"One sight of the glorified Christ, will fill our hearts and dry up all our tears" John Newton

There we will see His face,
And never, never sin;
And from the rivers of His grace,
Drink endless pleasures in!

Treasures and pleasures


This is too much

A holier, happier, sublimer, and more durable world than this

Sin is shut out—and they are shut in

A glance into Heavenly bliss

We can't even imagine

Immanuel's Land

Not our home

Playing with monkeys and parrots

What a Heaven

Where is my mamma?

Could you be so selfish—and so cruel?

No dirty dogs shall ever trample upon that golden pavement

The grand object of the eye of faith


No mind has imagined

The Rest

The moment after our friends say we are dead!

Distress in Heaven?

All will be pure, unmingled happiness—or pure, unmingled misery

Meditate on HEAVEN

The happy exchange

There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary are at rest

My Father's home

Traveling to glory, honor, immortality, and eternal life

No more disease, no more weakness, no more pain

Our Heaven, our glory, and our portion

That one majestic, inconceivable, and expressive word

Thomas Watson choice quotes on Heaven

The joys of that eternal banqueting house

It will fire the soul with unutterable love, and fill it with inexpressible joy

No serpent crawls along that pavement

The last pang, and groan, and tear

The very cream of Heaven

All this, and unspeakably more

Let us often think of home

Fullness of joy

O stand amazed at His free grace

The bliss of Heaven

The spy-glass of faith

Some day I shall be like that

The glory of Heaven

It is not the glory of the place—it is the beauty of the person

All happiness, all satisfaction is comprehended in this

A never-fading beauty

All this, and unspeakably more

Happy beyond conception

How His eyes will sparkle with delight

Oh, this is Heaven, the Heaven of Heaven

In that region of unsullied happiness

Their follies, their burdens, their griefs, their woes

What a wretched place would Heaven be

Our true, abiding home

If I ever reach Heaven, I expect to find three wonders there

He will wipe every tear from their eyes

The bitterest ingredient in the 'cup of divine displeasure'

Neither Christ nor Heaven can be hyperbolized

Heaven would be a very Hell

All the ravishments of His presence and love

Better than winning the lottery

Too much pleasure is a pain

Your inheritance?

No hissing serpent

The great attraction of Heaven

The perfection of Heavenly bliss!

From desert to garden

Among the wonders in Heaven, shall be these three

The battlefield

That is Heaven

It will matter little when I lie in my coffin

One hour in Heaven

We will be like Him

Crawling along the road of life

What an ocean of glory is here

I shall lie prostrate at His feet

We would not be such muck-worms

A place where sorrow cannot live—and joy cannot die

These eternal fountains

No longer will there be any curse

Let me leave you, and fly into His arms

Having nothing—possessing everything

The secret of being content

The sufferings of this present life

I can conceive of no higher Heaven


Beloved, soon, O how soon

No sin, no sinner, no devil

You would not like it

In the last consummate city

The most potent force for the production of virtue

Passing through the valley of weeping

Forever and ever

There is the vilest and the most unworthy
creature that has ever entered Heaven

Without a rag on his back, or a penny in his purse

The Land of Cabul

We shall see Him as He is

God's Jewels


That glory is inconceivable and inexpressible

Two signs

A glorious termination

Heaven Heaven It is Heaven

The Christian's hope

What kind of bodies will they have?

I would not live here always

The best

There will be no night there

I am going to prepare a place for you

What a cluster of sweet hopes

Luxuriating forever

If you admit a pig into your parlor among your friends

All these things shall have no place in Heaven

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined

The prosperity of the wicked

They always leave a sting

This tremendous scene

Peace, and rest, and perfect bliss


The sparkling diamond in the ring of glory

The most prominent object in Heaven

The worldling's trash

We shall be like Him

Pleasures forevermore

O eternity

What God will bestow upon His beloved people

I want those whom You have given Me to be with Me where I am

What kind of bodies will they have?

Surely there was no more royal moment in all of Christ's life!

"I go to prepare a place for you"

The paradise of love

Tis but a taste

Listen He calls you

No serpent of sin will breed there

Lured and dazzled, the worldling pursues the phantom

What is Heaven?

What could an unsanctified man do in Heaven?


Sea of ineffable love


Ah who can grasp the thought

What a place must that be

Brethren, is not this the very cream of Heaven?

Mysteries made plain hereafter


The Heavenly traveler

What God has prepared for those who love Him

Your eyes will see the King in His beauty

Who would desire to live always in this poor world?

Millions of millions of millions of millions of years

A poor, despised, contemptible thing

The happiness of Heaven

Alas how we forget....

Weep not Grieve not Fear not Tremble not

You shall be without fault

One everlasting memorial of anguish and suffering

Half of the happiness of Heaven

I would fly away, and be at rest

Could you grasp the world like an orange

If you want to know what Heaven is

Sheep or goat?

God will dry your tears

Swim in an ocean of unmixed delight

The black drop is swallowed up in a sea of victory

A world without night A Heaven without a sun

The cream of Heaven

This is not your resting-place

Weep no more

Forever beholding fresh beauties

The Bottomless, Shoreless Sea of Infinite Joy

What an amazing word

Without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish

The base cares & the petty enjoyments of the present world

He makes us kings

Asleep in Jesus

What a contrast

The saints' hell—and the sinners' Heaven

Heavenly Glory

That unutterable glory

As though it had never been




He comes

From a burning hell—to a blissful Heaven

What is Heaven?


The bosom of His eternal Love

Short-lived, imperfect and unsatisfying

Entering Heaven

Amends for all

What are the ephemeral distinctions of earth?

Three matchless diadems are waiting for me

Weep not for me

Evil will not die until our Lord returns

Our Heaven


Look forward to your sinless and perfect home

Look Forward

God gives His people a taste of Heaven

Oh, this is Heaven, the Heaven of Heaven

What is it that is drawing you to Heaven?

We are traveling fast

Earthly crowns are like tennis-balls

There will be no more night

The greatest part of Hell

The saints' everlasting rest

Happy, happy, happy day

Who will shout the loudest in glory?

One eternal unclouded day

As though it had never been

Without Clouds

A perfect rest

The Heavenly Rest

The Beatific Vision

Golden Thoughts

The Better Home


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