(A devotional commentary on the book of Revelation)

(This book is not about prophetic theories and predictions. It
is all about Jesus! It is encouraging and uplifting throughout.)

By John MacDuff, 1871


1. The Scene and Spectator

2. The Trumpet-Voice and Opening Vision

3. The Accessories of the Vision

4. The Epistles to the Seven Churches

5. The Epistle to the Church of Ephesus

6. The Epistle to the Church of Smyrna

7. The Epistle to the Church of Laodicea

8. The Opened Door and Creation-song

9. The Seven-sealed Roll and the New Song

10. Opening of the First Four Seals—Creation's Cry

11. The Opening of the Fifth and Sixth Seals;
the Martyrs' Cry, and the Great Day of Wrath

12. The Vision of the Sealed

13. Vision of the White-Robed and Palm-Bearing Multitude

14. The White Robes and Living Fountains of Water

15. The Half-hour's Silence and Preparation for the
Trumpet-Soundings, the Angel at the Golden Altar

16. The Casting of the Altar-fire on the Earth;
the Sounding of the Seven Trumpets;
and the Closing Vision and Song

17. The Lamb Standing on Mount Zion with
the Hundred and Forty-four Thousand

18. The Blessedness of the Holy Dead

19. The Song of the Harpers by the Glassy Sea

20. The Coming One; and the Blessed Watcher

21. The Great Day of Judgment

22. The New Heaven and the New Earth

23. No Death! No Sorrow! No Crying! No Pain!

24. The River of the Water of Life

25. Closing Chimes

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