by John MacDuff, 1870

"I myself will tend my sheep and have them lie
 down, declares the Sovereign Lord." Ezekiel 34:15

1. The Flock Astray

2. The Flock Sought and Found

3. The Flock Found, and Its Return to the Fold

4. The Shepherd of the Flock Smitten

5. The Shepherd Giving His Life for the Sheep

6. The Door into the Sheep-Fold

7. The Shepherd Going Before the Flock

8. The Flock Following the Shepherd

9. The Song of the Flock

10. The Green Pastures and Still Waters Where the Flocks Are Fed

11. The Paths of Righteousness in which the Flocks Are Led

12. The Shepherd Seeking the Flock in the Cloudy and Dark Day

13. The Shepherd's Gentle Dealings with the Burdened of the Flock

14. The Flock in the World

15. The Shepherd's Gift to the Flock

16. The Security of the Flock

17. The Cry of a Wanderer

18. The Trembling Flock Comforted

19. The Flock Passing through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

20. The Final Gathering of the Flock

21. The Eternal Folding of the Flock

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