Thomas Watson

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"There is a happy union of sound doctrine, heart-searching experience, and practical wisdom throughout all of Watson's writings!" (Charles Spurgeon)


Short pithy gems!

Watson BOOKS

Watson's Words of Wisdom

Wise and holy sayings of Thomas Watson

The Worst Things

A Treatise Concerning Meditation

The Duty of Self-Denial

God is His People's Great Reward

A Consolation in Affliction

The Attributes of God

The Spiritual Watch

The Lord's Supper

Heart Purity

The Death of the Righteous

The Good Shepherd

The Comforting Rod


Christian Joy

The Righteous Man's Weal—and the Wicked Man's Woe

Mystical Union between Christ and His People

The Saint's Desire to be with Christ

The Good Practitioner

The Fight of Faith Crowned

A godly man does not indulge in any sin

The godly man weeps

A Christian on Earth, Still in Heaven

The Beauty of Grace

The Evil Tongue

The Upright Man's Character

The Soul's Malady and Cure

Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves

The Substantial Excellency of Spiritual Things

A New Creature

The Heavenly Race

The Fiery Serpents

The Spiritual Vine

Time's Shortness

Christ All in All

The Mystical Temple

Roman Catholicism

A Plea for Alms

Farewell Prayer

The Crown of Righteousness

Reading the Scriptures with Profit

The Perfume of Love

The Trees of Righteousness Blossoming and Bringing Forth Fruit

A Plea for the Godly

The Happiness of Drawing Near to God

The Loveliness of Christ

A Godly Man is a Lover of the Word

Light in Darkness

His Heart Is Fixed

One Thing Necessary

The Christian's Charter

The Day of Judgment Asserted

A Test of Assurance

The Saint's Spiritual Delight

Kiss the Son

Until My Change Comes

True Religion—our Business

The Peace of Christ

How to read Scripture with most spiritual profit

God's Anatomy Upon Man's Heart

The Preciousness of the Soul

Comfort for the Church

Knowing and Doing Good

The Sacred Anchor

Let Us Not Grow Weary

Dearly Beloved

Love One Another

Farewell Sermon

Original Sin


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