by James Meikle, 1730-1799

"My meditation of Him shall be sweet." Psalm 104:34

1. On meditation

2. Christ the Rock in a weary land

3. If God gives Christ, what can he withhold

4. Submission

5. Comfortable conclusions

6. Resignation

7. Feeble nature

8, Worldly losses and misfortunes universal

9. Providence

10. True greatness

11. Disappointments

12. Experience

13. Contentment

14. Death

15. Communion with God, what it is

16. The disposal of Providence always best

17. Love in its fourfold extension

18. Slander

19. Fear and other passions

20. Universal improvement

21. The soul's enlargement on high

22. Affliction the lot of saints below

23. Private experience

24. All plenitude in Christ, to answer
all the needs of his people

25. Prayer and praise

26. On a blind beggar

27. Love in saints

28. Love in God

29. Death

30. The death of the wicked

31. The Traveler

32. Grace in the blush, sin not ashamed

33. Going to a fair

34. After sickness

35. Frames of soul variable

36. The unconcerned spectators

37. Death a blessing to godly men

38. Mercy going before God, makes meeting him a mercy

39. The necessity of afflictions

40. Saints unknown, stars unseen

41. The excellent happiness of the blessed

42. Only a rumor heard of the triumphant state

43. Science

44. A wicked thing to depart from God in the least

45. Who the great man is

46. We should sleep no longer than to refresh the body

47. Our only joy in the world to come

48. On the scriptures

49. True joy

50. One fruit of affliction

51. From the depth of afflictions we see stupendous things

52. Prayer

53. Little known of the bliss above

54. The divine lover

55. Eternity

56. On loving God

57. Wrath

58. Sensible communion with God sometimes enjoyed

59. Brevity of life

60. On the last day of the year

61. Saints have the greatest reason to rejoice

62. Indwelling sin

63. Events of providence

64. More of God seen in Christ than in all the creation

65. Christ, the study above

66. The world asleep

67. Still ignorant of God below

68. Nothing can purchase Christ from the soul

69. Torment

70. The soul's growth

71. This life a valley of tears

72. The madness of the world in their choice

73. The approaching happiness of the saints

74. What we should expect and wait for

75. The spiritual miser

76. Contradictions

77. The confusion of the wicked at the general judgment

78. Mercies abused

79. The forgiveness of injuries

80. The excellency of religion

81. Christ, and none but he, satisfies desires

82. The aggrandizing visit

83. Causes of humility

84. Harmony in God's procedure with the church

85. A pleasant consideration

86. Crucifixion

87. All God's ways equal

88. Self-flatterers

89. The heavenly vision assimilating

90. Still descriptions fall short of glory

91. Saints honorable

92. Mercies, though apparently delayed, come at the appointed time

93. The world deeply rooted in the affections

94. True riches

95. The casting of the scales or balances

96. Affliction the common lot of the saints

97. The glorious fruits of sanctified affliction

98. God his people's inheritance

99. Distance diminishes views

100. Jubilee

101. God's knowledge

103. Elijah and Elisha, a dialogue

104. The company of the wicked corrupts

105. To escape wrath should silence under all afflictions

106. Adoption

107. Connections

108. Degrees of nearness to God

109. Unbelief

110. Our short life should not give much concern

111. Faith

112. The three-fold state

113. Corruption

114. Grace

115. Love and immortality

116. Extremities

117. The astonishing portions

118. Noah's ark

119. Acquaintances

120. An argument

121. On being ill-used

122. The Bible a store-house of instruction

123. Assurance

124. Our meditations cramped, unless stretched beyond death

125. How to be rich in heaven

126. Revenge rejected

127. The coming judgment

128. Against murmuring at misfortunes

129. A caution against excess of joy in any earthly good

130. The joy of salvation

131. On visits

132. The anguish of damnation

133. Sovereignty

134. The victory of faith

135. The necessity of afflictions while we live

136. Gibeon making peace with Israel

137. On the author's first using glasses

138. On casting our care on God

139. The affection of a parent

140. On being made a noble

141. The singular advantages of poverty

142. A journey along the sea-shore

143. The British state lottery

144. On the works of creation

145. A prospect of death

146. A state after death

147. A glance into heavenly bliss