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Today's Puritan AUDIO Devotional:

Section 75. Luke 11:45-54, "Jesus Pronounces Three Woes on the SCRIBES"
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Other men's sins!

(Thomas Brooks, "The Crown and Glory of Christianity, or, HOLINESS, the Only Way to Happiness", 1662)

By other men's sins, a holy man is put in mind of the badness of his own heart.

Bernard makes mention of an old man, who, when he saw any man sin, lamented and wept for him. Being asked why he grieved so, for other men's sins, answered, "He fell today--and I may fall tomorrow!"

The falls of others puts a holy man in mind of the roots of sinfulness which are in himself. Other men's actual sins are as so many looking-glasses, through which a holy man comes to see the manifold seeds of sin which are in his own heart--and such a sight as this cannot but humble him.

A holy heart knows that the best way to keep himself pure from other men's sins, is to mourn for other men's sins. He who makes conscience of weeping over other men's sins--will rarely be defiled with other men's sins.

A holy heart looks upon other men's sins as their bonds and chains--and this makes him mourn. Ah, how can tears but trickle down a Christian's cheeks, when he sees multitudes fast bound with the cords of their iniquity, trooping to Hell? Who can look upon a lost sinner as a bound prisoner to the prince of darkness--and not bemoan him?

If holy people thus mourn for the wickedness of others, then certainly those who take pleasure in the wickedness of others--who laugh and joy, who can make a sport of other men's sins--are rather monsters than men! There are none so nearly allied to Satan as these--nor any so resemble Satan as much as these! (The devil always joys most--when sinners sin most!) To applaud them, and take pleasure in those who take pleasure in sin--is the highest degree of ungodliness!

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