"A pillar in the temple of my God." Rev. 3:12

This is a final, glorious promise. It indicates a fixed and unchangeable state. He shall go no more out. There is an end forever to all falls in sin--to all wanderings from God--to all forsaking of the truth--to all hostility against the redeemed soul. It is the last glorious result of the love of God for the souls whom he has purchased. It is the glorious result of the Savior's conquest for his people, and of the Spirit's triumph in them. They have now overcome. They are partakers with their Lord in all his glory. They abide in his presence. They rejoice in his kingdom, and their joy no man takes from them. Oh how unspeakably happy is this prospect! And of what consequence are all the toils and cares through which we may pass to realize it? Let all the saints of God rejoice and shout for joy in anticipation of the glorious day which God has provided for them! Am I thus endowed and loved, and in possession of such promises! Let me thus consider them. A pillar in the temple of God!

1. A pillar is a symbol of triumph. And what a triumph has the Savior accomplished for me! He spoiled principalities and powers for me, in his death on the cross, triumphing openly over them there. He has then triumphed over me by his Spirit, subduing my hostility, and leading me captive in subjection to his will. Then he has triumphed over the world around me, and led me safely through all its dangers and all its snares. Lastly, he has triumphed over earth and the grave for me, and brought me with everlasting joy to his own abode. And now I am to be set up as a pillar of triumph in the temple of God, that heavenly beings may behold his glory in me, acknowledge his power, and give him everlasting praise. Oh what songs of triumph will surround him in that great day! Every saint a separate illustration of his power. All the saints a combined demonstration of his all-conquering grace. Oh let my soul learn that blessed song, which gives all the praise to him who has washed me in his own blood, and made me a king and a priest unto God forever!

2. A pillar is an instrument of commemoration. Thus does the Savior set up his servants as monuments--living monuments of his works of grace. What testimonies do they give! What evidences do they remain forever! In the history of each of them, what wonderful chapters have been written, and are to be read hereafter! What depth of original guilt! That amazing progress in voluntary transgression! What resistance of divine favor and goodness! What mercies and love displayed to them! By what a price have they been purchased! By what power have they been rescued! Through what conflicts have they been carried! What forbearance have they received! What glory do they possess! These and more than these are all commemorated in the history of the saints. They are thus pillars of record. Upon them are inscribed such histories of grace and power as the universe has never seen but in them. Oh, let me treasure up this thought, and commemorate all his goodness to me, day by day.

3. A pillar is a token of property, and God's portion is his people. They are his inheritance. When they were robbed from him he rescued them, and brought them back to his own possession again. He has long and often contended for them. He has never yielded his claim to them, nor his right in them. And now he has obtained complete possession of them forever. They are in his temple, and they go no more out. They are his property for evermore. And he sets them up as pillars, to give assurance of this fact. They are his, by every tie and right which can be conceived. He will never give them up. No one can pluck them out of his hand. Safe in his presence they abide eternally. Thus will he set me up. Oh I long to be his alone--to have no other master, and no rival owner with him. Let him take me as I am, and do what he will with me. I will acknowledge his right. I will yield to his disposal. I will not resist his will. If in his own kingdom he will own me as his, I will ask for nothing else. What else can I desire?

4. A pillar is an instrument of support. And the saints are thus pillars for God. They support the unity of his dominion. Angels and redeemed saints are joined together in one communion and fellowship. There is no division nor alienation among them. There is an end of all schisms in the body--of all separations of feeling or affection. Each saint is a cordial supporter of this happy union among the people of God. They unite in one song of praise. They engage in one heavenly worship. They surround one throne and one Lord in one common affection and obedience. The many tongues of earth are all forgotten in the one song of heaven. Each saint is a supporter of Divine authority. There is an end to all rebellion. Every one has been brought back into glad subjection. And every thought of every one delights to obey. Heaven is the abode of perfect order and perfect submission. Oh that it were thus on earth. Let me strive in myself to make it thus, as far as I am concerned, before I go from earth. I would ever stand upon the Lord's side, and in perfect union with all his people.

5. Shall I be thus a pillar in the temple of God? For evermore to display the triumphs of his grace--to commemorate the history of his love to me--to proclaim his property in me--and to sustain his perfect authority over me, and over all his church. How glorious is such a prospect! Worth every labor and every sacrifice of earth. Gladly may I part with all things else, to gain it.

Blest inhabitants of Zion,
Washed in your Redeemer's blood;
Jesus, whom your souls rely on,
Makes you kings and priests to God.

Savior, if of Zion's city
I, through grace, a member am;
Let the world deride or pity,
I will glory in your name.