"Scriptures teach that all things in the church should be pure, simple, and removed as far as possible from the elements and pomps of this world!" Richard Cox, Puritan

"The church of Christ is a common hospital, wherein all are in some measure sick of some spiritual disease or another. Therefore we should all have have cause to exercise mutual kindness and humility." Richard Sibbes

"That very church which the world likes best—is sure to be that which God most abhors!" Spurgeon

Darryl Erkel's insightful articles on New Testament Ecclesiology

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats?

The one game most universally played!

Away with such an old-time Christianity

A spiritual playpen where the crying babies must be appeased!

Pastoral Counsels

I dislike square pews, and bad music

My desire is . . .

Toys and playthings of the religious babyhouse

Constant religious engagements

Most punctilious in their religious rituals!

Philpot's letter of resignation from the Church of England

Ministerial Confessions

The call and qualifications for the ministry

Constant multiplication of corrupted copies

An ice-house, instead of a hot house!

The masses demand that which will soothe them in their sins and amuse them while they journey down the Broad Road!

The cause of all the formality, apathy, and lukewarmness in the church!

The evangelistic methods of our present golden-calf Christianity!

Religious entertainment!

The chief dangers which will confront the church in the coming century!

The nickels and noses racket!

Cracked cisterns!

On just such husks do the religious swine feed!

Evangelicalism has been smothered to death by extra-Scriptural rubbish!

What a farce it all is!

Religion is not to be confined to devotional exercises

Fault-finding is the easiest of all tasks!

That always brings down the wrath of the religious majority!

Jesus Christ Himself!

Clowns entertaining the goats!

Essential to eminent usefulness

A godly ministry

The star of the show!

Market-Driven Christianity

The half-converted cowboy!

It is better to stay at home and read God's Word

That time has arrived

One reason why the church has so little influence over the world!

The outward dress and garb of religion

The pastor

Frequent mingling with the professing church?

We all naturally love to have a pope of our own!

No 'reverence' is due to me!

For the 'Reverends'

The art of preaching

A pretty, cultured sort of evangelism

A bad sign!

An apostolic face and a Judas heart

A coward's castle

Accomplished actors!

Not markedly different

The striped candy technique!

The way to do good is to amuse people!

The only smile worth having

Solemn words to ministers

Are you seeking great things for yourself?

Pride, self-conceit, and self-exaltation

A sad motley mixture

That irresponsible, amusement-mad paganized pseudo-religion!

Our obstacles

OUR church?!

Four kinds of churches

Ministers are often desirous of . . .

Self-seeking, men-pleasing ministers

How am I to worship God?

A stable, a hovel, a hedge, any unadorned corner!

A wonderful Mecca for weary pilgrims

The most gorgeous cathedral service

Your life preaches all the week

The worst enemy of mankind!

Alas, what an amount of powerless machinery we have in the so-called religious world!

What does our church need?

Home churches?

If Mr. Pride gets a wound in the head

Poisonous weeds in the church!

The attraction of the cross!

An iceberg in the Church!

The vermilion cement!

New methods, new plans, new organizations!


Where, O where?

The best of men are only men at their very best

The devil's old delusion!

Man-made ministers!

Among the preachers of the day

What a lesson is here for ministers!

You must keep the circus going!

The noblest ecclesiastical edifice

The professing church?

No child's play!

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Ornamental Christians?

O you vainglorious churches!

But you are dead!

To Him, they must be playthings and toys!

God's house?

To Him they must be playthings and toys

Home worship

These religious toys which we have whittled out for ourselves!

Serving with ulterior motives...

Ox or Donkey?

Baptized dead heads

And thus the churches were filled with unregenerate members!

A heap of ostentatious service

How can you save souls without a committee?

The worst enemies of the Church!

She has listened to the blandishments of those who would woo her away!

Christ, The Example Of Ministers

The A and the Z

Mr. Evans

True Christian ministry

So deplorable a state!

Poisonous weeds in the Church!

The best service...

Religion, preachers, and sermons

A filthy, stinking bag of worms!

The best sermons!

Solemn words to ministers!

More scarce and precious than a bar of gold!

Slumbering saints and dead sinners!

Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown!

Soldiers of the Cross!

Modern Church Machinery!

A lost labor!

Have nothing to do with them!

That very church which the world likes best!


Get out of the church!

Drone, Bee or Wasp?

The greatest mischief in the world

The great woe is not the presence of these religious toys and trifles

God's religion is spiritual!

High offices in the church

What should the church look like?

Our great concern

Christianity to the average evangelical church member!

What the Church needs today!

The missionary!

They are helpers to the cause of the devil


Spiritual Leadership

Half the diseases of Christianity

Peace, peace!


Preaching is not child's play!



The best man in the church!

The greatest threat

What are we doing?

Unity, peace, truth...

What is the church?

I am sure they would not admit you to their fellowship!

Wake up!

How to fill your church!

The greatest disservice

Nothing worse can happen to a Church!

Heart worship

Spiritual Leadership

The church's greatest need!

We shall always find him in Church!


Familiarity with sacred things

The Urgent Need For Reformation in Pastoral Ministry

How few have singleness of eye to God's glory

Religion, if you please, is now big business!

New Covenant Theology Essentials

Questions on New Covenant Theology


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