James Smith, 1860

God's grace is his glory. He delights in it. He sent his Son 'full of grace' into the world. His gospel is the mirror which reflects his grace. His people are made holy and happy by it. Grace shines on earth, and in Heaven it melts into the brighter rays of glory. Grace and glory are the same in their nature, the only difference is in the degree. Our God is the God of all grace, and his grace is eminently displayed in the salvation of sinners. The gospel, like some magnificent orb, pours the rays of God's grace on our poor dark world. The doctrines, promises, and invitations of the gospel, are so many emanations from that orb.

I have called my book, "GLEAMS OF GRACE," because it sets forth the true grace of God not in its full glory, but in weak and feeble rays. There is nothing in it to dazzle, but it may attract, and attracting, lead the eye to Jesus, who is "full of grace and truth." Reader, may the Lord the Holy Spirit make use of my little work to lead you to know Jesus, if you do not; or to lead you into a deeper acquaintance with him, if you do.

Gracious Lord, put honor on this feeble effort, and make it the means of saving souls from death, and of building up your people on their most holy faith. And now, to the Most High God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, be ascribed all honor and glory, dominion and power, both now and forever! Amen.

(N.B. We will be adding additional chapters to this book until it is complete sometime in December, 2013.)


Our Condition God's Mercy!

The Believer's portion!

Walking Through the Wilderness!

Precept and Prayer

Set up Waymarks!

Anointed with Fresh Oil

How to Find Rest

True Riches and Honor

The Difference

God is as Good as His Word

The Wheat and the Chaff

The Day of Judgment

The Poor Satisfied

Enduring Trials

Hear Counsel

Consolation in Christ!

The Comfort of Love

The Fellowship of the Spirit

Tender Mercies

God is Love!

Wounding Jesus!

Paul's Practice

God's Pattern

The Wise and Their Reward

Utterly Helpless!

Micah's Complaint

Come and Rest Awhile

The Ruler and His Child

God's Temple and Priesthood

The Light of the Gentiles

The Christian's Model

He Set My Feet upon a Rock

The Lord's People

God's Record

The Voice of God in the
Alarming Death of Jane

Mighty to Save!

The Substitute Delivered for the Guilty

Will You Also Go Away?

The Comfortless Christian

Abide with the King

Redemption in Christ

We Should Believe the Prophets!

The Savior's Complaint

Our Duty to the Heathen

Joy in Salvation!

The Profession

The Fullness of Grace and Truth

Healed and Commended

A Promise

An Expostulation

God's Solemn Affirmation

The New Road

A Happy State to Be In

Be Faithful

Only Believe!

I Want to Feel More

Is God Able and Willing to Save Me?

A Great High Priest

Will You Be Made Whole?

Be Ready!


What is it to Believe?