Thoughts on Religious Experience

Archibald Alexander, 1844

Archibald Alexander AUDIO gems

Early religious impressions — Different results — Classes of people least impressed — Examples of ineffectual impressions

Chapter 2.
Piety in children — Comparatively few renewed in childhood — Soul awakened in different ways — Legal conviction not a necessary part of true religion — Progress of conviction

The new birth an event of great importance — The evidences of the new birth — Diversities of experience in converts — Examples — Causes of diversity

Causes of diversity in experience continued — Effect of temperament — Melancholy — Advice to the friends of people thus affected — Illustrative cases — Causes of melancholy and insanity

Effect of sympathy illustrated — Cautions in relation to this subject — A singular case in illustration

Erroneous views of regeneration — The correct view — The operation of faith — Exercises of mind, as illustrated in Jonathan Edwards's Narrative — The operations of faith still further explained

Considerations on dreams, visions, etc. Remarkable conversion of a blind infidel from hearing the Bible read

Religious Conversation — Stress laid by some on the knowledge of the time and place of conversion—Religious experience of Halyburton

Christian experience of R__ C__. Narrative of Sir Richard Hill's experience
Imperfect sanctification — The spiritual warfare

The spiritual conflict — Various exhibitions of it — Evil thoughts

Growth in grace — Signs of it — Practical directions how to grow in grace — Hindrances to it

Backsliding — The backslider restored

The rich and the poor — The various trials of believers

Deathbed of the believer

Remarks on deathbed exercises

Preparation for death — The state of the soul after death

A prayer for one who feels that he is approaching the borders of another world
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