God often removes our children!

by Theodore Cuyler

God often removes our children. This is the bitter cup he gives us to drink. He knows our soul's disease. He is the wisest and best of physicians--never selects the "wrong bottle," and never gives one drop too much of the correct medicine. He does all things well. His children must trust their Father. He chastens for our profit that we may be partakers of his holiness.

God sees that someone in the family has need of his spiritual skill--from indulged sin, from weakening of the graces--and he gives a cup of bitter disappointment--the gourd that was so grateful and refreshing, withers. Patient submission, humble acquiescence, and unfaltering trust and hope--are the lessons God would teach--and what the soul's disease requires. If the cup had not been drunk--the blessings would have been lost. If the child had not died--the idol would have been enthroned.

God's cups may be bitter, and you may be long in draining them--but at the bottom lies a precious blessing. Rich graces lie there. For this reason, the trial of faith is precious. So Abraham, and Job, and all God's children have found it.

Be not surprised when God mixes such a bitter cup for you as the death of your child. You need that medicine. The best tonic medicines are bitter. They have a merciful purpose. It is your Father's cup. Drink it, unhesitatingly, uncomplainingly, and with the spirit of that Beloved Son, who said, "Not my will--but Yours be done!"