The Believer's Grounds of Confidence in Christ

by John MacDuff, 1874

In a quaint but powerful way, MacDuff presents various aspects of the person and work of Jesus, as various 'clefts in the rock' in which the believer can hide himself for protection, comfort, and strength in his pilgrimage to his heavenly home.


1. The Deity of Christ

The Deity of Christ (continued)

2. The Humanity of Christ

3. Christ the Surety-substitute

4. Christ the Propitiation

5. Christ the Manifestation of the Father

6. The Immutability of Christ

7. The Sympathy of Jesus

8. The Tenderness of Jesus

9. Christ the Peace Giver

10. Christ a Savior to the Uttermost

11. Christ Risen

12. Christ Ascended

13. Christ the Intercessor

14. Christ the King

15. Christ the Judge

16. Christ Reigning over His Church Forever

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