jacob's Waking Exclamation

Exodus 7:12   The Power of Aaron's Rod

Exodus 10:26   Full Redemption!

Exodus 17:8   War with Amalek!

Exodus 17:9   The War of Truth

Exodus 20:18-20   The Mediator; The Interpreter

Exodus 33:18   A View of Gods Glory!

Exodus 33:19   Election no Discouragement to Seeking Souls

Exodus 34:14   A Jealous God!

Leviticus 11:2-3   The Clean and Unclean

Leviticus 13:12-13   The Cleansing Of The Leper

Numbers 16:47-48   The High Priest Standing Between The Dead And The Living

Numbers 32:23   The Great Sin Of Doing Nothing

Deuteronomy 7:20   Secret Sins Driven Out by Stinging Hornets

Deuteronomy 8:3   Bread For The Hungry

Deuteronomy 8:3-6   The Pilgrim's Grateful Recollections

Deuteronomy 29:18   The Root that Bears Wormwood

Deuteronomy 32:5   The Secret Spot!

Deuteronomy 32:29   Memento Mori

Deuteronomy 33:26-28   Israel's God and God's Israel

Deuteronomy 33:27   Present Privilege and Future Favor

Joshua 17:18   Driving Out the Canaanites and Their Iron Chariots

Judges 4:22   Sin Slain!

Judges 5:11   Songs of Deliverance

Judges 5:12   Magnificat!

Ruth 2:14   Mealtime In The Cornfields

1 Samuel 2:3   The King's Weighings   AUDIO

1 Samuel 2:6   From Death To Life!

1 Samuel 4:7   Is God in the Camp?

2 Samuel 6:20-22   David Dancing Before the Ark Because of His Election

2 Samuel 14:29-31   The Barley Field on Fire!

1 Kings 5:17   Foundation Work

1 Kings 17:8-9   The Widow of Sarepta

1 Kings 17:16   The Inexhaustible Barrel

1 Kings 18:12   Early Piety—Eminent Piety

2 Kings 3:16-18   Make This Valley Full of Ditches

2 Kings 13:18-19   Three Arrows, Or Six?   AUDIO

2 Kings 7:19   The Sin of Unbelief

2 Kings 10:31   Heedlessness In Religion

2 Kings 17:41   Mongrel Religion

2 Kings 18:4-5   Iconoclast

2 Kings 20:12-13   Vainglory Rebuked!

2 Kings 21   Manasseh

1 Chronicles 4:10   The prayer of Jabez

2 Chronicles 24   Joash and His Friend Jehoiada

2 Chronicles 31:1   Reform!

2 Chronicles 34:27   Self-Humbling!

2 Chronicles 35:2   Cheer Up, My Comrades!

Nehemiah 3:8   The Broad Wall

Nehemiah 4:9   The Two Guards, Praying and Watching

Nehemiah 4:10   Rubbish!

Nehemiah 8:10   The Joy of the Lord, the Strength of His People

Esther 1-4   Esther Defeats her Enemies

Job 1:8   Satan Considering the Saints

Job 8:11-13   A Sermon from a Rush

Job 9:20   A Blow at Self-Righteousness

Job 9:33   The Great Arbitration Case

Job 10:2   The Sweet Uses of Adversity

Job 12:9-10   Everywhere and Yet Forgotten

Job 14:14   Our Life, Our Work, Our Change

Job 17:9   The Righteous Holding on His Way

Job 19:25-27   I Know That My Redeemer Lives!

Job 22:15-17   The Old Way of the Wicked

Job 23:3-4   Order and Argument in Prayer

Job 23:6   The Question of Fear and the Answer of Faith

Job 23:10   Where Are You Going?

Job 23:13   The Infallibility of God's Purpose

Job 30:23   Concerning Death

Job 38:31   The Pleiades and Orion

Psalm 1:4   The Chaff Driven Away

Psalm 4:4-5   Plain Directions To Those Who Would Be Saved From Sin

Psalm 17:3   Mysterious Visits

Psalm 17:8   The Eye, a Similitude

Psalm 17:15   The Hope of Future Bliss

Psalm 18:23   Kept From Iniquity

Psalm 19:12   Sin Immeasurable

Psalm 19:12   Secret Sins

Psalm 19:13   Presumptuous Sins

Psalm 22:22-23   Jesus, The Example of Holy Praise

Psalm 23:5   The Overflowing Cup

Psalm 25:18   A Troubled Prayer

Psalm 26:3   Think Well and Do Well

Psalm 31:23   Constraining Love!

Psalm 34:10   Lions Lacking, But the Children Satisfied

Psalm 34:11   Christian Training of Children

Psalm 37:4   Sunshine In The Heart

Psalm 37:39   A Testimony To Free And Sovereign Grace

Psalm 39:3   Quiet Musing!

Psalm 42:7   Deep Calls Unto Deep

Psalm 42:8   The Alarum

Psalm 45:2   The Gracious Lips of Jesus

Psalm 51:4   Unimpeachable Justice

Psalm 51:8   Broken Bones!

Psalm 51:10   Gracious Renewal

Psalm 51:11   A Most Needful Prayer Concerning the Holy Spirit

Psalm 60:8   Moab is My Washpot

Psalm 62:2   God Alone the Salvation of His People

Psalm 65:1-2   Praises and Vows Accepted in Zion

Psalm 65:10   Spring in the Heart

Psalm 69:14   The Believer Sinking in the Mire

Psalm 73:28   An Assuredly Good Thing

Psalm 73:28   Drawing Near to God

Psalm 77:9   A Question for a Questioner

Psalm 87:6   The Last Census

Psalm 86:6-7   Concerning Prayer

Psalm 89:13   The Mighty Arm!

Psalm 89:13   The Mighty Arm

Psalm 90:1   The Glorious Habitation

Psalm 91:1   Under His Shadow

Psalm 91:4   Safe Shelter!

Psalm 94:9   The Planter of the Ear must Hear

Psalm 94:19   Multitudinous Thoughts and Sacred Comforts

Psalm 97:10   Righteous Hatred

Psalm 104:34   A Very Profitable Exercise

Psalm 104:34   Meditation on God

Psalm 104:34   Sweet Meditations on Christ

Psalm 106:8   Why Are Men Saved?

Psalm 106:9   Israel at the Red Sea

Psalm 116:1   Prayer Answered Love Nourished

Psalm 116:12   Overwhelming Obligations

Psalm 118:16   The Right Hand of the Lord!

Psalm 118:17-18   Gratitude for Deliverance from the Grave

Psalm 119:133   A Well-Ordered Life

Psalm 119:165   The Lover Of God's Law Filled With Peace

Psalm 126:6   Tearful Sowing and Joyful Reaping

Psalm 127:2   The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved

Psalm 131:2   The Weaned Child

Psalm 136   A Song, A Solace, A Sermon, and A Summons

Psalm 139:24   The Way Everlasting

Psalm 143:10   At School

Psalm 146:7   The Lord, the Liberator

Psalm 147:3   Healing for the Wounded

Psalm 147:3   Christ's Hospital

Psalm 147:16-18   Frost and Thaw

Proverbs 5:11   Last Things

Proverbs 5:22   Sinners Bound with the Cords of Sin

Proverbs 6:22   The Talking Book

Proverbs 11:30   Soul Winning   AUDIO

Proverbs 14:10   Man Unknown To Man

Proverbs 15:11   God, the All-Seeing One

Proverbs 16:2   Unsound Spiritual Trading

Proverbs 17:17   The Unrivaled Friend

Proverbs 18:10   Our Stronghold

Proverbs 18:12   Pride and Humility

Proverbs 18:24   A Faithful Friend

Proverbs 23:23   Buying the Truth

Ecclesiastes 9:10   A Home Mission Sermon

Song of Songs 1:2   Better than Wine

Song of Songs 2:13   Vines With Tender Grapes

Song of Songs 1:4   A Refreshing Canticle

Song of Songs 1:6   The Unkept Vineyard; Or, Personal Work Neglected

Song of Songs 1:7   Love to Jesus

Song of Songs 1:7   The Church's Love to Her Loving Lord

Song of Songs 1:13   A Bundle of Myrrh

Song of Songs 2:1   The Rose and the Lily

Song of Songs 2:1   The Best of the Best

Song of Songs 2:2   The Lily among Thorns

Song of Songs 2:3   Under the Apple Tree

Song of Songs 2:15   Beware of Foxes

Song of Songs 2:16   Loved and Loving

Song of Songs 2:16   A Song among the Lilies

Song of Songs 2:16-17   Over the Mountains

Song of Songs 3:4   Love's Vigilance Rewarded

Song of Songs 3:9-10   Paved with Love

Song of Songs 4:7   Fragrant Spices from the Mountains of Myrrh

Song of Songs 4:12   A Secret and Yet No Secret

Song of Songs 4:16   Grace for Communion

Song of Songs 5:2   Asleep and Yet Awake –A Riddle

Song of Songs 5:2   Warning and Encouragement

Song of Songs 5:2-8   Nearer and Dearer

Song of Songs 5:6   The Soul's Desertion

Song of Songs 5:13   Spices, Flowers, Lilies, and Myrrh

Song of Songs 5:16   The Well-beloved

Song of Songs 5:16   Altogether Lovely

Song of Songs 5:16   The Best Beloved

Song of Songs 6:4   The Church as She Should Be

Song of Songs 6:5   Overcoming Christ

Song of Songs 6:12   The Chariots of Amminadab

Song of Songs 8:2   The Spiced Wine of My Pomegranate

Song of Songs 8:7   Unpurchasable Love

Isaiah 1:18   The Silver Trumpet

Isaiah 2:2   A Vision of the Latter-Day Glories

Isaiah 5:1   The Well-Beloved's Vineyard

Isaiah 9:6   His Name, Wonderful!

Isaiah 17:10-11   Pleasant Plants and Desperate Sorrow

Isaiah 25:6   Good Cheer for Christmas

Isaiah 27:3   The Keeper of the Vineyard

Isaiah 28:20   The Bed and Its Covering

Isaiah 28:27-28   Threshing

Isaiah 30:21   The Voice Behind You

Isaiah 33:17   The King in His Beauty

Isaiah 38:16   All These Things

Isaiah 40:31   The Unwearied Runner

Isaiah 41:10   Away with Fear

Isaiah 41:14   Fear Not!

Isaiah 41:14   Your Redeemer

Isaiah 42:4   Christ's Work No Failure

Isaiah 42:16   Joyful Transformations

Isaiah 44:1-5   A Promise for Us and for Our Children

Isaiah 45:22   Sovereignty and Salvation

Isaiah 47:14   The Portion Of The Ungodly

Isaiah 49:8   Christ in the Covenant

Isaiah 49:16   A Precious Drop of Honey

Isaiah 51:2-3   Hearken and Look; or Encouragement for Believers

Isaiah 52:13-15   Jesus the Great Object of Astonishment

Isaiah 53:5   The Universal Remedy

Isaiah 53:10   The Death of Christ

Isaiah 57:10   Hope, Yet No Hope; No Hope, Yet Hope

Isaiah 61:1   Heart Disease, Curable  AUDIO

Isaiah 65:5   Self-Righteousness — a Smoldering Heap of Rubbish!

Isaiah 66:2   Trembling At The Word Of The Lord

Isaiah 66:8   Travailing for Souls

Isaiah 66:21   A New Order of Priests and Levites

Jeremiah 4:20   The Wailing of Risca

Jeremiah 5:22-23   God's Barriers Against Man's Sin

Jeremiah 6:14   A Blast of the Trumpet Against False Peace

Jeremiah 8:6   What Have I Done?

Jeremiah 15:16   Hidden Manna

Jeremiah 17:1   The Deep-Seated Character of Sin

Jeremiah 31:3   The Drawings of Love

Jeremiah 31:18   Ephraim Bemoaning Himself

Jeremiah 31:33   God in the Covenant

Jeremiah 32:39   Whole-Hearted Religion

Jeremiah 32:40   Perseverance in Holiness

Jeremiah 32:41   The Whole-Heartedness Of God In Blessing His People

Jeremiah 48:11-12   The Shrill Trumpet of Admonition

Ezekiel 9:9   The Evil and Its Remedy

Ezekiel 11:5   Thus Says the Lord!

Ezekiel 16:1-2   Vile Ingratitude!

Ezekiel 33:5   The Warning Neglected

Ezekiel 36:27   The Necessity of the Spirit's Work

Ezekiel 36:32   Free Grace!

Ezekiel 37:1-10   The Restoration and Conversion of the Jews

Daniel 4:34-35   The Unconquerable King!

Daniel 10:11   Daniel's Band

Hosea 2:8-9   The Unknown Giver and the Misused Gifts

Hosea 6:3-4   Constancy and Inconstancy, A Contrast   AUDIO

Hosea 7:9   Grey Hairs

Hosea 8:12   The Bible

Hosea 10:2   A Divided Heart

Hosea 12:10   Everybody's Sermon

Hosea 14:4   Grace Abounding!

Amos 3:3-6   The Voice of the Cholera

Amos 8:1-2   A Basket Of Summer Fruit

Jonah 2:9   Salvation of the Lord

Micah 6:8   Micah's Message for Today

Micah 7:1   Ripe Fruit

Micah 7:7   My Own Personal Holdfast

Nahum 1:3   What are the Clouds?

Zechariah 12:10   The Pierced One Pierces the Heart

Malachi 3:6   The Immutability of God

Matthew 2:2   The Sages, The Star, and The Savior

Matthew 2:14-15   Out of Egypt!

Matthew 2:23   The Nazarene and the Sect of the Nazarenes

Matthew 3:17   A Great Sermon by the Greatest Preacher

Matthew 3:7   Flee from the Wrath to Come!

Matthew 5:15-16   The Candle

Matthew 8:11-12   Heaven and Hell

Matthew 9:12   The Great Physician and His Patients

Matthew 11:25-26   Even So, Father

Matthew 11:28-30   The Meek and Lowly One

Matthew 12:20   Sweet Comfort for Feeble Saints

Matthew 12:42   The Earnest Enquirer

Matthew 13:22   Sown Among Thorns

Matthew 14:26   Jesus No Phantom

Matthew 15:28   The Perseverance of Faith

Matthew 19:19   Love Your Neighbor

Matthew 19:30   The First Last, And The Last First

Matthew 20:6   Good News For The Aged

Matthew 20:15   Divine Sovereignty

Matthew 21:5   The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

Matthew 21:28-32   A Sermon to Open Neglecters and Nominal Followers of Religion

Matthew 24:39   Noah's Flood

Matthew 25:22-23   The Two Talents

Mark 5:17-19   Christ's Curate In Decapolis

Mark 5:19   Going Home—A Christmas Sermon

Mark 10:46-52   The Blind Beggar

Mark 11:13   Nothing but Leaves

Mark 16:15-16   Baptismal Regeneration

Luke 10:38-42   Martha and Mary

Luke 11:21-26   The Strong One Driven Out by a Stronger One

Luke 12:1   Hypocrisy

Luke 12:49   Fire! The Need of the Times

Luke 13:1-5   Accidents, Not Punishments

Luke 13:7-8   Judgment Threatening but Mercy Sparing

Luke 14:31-32   Consider Before You Fight

Luke 15:4-7   The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Luke 15:20   Prodigal Love for the Prodigal Son

Luke 17:5   The Necessity of Increased Faith

Luke 18:13   A Sermon For The Worst Man On Earth

Luke 19:5   Effectual Calling

Luke 19:6   The Honored Guest

Luke 19:10   The Mission of the Son of Man

Luke 19:37-40   Praise Your God, O Zion

Luke 22:44   The Agony In Gethsemane

Luke 22:60-62   Peter's Restoration

Luke 23:48   Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified

Luke 24:41   Too Good To Be True! A Paradox

Luke 24:47   Beginning at Jerusalem

John 1:16   The Fullness of Christ Received

John 1:16   The Fullness of Jesus, the Treasury of Saints

John 1:35-36   The Lamb of God in Scripture

John 1:42   Every-Day Usefulness

John 1:43-45   Found by Jesus, and Finding Jesus

John 2:10   Satan's Banquet!

John 3:3   Regeneration

John 3:8   The Holy Spirit Compared to the Wind

John 3:36   The Unbeliever's Unhappy Condition

John 4:10   Saving Knowledge

John 4:14   Life's Ever-Springing Well

John 5:40   Free Will — A Slave

John 6:44   Human Inability

John 6:63   A Blow for Puseyism

John 7:46   The Unrivaled Eloquence of Jesus!   AUDIO

John 10:27-30   The Security Of Believers; Or, Sheep Who Shall Never Perish

John 11:3   Beloved Yet Afflicted

John 11:14-15   A Mystery! Saints Sorrowing and Jesus Glad!

John 11:22   Even Now

John 11:28-32   The Welcome Visitor

John 12:26   The Christian's Service and Honor

John 12:32   The Great Attraction!

John 13:6   Jesus Washing His Disciples' Feet

John 14:26   The Comforter

John 14:27   The Best of Masters

John 15:5   Without Christ, Nothing

John 15:13   Love's Crowning Deed

John 16:7   The Superlative Excellence of the Holy Spirit

John 16:20   From Sorrow to Joy

John 17:26   Love and I, A Mystery

John 18:26   In the Garden With Him

John 20:15   Supposing Him to Be the Gardener

John 21:12   Breakfast With Jesus

Acts 2:47   Additions To The Church

Acts 4:13   Christ's People, Imitators of Him

Acts 7:55-56   Stephen's Martyrdom

Acts 8:36-38   Baptism

Acts 10:38   The Model Home Mission and the Model Home Missionary

Acts 15:11   Grace the One Way of Salvation

Acts 17:27   God's Nearness To Us

Acts 20:21   Two Essential Things

Romans 1:20-21   Knowledge, Worship, Gratitude

Romans 1:20-21   Inexcusable Irreverence and Ingratitude

Romans 2:4   Earnest Expostulation

Romans 3:24   Justification by Grace

Romans 5:5   The Perfuming of the Heart

Romans 5:6   For Whom Did Christ Die?

Romans 5:8   Love's Commendation

Romans 6:3-4   Baptism, A Burial

Romans 6:6   The Old Man Crucified

Romans 6:23   Death and Life; The Wage and the Gift

Romans 7:13   The Monster Dragged to Light!

Romans 7:24-25   The Fainting Warrior

Romans 8:3   Sin Condemned and Executed by Christ Jesus

Romans 8:16-17   The Sons of God

Romans 8:31   God is With Us

Romans 8:37   More Than Conquerors!

Romans 9:23-24   Vessels Of Mercy, A Sermon Of Self-Examination

Romans 10:4   Christ the End of the Law

Romans 11:36   Laus Deo

Romans 12:12   Constant, Instant, Expectant

Romans 13:14   Christ Put On

1 Corinthians 1:30-31   The Fourfold Treasure

1 Corinthians 3:22   Things Present

1 Corinthians 4:7   Distinguishing Grace!

1 Corinthians 5:6-8   Purging Out the Leaven

1 Corinthians 6:17   The Saint One With His Savior

1 Corinthians 6:19-20   Bought With A Price!

1 Corinthians 7:29   The Time Is Short!

1 Corinthians 7:29-31   A Drama in Five Acts

1 Corinthians 10:12   A Caution to the Presumptuous

1 Corinthians 11:24   The Remembrance of Christ

1 Corinthians 13:7   Love's Labors

1 Corinthians 13:12   Now, and Then

1 Corinthians 15:25   Good News for Loyal Subjects

1 Corinthians 15:26   Christ the Destroyer of Death!

1 Corinthians 15:26   The Last Enemy Destroyed!

2 Corinthians 1:5   Suffering and Consolation

2 Corinthians 1:10   The Tenses

2 Corinthians 5:5   The Glorious Hereafter and Ourselves

2 Corinthians 5:7   Faith Versus Sight

2 Corinthians 5:17   The Believer A New Creature

2 Corinthians. 5:18   High Doctrine

2 Corinthians 5:20-21   The Heart of the Gospel

2 Corinthians 8:9   The Condescension of Christ

Galatians 2:10   The Duty of Remembering the Poor

Galatians 2:20   Everyday Religion

Galatians 3:13   The Curse Removed

Galatians 3:24   The Law

Ephesians 1:7   The Treasure of Grace

Ephesians 2:4-5   His Great Love!

Ephesians 2:4-5   Resurrection with Christ

Ephesians 2:8   Faith, What Is It? How Can It Be Obtained?

Ephesians 2:12   A Solemn Deprival

Ephesians 2:22   The Tabernacle of the Most High

Ephesians 4:30   Grieving the Holy Spirit

Ephesians 5:18   Filling with the Spirit, and Drunkenness with Wine

Ephesians 5:20   Always, and For All Things

Ephesians 5:26   Christ's Love To His Spouse

Ephesians 6:7   Our Motto

Philippians 1:6   The Perseverance of the Saints

Philippians 2:1   Consolation in Christ

Philippians 2:9-11   The Exaltation of Christ

Philippians 2:12-13   Working Out What Is Worked In

Philippians 3:10   Do You Know Him?

Philippians 3:20   Citizenship In Heaven

Philippians 3:20-21   The Power of Christ Illustrated by the Resurrection   AUDIO

Philippians 4:11   Contentment

Colossians 3:1-2   Following the Risen Christ

Colossians 3:17   Method and Music, Or The Art of Holy and Happy Living

1 Thessalonians 1:8   Sounding Out The Word Of The Lord

1 Thessalonians 5:6   The Enchanted Ground

2 Thessalonians 1:3   A Lecture for Little-Faith

2 Thessalonians 3:5   The Love Of God And The Patience Of Christ

1 Timothy 4:8-9   The Profit of Godliness In This Life  

1 Timothy 4:8   The Profit of Godliness in the Life to Come

1 Timothy 6:12   The Greatest Fight in the World!

2 Timothy 1:9   Salvation Altogether by Grace

2 Timothy 3:5   The Form Of Godliness Without The Power

2 Timothy 4:13   Paul, His Cloak And His Books

2 Timothy 4:20   The Sick Man Left Behind

Hebrews 2:9   Seeing Jesus

Hebrews 2:10   Christ, Perfect Through Sufferings

Hebrews 2:14   The Destroyer Destroyed

Hebrews 3:13   A Warning Against Hardness of Heart

Hebrews 4:9   Heavenly Rest

Hebrews 4:16   The Throne of Grace

Hebrews 5:14   Strong Meat

Hebrews 6:9   Things That Accompany Salvation

Hebrews 7:27   Priest and Victim

Hebrews 11:7   Noah's Faith, Fear, Obedience, and Salvation

Hebrews 11:15-16   Go Back? Never!

Hebrews 11:24-26   Moses, His Faith and Decision

Hebrews 12:25   God's Word Not To Be Refused

Hebrews 12:27   A Lesson from the Great Panic

Hebrews 13:5-6   A Vile Weed and a Fair Flower

Hebrews 13:13   Let Us Go Forth

Hebrews 13:15   A Life-Long Occupation

Hebrews 13:20   The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant!

James 1:2-4   All Joy in All Trials

James 1:5   Loving Advice for Anxious Seekers

James 3:12   Figs and Olive Berries

James 4:13-17   God's Will About the Future

James 4:14   What Is Your Life?

James 5:7-8   A Visit to the Harvest Field

1 Peter 1:3-4   Some Advantages of Being a Christian

1 Peter 1:7   The Trial Of Your Faith

1 Peter 2:1-3    A Sermon for Men of Taste

1 Peter 2:4   Coming to Christ

1 Peter 2:7   Three Precious Things

1 Peter 5:8-9   The Roaring Lion

2 Peter 3:8   God's Estimate Of Time

1 John 1:6, 7    The Child of Light Walking in Light

1 John 1:7   The Evil and Its Remedy

1 John 2:1   The Sinner's Advocate

1 John 2:6   In Him, Like Him

1 John 3:2   The Beautiful Vision!

1 John 3:14   Life Proved By Love

1 John 4:19   Love's Logic!

Jude 1:12   Spots in Our Feasts of Charity

Revelation 2:4   Declension from First Love

Revelation 2:4-5   Love's Complaining

Revelation 3:19   The Loved Ones Chastened

Revelation 4:4   The Elders Before The Throne

Revelation 7:17   No Tears in Heaven

Revelation 14:1   Heavenly Music

Revelation 19:12   The Savior's Many Crowns

Revelation 21:5   A New Creation

A Pastoral Letter

Susannah Spurgeon, "A Song of Sighs"

John MacArthur writes: "I've always loved Charles Spurgeon for his plain-spokenness, his courage, his enthusiasm for the Word of God, his love of the truth, his command of the English language, and his ability to use simple, vivid language to make difficult truths inescapably clear. Those are all characteristics every preacher should seek to emulate, and there is no better model than Spurgeon.

A number of other notable characteristics also distinguished Spurgeon's ministry: He was indomitably optimistic, even in the midst of severe pain. He had a tender shepherd's heart. He loved people. He had a lifelong passion to see souls converted to Christ. He remained steadfast and firm in defense of the truth, even when his views became unpopular. He was a diligent worker, who knew how to redeem the time. For all those reasons and not just for his extraordinary preaching skill Spurgeon is a worthy hero for every preacher to emulate.

It is nonetheless true that Spurgeon's preaching is the main thing that makes him stand out as one of the most remarkable and beloved men God has ever raised up to lead the church. He is truly the prince of preachers. I often recommend that young preachers study his sermons, learn from his bright and colorful use of language and by all means borrow and make use of the best of his preaching.

Spurgeon was the master of the pithy quote. In fact, no author I have ever read is as quotable as Spurgeon. His published sermons as well as his books are a fertile source for ideas, expressions, illustrations, and axioms that help make biblical truth clear."


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