Gadsby's Hymnal

#901     112th    John Berridge
    “Let my prayer be ... as incense.” Ps. 141. 2; 5. 3
    1    A godliness which feeds on form,
        And lip devotion, barren cheer,
        Will satisfy an earthly worm,
        Who learns to think and call it prayer;
        Contented with the husky part,
        A moving lip and silent heart.

    2    O Lord, thy Spirit’s aid impart,
        And fill me with devotion’s fire;
        Create anew my waiting heart,
        And heavenly breathings there inspire;
        Bid heart and flesh cry out for thee,
        And thou my joyful portion be!

    3    Let incense smoking from my breast,
        In praise and prayer ascend thy hill;
        And where I rove, or where I restt,
        Do thou, O God, surround me still;
        My heavenly intercourse increase,
        Till as a river flows my peace.

    902     8.8.6.    (Author Unknown)
    “If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink.”
    1    Let him who thirsts for heavenly joys,
        Come unto me, the Saviour cries,
            And drink at my spring-head;
        Leave all your boasting self behind,
        For from the Saviour you shall find
            A glorious life indeed.

    2    I come, O Lord, and thirst for thee;
        Some living water give to me,
            Or I shall faint and die;
        All other means my heart has tried,
        All other streams are vain beside
            What flows from Calvary.

    3    I long to taste the purple flood,
        And feel the virtue of thy blood,
            And gaze and tarry here;
        So shall I sweetly sing and pray,
        And serve thee kindly every day,
            Without a guilty fear.

    903     8.8.6.    (Author Unknown)
    “My house is the house of prayer.” Luke 19. 46
    1    My bosom was designed to be
        A house of prayer, O Lord for thee,
            A temple undefiled;
        But vile outrageous thieves broke in,
        And turned the house into a den,
            And all its glory spoiled.

    2    There anger lies, and lust, and pride,
        And envy base its head will hide,
            And malice brooding ill;
        There unbelief the Lord denies,
        And falsehood whispers out its lies,
            And avarice gripeth still.

    3    Thy help, Almighty Lord, impart,
        And drag the tyrants from my heart,
            And chase the thieves away;
        Within my bosom fix thy throne,
        And there be loved and served alone,
            And teach me how to pray.

    4    [The work is thine to cleanse the place;
        I can but look up for thy grace,
            Nor this without thy aid;
        Then let thy indignation burn,
        And all thy foes o’erturn, o’erturn,
            And rear again my head.]

    904     8.8.6.    John Berridge
    “Our sufficiency is of God.” 2 Cor. 3. 5; Phil. 4. 13
    1    O Lord, with shame I do confess
        My universal emptiness,
            My poverty and pride;
        I cannot keep thee in my sight,
        Nor can I think one thought aright,
            Unless thy Spirit guide.

    2    I cannot from my idols part,
        Nor love the Lord with all my heart,
            Nor can myself deny;
        I cannot pray, and feel thee near,
        Nor can I sing with heavenly cheer,
            Unless the Lord be nigh.

    3    Since Adam from God’s image fell,
        On spiritual things we cannot dwell;
            The heart is turned aside;
        And none can raise to life the dead
        But he who raised himself indeed,
            And for dead sinners died.

    4    Then let this mighty Jesus be,
        An all-sufficient help for me,
            Creating power and will;
        Thy grace sufficèd saints of old;
        It made them strong and made them bold,
            And it suffices still.

    905     8.8.6.    John Berridge
    “I will take away the stony heart.” Ezek. 36. 26
    1    My heart by nature is a stone,
        And unconcerned can look upon
            Eternal misery;
        Feels no affection for the Lord,
        Takes no impression from his word,
            But lumpish is and dry.

    2    Some tell me I must change my heart,
        And undertake the Saviour’s part;
            A proud and fruitless strife!
        I might as soon the seasons change,
        Or make the clouds in order range,
            Or raise the dead to life.

    3    My shoulders will not bear the load;
        The work is only fit for God,
            A work of heavenly grace;
        The Lord, who first created man,
        Must now create him new again,
            And rear the fallen race.

    4    Then unto him I lift my eye;
        My Maker, hear me when I cry,
            And give the heart of flesh;
        A heart renewed by faith and love,
        That seeks the joys which are above,
            And will not feed on trash.

    5    [A heart submissive, mild, and meek,
        Which hears if Jesus softly speak,
            And on his word can feast;
        A heart which prays for great and small,
        And dearly loves thy children all,
            Yet thinks itself the least.]

    906     104th    John Berridge
    “I will instruct thee.” Ps. 32. 8; 31. 3
O where shall I find a guide to direct,
Right skilful and kind, and brave to protect?
To lovely Mount Zion my heart is now bound,
But many a lion is in the way found.
’Tis Jesus can teach the way ye should go,
And out his arm reach to help you on too;
The doubts that perplex you, the fears that distress,
The tempers that vex you, his grace can redress.
Then may the Lord give me faith in his name,
A faith that will live in water and flame,
A faith that endureth, and feasts on his blood;
A faith that assureth my sonship with God.
[O teach me to love thy Person most sweet,
Nor let my heart rove, but keep at thy feet;
Be with thee delighted, and clasp thee and twine,
Most firmly united to thy living Vine.
And further, I seek the charms of thy mind,
The grace to be meek, and lowly, and kind;
Forbearing, forgiving, and loving always,
And only be living to publish thy praise.]

    907     104th    John Berridge
    “Wherewith shall I come before the Lord?” Mic. 6. 6-8
Wherewith shall I come before the Most High,
Who am but a worm, and doomèd to die?
My nature unholy was tainted in birth,
And nursèd by folly, brings all evil forth!
Whatever I do, some baseness appears;
Wherever I go, it rings in my ears;
Pursues me and rages with fulsomest breath,
And tells me its wages are hell after death.
No labours of mine, with fasting and tears,
Can purge away sin, or shorten arrears;
One only sweet fountain of blood that was spilt
Can loosen the mountain of high-crying guilt.

    908     L.M.    J. Kent
    “He that believeth … hath everlasting life.” John 6. 47
    1    Saved is the sinner that believes,
        The sacred gospel annals show;
        To him repentance Jesus gives,
        And sin’s complete remission too.

    2    He hears the Spirit’s voice within;
        A sacred ray breaks on his eyes;
        He bursts at once the sleep of sin,
        And naked now to Jesus flies.

    3    Sprinkled with blood his conscience is;
        He feels the sweets of sin forgiven;
        While Jesus’ spotless righteousness
        Becomes his meetness now for heaven.

    4    Jesus, thy Godhead, blood, and name,
        O! ’tis eternal life to know;
        Here let my soul her hold maintain,
        When pressed by conscience, wrath, or law.

    5    Sin-burdened soul, with tempest tossed,
        Thy bark shall every storm outride;
        Grace once received can ne’er be lost,
        Nor hell from Christ thy soul divide.

    909     S.M.    J. Kent
    “Underneath are the everlasting arms.” Deut. 33. 27
    1        Why, drooping saint, dismayed?
            Does sorrow press thee down?
        Has God refused to give thee aid,
            Or does he seem to frown?

    2        In darkness or distress,
            His love’s the same to thee;
        Without declension, more or less,
            Immutable and free.

    3        Should guilt disturb thy peace,
            Or Satan harass thee,
        Behold the Saviour’s righteousness,
            That sets the guilty free.

    4        Though he afflicts thy mind,
            ’Tis not that he’ll destroy;
        Eternal Wisdom ne’er designed
            To give thee always joy.

    5        Beneath thy fainting head
            Thy Father and thy Friend
        His everlasting arms has laid,
            To succour and defend.

    910     L.M.    J. Kent
    Reflecting on Past Enjoyment. Job. 29. 2, 3
    1    O that my soul, as heretofore,
        Could with delight and love explore
        Those sacred sweets, in Jesus’ name,
        That once my raptured soul o’ercame!

    2    Once I beheld his lovely face,
        As full of truth and full of grace;
        Ten thousand thousand suns were dim
        In lustre, when compared with him.

    3    With his delights my soul was cheered,
        With raptures then his voice I heard;
        The word he spake was sweet to me;
        ’Twas, “Sinner, I have lovèd thee.”

    4    But now those golden hours are fled,
        My spirit mourns, with sorrow fed;
        His promise in his word I see,
        But fear, alas! ’tis not for me.

    5    O that my Sun, with cheering ray,
        Would chase these shades of night away;
        Then shall my soul arise and sing
        The healing virtue of his wing.

    911     L.M.    J. Kent
    “They that feared the Lord spake often one to another.” Mal. 3. 16
    1    When saint to saint, in days of old,
        Their sorrows, sins, and sufferings told,
        Jesus, the Friend of sinners, dear,
        His saints to bless was present there.

    2    As members of his mystic frame,
        Together met to bless his name;
        While humbly at his throne we bow,
        As “God with us” he’s present now.

    3    O blest devotion! thus to meet,
        And spread our woes at his dear feet;
        Call him our own, in ties of blood,
        And hold sweet fellowship with God.

    4    His former visits we recount,
        On Mizar’s hill and Hermon’s mount;
        Yet still our souls desire anew
        His sweetest, loveliest face to view.

    912     104th    J. Kent
    “He will rest in his love.” Zeph. 3. 17; Ps. 89. 33
Salvation by grace, how charming the song!
With seraphim join the theme to prolong;
’Twas planned by Jehovah in council above,
Who to everlasting shall rest in his love.
This covenant of grace all blessings secures;
Believers, rejoice, for all things are yours;
And God from his purpose shall never remove,
But love thee, and bless thee, and rest in his love.
But when, like a sheep that strays from the fold,
To Jesus thy Lord thy love shall grow cold,
Think not he’ll reject thee, howe’er he reprove;
For though he correct thee, he’ll rest in his love.
In Jesus, the Lamb, the Father’s delight,
The saints without blame appear in his sight;
And while he in Jesus their souls shall approve,
So long shall Jehovah abide in his love.

    913     8.7.    J. Kent
    The Gospel Glad Tidings to Sinners. Heb. 7. 25
    1    ’Tis the gospel’s joyful tidings,
            Full salvation sweetly sounds;
        Grace to heal thy foul backslidings,
            Sinner, flows from Jesus’ wounds.

    2    Are thy sins beyond recounting,
            Like the sand the ocean laves?
        Jesus is of life the fountain;
            He unto the utmost saves.

    3    Hail the Lamb who came to save us;
            Hail the love that made him die!
        ’Tis the gift that God has given us;
            We’ll proclaim his honours high.

    4    When we join the general chorus
            Of the royal blood-bought throng,
        Who to glory went before us,
            Saved from every tribe and tongue,

    5    Then we’ll make the blissful regions
            Echo to our Saviour’s praise;
        While the bright angelic legions
            Listen to the charming lays.

    914     C.M.    J. Kent
    Everlasting Love. Ezek. 47. 5; Zech. 14. 8
    1    Beneath the sacred throne of God
            I saw a river rise,
        The streams were peace and pardoning blood,
            Descending from the skies.

    2    Angelic minds cannot explore
            This deep, unfathomed sea;
        ’Tis void of bottom, brim, or shore,
            And lost in Deity.

    3    I stood amazed, and wondered when,
            Or why, this ocean rose,
        That wafts salvation down to men,
            His traitors and his foes.

    4    That sacred flood, from Jesus’ veins,
            Was free to take away
        A Mary’s or Manasseh’s stains,
            Or sins more vile than they.

    915     L.M.    J. Kent
    “Return unto thy rest, O my soul.” Ps. 116. 7
    1    Why, O my soul, art thou dismayed?
        Why in these tents of sorrow groan?
        On what have thy fond hopes been stayed,
        Still seeking rest, but finding none?

    2    Rest in the promise God has spoke,
        In all things ordered well for thee;
        Whose sacred words he’ll ne’er revoke,
        Nor alter his profound decree.

    3    Rest in the oath that he has swore,
        Firm as his throne the same shall prove;
        ’Twill stand when time shall be no more,
        And run coeval with his love.

    4    ’Tis good to cast an anchor here,
        And patient wait, till thou shalt see
        Thy hopes for heaven more bright and clear,
        Blessed with a surer prophecy.

    916     8.7.4.    J. Kent
    “I am the Lord that healeth thee.” Exod. 15. 26
    1    Oft as sins, my soul, assail thee,
            Turn thy eyes to Jesus’ blood;
        Nothing short of this can heal thee,
            Seal thy peace, or do thee good;
                    Seek no healing,
            But from Gilead’s sovereign balm.

    2    Should the tears of deep contrition,
            Like a torrent, drown thy eyes;
        Yet for sin there’s no remission
            But in this great Sacrifice;
                    True repentance
            Christ to Israel freely gives.

    917     8.8.6.    J. Kent
    Hoping in God. Isa. 3. 10; Zech. 2. 5; Ps. 42. 7-9
    1    Cease, O believer, cease to mourn;
        Return unto thy rest, return;
            Why should thy sorrows swell?
        Though deep distress thy steps attend,
        Thy warfare shall in triumph end;
            With thee it shall go well.

    2    Thy God has said (his word shall stand,
        Not like the writing on the sand,
            But firm as his decree)
        That, “When thy foes, death, hell, and sin,
        On every side shall hem thee in,
            A wall of fire I’ll be.”

    3    Though trouble now thy heart appals,
        And deep to deep incessant calls,
            No storm shall injure thee;
        Thy anchor, once in Jesus cast,
        Shall hold thy soul, till thou at last
            Him face to face shalt see.

    918     8.7.4.    J. Kent
    Spiritual Poverty. Matt. 5. 3; Luke. 6. 20; James 2. 5
    1    Blessèd are the poor in spirit,
            Who their native vileness see,
        They are all taught sin’s demerit,
            Gladly own salvation free,
                    And from Sinai
            To the wounds of Jesus flee.

    2    Stripped of all their fancied meetness
            To approach the dread I AM,
        They are led to see all fitness
            Centring in the worthy Lamb;
                    And adoring,
            Sing his Godhead, blood, and name.

    3    Self-renouncing, grace admiring,
            Made unto salvation wise,
        Matchless love their bosoms firing,
            O how sweet their songs arise:
                    “None but Jesus!”
            From his blood their hopes arise.

    4    At his throne their sins confessing,
            Now in shame they veil their face,
        Weeping, loving, praising, blessing,
            On his head the crown they place;
                    Shouting glory
            To the God of sovereign grace.

    919     L.M.    T. Kelly
    “God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross.” Gal. 6. 14
    1    We sing the praise of him who died,
        Of him who died upon the cross;
        The sinner’s Hope let men deride;
        For this we count the world but dross.

    2    The cross, it takes our guilt away;
        It holds the fainting spirit up;
        It cheers with hope the gloomy day,
        And sweetens every bitter cup.

    3    It makes the coward spirit brave,
        And nerves the feeble arm for fight;
        It takes its terror from the grave,
        And gilds the bed of death with light.

    4    The balm of life, the cure of woe;
        The measure and the pledge of love;
        The sinner’s refuge here below;
        The angel’s theme in heaven above.

    920     8.7.4.    J. Kent
    Christ’s Righteousness. Isa. 45. 24; 1 Cor. 1. 30
    1    When to worship saints assemble,
            Let the song to Jesus flow.
        He forsook his ancient glory,
            Groaned and bled for worms below.
                    Ransomed mortals,
            Join to swell the sacred song.

    2    Ye who find yourselves polluted,
            Feel your hearts a sink of sin,
        Ye shall have by God imputed,
            Righteousness that’s white and clean.
                    ’Tis the garment
            Wove by everlasting love.

    3    ’Tis Jehovah’s own providing;
            Better, wisdom can’t devise;
        From his eye for ever hiding
            Sins of every name and size;
                    He that wears it
            Is by God exalted high.

    4    Adam, when the tempter foiled him,
            His bright robes were quickly gone;
        But this righteousness of Jesus
            Once applied, ’tis always on;
                    ’Tis their title
            To the mansion love ordained.

    921     S.M.    J. Kent
    “Ye are all one in Christ.” Gal. 3. 28; Eph. 5. 30
    1        In union with the Lamb,
            From condemnation free,
        The saints from everlasting were;
            And shall for ever be.

    2        In covenant from of old,
            The sons of God they were;
        The feeblest lamb in Jesus’ fold
            Was blessed in Jesus there.

    3        Its bonds shall never break,
            Though earth’s old columns bow;
        The strong, the tempted, and the weak,
            Are one in Jesus now.

    4        When storms or tempests rise,
            Or sins your peace assail,
        Your hope in Jesus never dies;
            ’Tis cast within the vail.

    5        Here let the weary rest,
            Who love the Saviour’s name;
        Though with no sweet enjoyments blessed,
            This covenant stands the same.

    922     S.M.    J. Kent
    The Saints more than Conquerors through Christ. Rom. 8. 37
    1        The conquest Jesus won
            O’er Satan, sin, and hell,
        With all the wonders he has done,
            His saints shall sing and tell.

    2        On him shall Zion place
            Her only hope for heaven,
        And see, in his dear sacred face,
            Ten thousand sins forgiven.

    3        He passed within the vail,
            Did on his bosom bear
        The worthless names that did prevail
            With him to enter there.

    4        Worthy the slaughtered Lamb!
            Let ransomed mortals say;
        For who shall sing his lovely name
            In higher notes than they?

    923     C.M.    J. Kent
    “With my soul have I desired thee in the night.” Isa. 26. 9
    1    ’Twas in the night, when troubles came,
            I sought, my God, for thee,
        But found no refuge in that name
            That once supported me.

    2    I sought thee, but I found thee not,
            For all was dark within;
        Thy tender mercy I forgot
            To me when dead in sin.

    3    With cords of his eternal love,
            ’Twas thus my soul he drew,
        And taught my wretched heart to prove
            His oath and promise true.

    4    At length my Sun’s refulgent beam
            Through the dark cloud appeared;
        My night of woe was like a dream;
            My soul was blessed and cheered.

    924     L.M.    J. Kent
    Christ a Refuge from the Storm. Isa. 4. 6; 32. 2
    1    Great Rock, for weary sinners made,
        When storms of sin distress the soul,
        Here let me rest my weary head,
        When lightnings blaze and thunders roll.

    2    Within the clefts of his dear side,
        There all his saints in safety dwell.
        And what from Jesus shall divide?
        Not all the rage of earth or hell.

    3    Blessed with the pardon of her sin,
        My soul beneath thy shade would lie,
        And sing the love that took me in,
        While others sank in sin to die.

    4    O sacred covert from the beams
        That on the weary traveller beat,
        How welcome are thy shade and streams;
        How blest, how sacred, and how sweet!

    925     L.M.    J. Kent
    “This man shall be the peace.” Mic. 5. 5; Eph. 2. 14
    1    Peace by his cross has Jesus made;
        The church’s everlasting Head
        O’er hell and sin has victory won,
        And, with a shout, to glory gone.

    2    When o’er thy head the billows roll,
        And shades of sin obscure thy soul;
        When thou canst no deliverance see,
        Yet still this Man thy Peace shall be.

    3    In tribulation’s thorny maze,
        Or on the mount of sovereign grace,
        Or in the fire, or through the sea,
        This glorious Man thy Peace shall be.

    4    Yea, when thy eye of faith is dim,
        Rest thou on Jesus, sink or swim,
        And at his footstool bow the knee,
        For Israel’s God thy Peace shall be.

    926     L.M.    J. Kent
    “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Ps. 61. 2
    1    When overwhelmed with doubts and fear,
        Great God, do thou my spirit cheer;
        Let not my eyes with tears be fed,
        But to the Rock of Ages led.

    2    When guilt lies heavy on my soul,
        And waves of fierce temptation roll,
        I’d to this Rock for shelter flee,
        And make my refuge, Lord, in thee.

    3    When sick, or faint, or sore dismayed,
        Then let my hopes on thee be stayed;
        Thy summit rising to the skies,
        Can shield my head when dangers rise.

    4    When called the vale of death to tread,
        Then to this Rock may I be led.
        Nor fear to cross that gloomy sea,
        Since thou hast tasted death for me.

    927     L.M.    A. Steele
    “Thou art my hope in the day of evil.” Jer. 17. 17
    1    Thou only Sovereign of my heart,
        My Refuge, my Almighty Friend;
        And can my soul from thee depart,
        On whom alone my hopes depend?

    2    Whither, ah! whither should I go,
        A wretched wanderer from the Lord?
        Can this dark world of sin and woe
        One glimpse of happiness afford?

    3    Eternal life thy words impart;
        On these my fainting spirit lives;
        Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart,
        Than all the round that nature gives.

    4    Let earth’s alluring joys combine,
        While thou art near, in vain they call;
        One smile, one blissful smile of thine,
        Thou dearest Lord, outweighs them all.

    5    Thy name my inmost powers adore,
        Thou art my life, my joy, my care;
        Depart from thee? – ’tis death – ’tis more;
        ’Tis endless ruin, deep despair!

    6    Low at thy feet my soul would lie;
        Here safety dwells and peace divine;
        Still let me live beneath thy eye,
        For life, eternal life, is thine.

    928     8.8.6.    C. Wesley
    “We have an advocate with the Father.” 1 John. 2. 1
    1    Thou sinner’s Advocate with God,
        My only trust is in thy blood,
            Thou all-atoning Lamb;
        The virtue of thy death impart,
        Speak comfort to my drooping heart,
            And tell me all thy name.

    2    Speak, Lord, and let me find thee near;
        O come and dissipate my fear;
            Declare my sins forgiven;
        Return, thou Prince of Peace; return,
        Thou Comforter of all that mourn,
            And guide me safe to heaven.

    929     C.M.    W. Hammond
    “I was envious at the foolish.” Ps. 73. 3; 37. 1
    1    While others live in mirth and ease,
            And feel no want or woe,
        Through this dark, howling wilderness
            I full of sorrow go.

    2    Ah! wretched soul to reason thus,
            And murmur without end!
        Did Christ expire upon the cross?
            And is he not thy friend?

    3    Why dost thou envy worldly men,
            And think their state so blest?
        How great salvation hast thou seen!
            And Jesus is thy rest.

    4    What can this lower world afford,
            Compared with Jesus’ grace?
        Thy happiness is in the Lord,
            And thou shalt see his face.

    930     C.M.    J. Kent
    “In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk.” John 5. 3
    1    As round the pool, Bethesda named,
            The sick and wounded lay,
        And went from hence, though sorely maimed,
            Restored to health away;

    2    So, at the gospel pool we wait,
            Disordered all by sin;
        In a polluted, dreadful state,
            And lepers all unclean.

    3    Lo, here are souls by Satan bound,
            And who shall set them free?
        Speak, Lord, there’s mercy in the sound;
            All power belongs to thee.

    4    Descend, descend, thou God of grace,
            Thy saving health display;
        Thy mercy suit to every case;
            Send none unhealed away.

    931     8.7.    J. Bakewell
    “Christ our passover is sacrificed for us.” 1 Cor. 5. 7
    1    Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,
            Loads of sin on thee were laid;
        By almighty love anointed,
            Thou hast full atonement made.
        All thy people are forgiven,
            Through the virtue of thy blood;
        Opened is the gate of heaven;
            Peace is made ’twixt man and God.

    2    Jesus, hail! enthroned in glory,
            There for ever to abide!
        All the heavenly hosts adore thee,
            Seated at thy Father’s side.
        For thy people thou art pleading;
            There thou dost their place prepare;
        Ever for them interceding,
            Till in glory they appear.

    3    Riches, honour, strength, and blessing,
            Thou art worthy to receive;
        Loudest praises, without ceasing,
            Meet it is for saints to give.
        All the bright angelic spirits
            Bring their sweetest, noblest lays;
        Help to sing the Saviour’s merits;
            Help to chant the Saviour’s praise.

    932     8.7.4.    T. Kelly
    “The streams ... make glad the city of God.” Ps. 46. 4
    1    See, from Zion’s sacred mountain,
            Streams of living water flow;
        God has opened there a fountain,
            That supplies the plains below;
                    They are blessèd
            Who its sovereign virtues know.

    2    Through ten thousand channels flowing,
            Streams of mercy find their way;
        Life, and health, and joy bestowing,
            Making all around look gay;
                    O believer!
            All thy sins are washed away.

    3    Gladdened by the flowing treasure,
            All enriching as it goes;
        Lo, the desert smiles with pleasure,
            Buds and blossoms as the rose;
                    Every sinner
            Sings for joy where’er it flows.

    4    Trees of life the banks adorning,
            Yield their fruit to all around,
        Those who eat are saved from mourning;
            Pleasure comes and hopes abound;
                    Fair their portion!
            Endless life with glory crowned.

    933     C.M.    John Newton
    “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Neh. 8. 10
    1    Joy is a fruit that will not grow
            In nature’s barren soil;
        All we can boast, till Christ we know,
            Is vanity and toil.

    2    But where the Lord has planted grace,
            And made his glories known,
        There fruits of heavenly joy and peace
            Are found, and there alone.

    3    A bleeding Saviour seen by faith,
            A sense of pardoning love,
        A hope that triumphs over death,
            Give joys like those above.

    4    To take a glimpse within the veil,
            To know that God is mine;
        Are springs of joy that never fail,
            Unspeakable! divine!

    934     C.M.    Bromehead’s Collection
    The Heavenly Jerusalem. Rev. 21. 10-27
    1    Jerusalem, my happy home!
            Name ever dear to me;
        When shall my labours have an end
            In joy, and peace, and thee?

    2    When shall these eyes thy heaven-built walls
            And pearly gates behold;
        Thy bulwarks and salvation strong,
            And streets of shining gold?

    3    Why should I shrink at pain and woe,
            Or feel at death dismay?
        I’ve Canaan’s goodly land in view,
            And realms of endless day.

    4    Jerusalem, my happy home!
            My soul still pants for thee;
        Then shall my labours have an end,
            When I thy joys shall see.

    935     L.M.    Isaac Watts
    Salvation in Christ alone. Acts. 4. 12; Ps. 3. 8
    1    Let everlasting glories crown
        Thy head, my Saviour, and my Lord;
        Thy hands have brought salvation down,
        And writ the blessings in thy word.

    2    In vain the trembling conscience seeks
        Some solid ground to rest upon;
        With long despair the spirit breaks,
        Till made to rest on Christ alone.

    3    How well thy blessed truths agree!
        How wise and holy thy commands!
        Thy promises, how firm they be!
        How firm thy hope, thy comfort stands!

    936     C.M.    N.Tate & N.Brady
    “O magnify the Lord with me.” Ps. 34. 3, 4
    1    Through all the changing scenes of life,
            In trouble and in joy,
        The praises of my God shall still
            My heart and tongue employ.

    2    O magnify the Lord with me,
            With me exalt his name;
        When in distress on him I called,
            He to my succour came.

    937     L.M.    (Author Unknown)
    “Holiness becometh thine house, O Lord.” Ps. 93. 5
    1    Shall the believer dare to sin,
        Because his sin has been forgiven?
        Shall sovereign grace which makes him clean,
        Be thus abused?  Forbid it, Heaven!

    2    Hard is that heart which does not melt,
        And blind is that unholy eye,
        Which sees no evil in the guilt,
        For which the Saviour came to die.

    3    O blessed Jesus, ne’er may those
        For whom thy precious blood was shed,
        Give cause of triumph to thy foes,
        But shrink from sin with holy dread.

    938     8.8.6.    Lady Huntingdon’s Col.,
    Longing for a place at God’s right hand
    1    When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt come
        To take thy ransomed people home,
            Shall I among them stand?
        Shall such a worthless worm as I,
        Who sometimes am afraid to die,
            Be found at thy right hand?

    2    I love to meet among them now,
        Before thy gracious feet to bow,
            Though vilest of them all;
        But can I bear the piercing thought:
        What if my name should be left out,
            When thou for them shalt call?

    3    Prevent, prevent it by thy grace;
        Be thou, dear Lord, my hiding-place,
            In this the accepted day;
        Thy pardoning voice, O let me hear,
        To still my unbelieving fear;
            Nor let me fall, I pray.

    4    Let me among thy saints be found
        Whene’er the archangel’s trump shall sound,
            To see thy smiling face;
        Then loudest of the crowd I’ll sing,
        While heaven’s resounding mansions ring
            With shouts of sovereign grace.

    939     C.M.    Augustus Toplady
    “The same bringeth forth much fruit.” John 15. 5
    1    Jesus, immutably the same,
            Thou true and living Vine!
        Around thy all-supporting stem,
            My feeble arms I’d twine.

    2    I can do nothing without thee;
            My strength is wholly thine;
        Withered and barren should I be,
            If severed from the Vine.

    3    Quickened by thee, and kept alive,
            I’d flourish and bear fruit;
        My life I’d from thy sap derive,
            My vigour from thy root.

    4    Each moment watered by thy care,
            And fenced with power divine;
        Fruit to eternal life would bear,
            The feeblest branch of thine.

    940     C.M.    Augustus Toplady
    “The chiefest among ten thousand.” Song. 5. 10
    1    Compared with Christ, in all beside
            No comeliness I see;
        The one thing needful, dearest Lord,
            Is to be one with thee.

    2    The sense of thy expiring love,
            Into my soul convey;
        Thyself bestow, for thee alone,
            My All in all, I pray.

    3    Less than thyself will not suffice
            My comfort to restore;
        More than thyself I cannot crave,
            And thou canst give no more.

    4    Loved of my God, for him again
            With love intense I’d burn;
        Chosen of thee ere time began,
            I choose thee in return.

    5    Whate’er consists not with thy love,
            O teach me to resign;
        I’m rich to all the intents of bliss,
            If thou, O God, art mine.

    941     L.M.    Samuel Medley
    “Whom have I in heaven but thee?” Ps. 73. 25
    1    Jesus, my Lord, my Life, my All,
        Prostrate before thy throne I fall;
        Fain would my soul look up and see
        My hope, my heaven, my all in thee.

    2    Here in this world of sin and woe,
        I’m filled with tossings to and fro;
        Burdened with sin, and fears oppressed,
        With nothing here to give me rest.

    3    In vain from creatures help I seek;
        Thou, only thou, the word canst speak
        To heal my wounds, and calm my grief,
        Or give my mourning heart relief.

    4    Without thy peace and presence, Lord,
        Not all the world can help afford.
        O do not frown my soul away,
        But smile my darkness into day.

    5    I long to hear thy pardoning voice;
        O speak, and bid my soul rejoice;
        Say, “Peace, be still; look up and live;
        Life, peace, and heaven are mine to give.”

    6    Then, filled with grateful, holy love,
        My soul in praise would soar above;
        And with delightful joy record
        The wondrous goodness of the Lord.

    942     L.M.    Gospel Mag., 1777
    “I will not leave you comfortless.” John 14. 18
    1    O God of grace, of love immense,
        How free thy favours to dispense!
        I to thy mercy-seat repair,
        Since thou hast said, “I’ll meet thee there.”

    2    Thou seest my soul by sin oppressed;
        O come, and give the weary rest;
        My base backslidings kindly heal,
        Apply the balm, thy love reveal.

    3    Should I go mourning to the grave,
        ’Twere just; yet, Lord, from darkness save.
        Does not thy tender word express,
        “I will not leave you comfortless”?

    4    Burst through the clouds, O Source of Light!
        Let joy succeed the weeping night;
        Thy beams shall make my desert blow,
        The fruit appear, the spices flow.

    5    What thou hast promised I implore,
        Supplies from thy exhaustless store.
        O righteous Father, just and true,
        Give me both grace and glory too.

    943     L.M.    W. W. Horne
    Seeking the Lord’s Face. Ps. 27. 8; Isa. 45. 19
    1    The God of grace delights to hear
        The plaintive cry, the humble prayer;
        Nor shall the weakest saint complain
        That he has sought the Lord in vain.

    2    With power to Jacob’s seed he speaks;
        His word the heart asunder breaks;
        While grace the rage of sin controls,
        And deep repentance melts their souls.

    3    “Seek ye my face,” Jehovah cries;
        With joy the contrite heart replies,
        “Thy face I seek; with power descend,
        From every foe my soul defend!”

    4    A bleeding Christ is all they plead,
        And all that guilty sinners need;
        In whose dear name their fervent cries
        Before the Lord like incense rise.

    944     7s    R. Hill
    Tell me where thy flock rests at noon. Song. 1. 7
        1    Tell me, Saviour, from above,
            Dearest Object of my love,
            Where thy little flocks abide,
            Sheltered near thy bleeding side!

        2    Say, thou Shepherd all divine,
            Where I may my soul recline.
            Where for refuge shall I fly,
            While the burning sun is high?

        3    Never had I sought thy name,
            Never felt the inward flame,
            Had not love first touched my heart,
            Given the painful, pleasant smart.

        4    Turn, and claim me as thy own;
            Be my portion, Lord, alone.
            Deign to hear a sinner’s call;
            Be my everlasting all!

    945     L.M.    J. Hoskins
    “Shine forth.” Ps. 80. 1-3,  7, 19; Dan. 9. 17
    1    Saviour of sinners, deign to shine
        On this benighted soul of mine;
        O show my wandering feet the way
        That leads to realms of endless day.

    2    Reveal the path of life and peace,
        The road to pure and perfect bliss.
        Guide a poor pilgrim safely on;
        Be thou my Shield and constant Sun!

    3    ’Midst all the dangers that await
        My present militant estate;
        Be thou, dear Jesus, ever near,
        My soul to keep, my heart to cheer.

    4    And when I shall resign my breath,
        And walk the gloomy vale of death,
        Then may I find the Lord my stay,
        And thence to glory wing my way.

    946     C.M.    Isaac Watts
    He hath put away sin. Heb. 9 and 10
    1    How is our nature marred by sin!
            Nor can it ever find
        A way to make the conscience clean,
            Or heal the wounded mind.

    2    In vain we seek for peace with God,
            By methods of our own;
        Jesus, there’s nothing but thy blood
            Can bring us near the throne.

    3    The threatenings of the broken law
            Impress our souls with dread;
        If God his sword of vengeance draw,
            It strikes our spirits dead.

    4    But thy illustrious sacrifice
            Has answered these demands;
        And peace and pardon from the skies
            Come down by Jesus’ hands.

    5    ’Tis by thy death we live, O Lord!
            ’Tis on thy cross we rest;
        For ever be thy love adored,
            Thy name for ever blest.

    947     148th    B. Beddome
    “Who can tell?” 2 Sam. 12. 22; Jonah 3. 9
    1        Great God! to thee I’ll make
            My griefs and sorrows known;
            And with a humble hope
            Approach thy awful throne;
        Though by my sins deserving hell,
        I’ll not despair, for who can tell?

    2        To thee, who by a word
            My drooping soul canst cheer,
            And by thy Spirit form
            Thy glorious image there;
        My foes subdue, my fears dispel;
        I’ll daily seek, for who can tell?

    3        Endangered or distressed,
            To thee alone I’ll fly,
            Implore thy powerful help,
            And at thy footstool lie;
        My case bemoan, my wants reveal,
        And patient wait, for who can tell?

    4        My heart misgives me oft,
            And conscience storms within;
            But one sweet smile from thee
            At once would make me clean.
        If thou be mine, all will be well;
        And why not so? for who can tell?

    948     S.M.    Matlock’s Selection
    He looked for a city whose maker is God. Heb. 11. 10
    1        What is this world to me?
            This world is not my home;
        A scene of pain, of grief, and woe;
            When will my Saviour come?

    2        Come, O thou Saviour dear,
            And cheer my fainting soul!
        Appear, O gracious Lord, appear,
            And make the sinner whole.

    3        Give me, O Lord, to prove
            Thy pardoning love so sweet,
        That I may ever lay my soul
            At the dear Saviour’s feet.

    4        Give me thy lowly mind,
            Thy love to me impart,
        And grant that I may ever find
            The Saviour in my heart.

    949     L.M.    T. Kelly
    None other name given among men. Acts 4. 12
    1    There’s not a name beneath the skies,
        Nor is there one in heaven above,
        But that of Jesus, can suffice
        The sinner’s burden to remove.

    2    Sweet name, when once its virtue’s known,
        How weak all other helps appear!
        The sinner trusts to it alone,
        And finds the grand specific there.

    3    ’Twas long before I knew this truth,
        And learned to trust the Saviour’s name;
        In vanity I spent my youth;
        The thought now fills my heart with shame.

    4    But since I’ve known the life and power
        With which his name is richly stored,
        The world can keep my heart no more,
        Nor can its joys content afford.

    5    The things I once esteemed the most
        I now account as worthless dross;
        Thy name, dear Saviour, is my boast,
        For which the world appears but loss.

    950     C.M.    W. Batty
    “They … led him away to crucify him.” Matt. 27. 31
    1    What object’s this which meets my eyes
            Without Jerusalem’s gate;
        Which fills my mind with such surprise
            As wonder to create?

    2    Who can it be that groans beneath
            A cross of massy wood;
        Whose soul’s o’erwhelmed in pains of death
            And body bathed in blood?

    3    Is this the Man? can this be he
            The prophets have foretold
        Should with transgressors numbered be,
            And for their crimes be sold?

    4    Yes, now I know ’tis he, ’tis he!
            ’Tis Jesus, God’s dear Son,
        Wrapped in humanity, to die
            For crimes that I had done!

    5    O blessed sight, O lovely form,
            To sinful souls like me;
        I’d creep beside him as a worm,
            And see him bleed for me.

    6    I’d hear his groans, and view each wound,
            Until, with happy John,
        I on his breast a place have found
            Sweetly to lean upon.

    951     C.M.    J. Swain
    “Christ, and him crucified.” 1 Cor. 2. 2; Phil. 3. 10
    1    Hark! from the cross a gracious voice
            Salutes my ravished ears;
        “Rejoice, thou ransomed soul, rejoice,
            And dry those falling tears.”

    2    Amazed, I turn, grown strangely bold,
            This wondrous thing to see;
        And there the dying Lord behold,
            Stretched on the bloody tree!

    3    “Sinner,” he cries, “behold the head
            This thorny wreath entwines;
        Look on these wounded hands, and read
            Thy name in crimson lines.”

    4    The power, the sweetness of that voice,
            My stony heart does move;
        Makes me in Christ my Lord rejoice,
            And melts my soul to love.

    952     L.M.    J. Allen
    “Worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4. 24
    1    Belovèd Saviour, faithful Friend,
        The joy of all thy blood-bought train,
        In mercy to our aid descend,
        Or else we worship thee in vain.

    2    In vain we meet to sing and pray,
        If Christ his influence withhold;
        Our hearts remain as cold as clay,
        Till we the Lord by faith behold.

    3    Here manifest thyself in peace;
        Thy tender mercies here make known;
        O breathe on us a gale of grace,
        And send the cheering blessing down.

    4    We humbly for thy coming wait,
        Seeking to know thee as thou art;
        We bow as sinners at thy feet,
        And bid thee welcome to our heart.

    5    Unite our hearts to thee, dear Lamb;
        Vouchsafe to join us all in one,
        To love and praise thy gracious name,
        Until we meet around thy throne.

    953     C.M.    J. Hoskins
    Hope in trouble. Jonah 2. 4; Ps. 30. 7; 130. 5
    1    Alas! the Lord my life is gone,
            The Saviour hides his face;
        And I am left to walk alone,
            In this dark wilderness.

    2    In vain I read, in vain I pray,
            Or hear salvation’s word,
        Unless a soul-reviving ray
            Beam from the glorious Lord.

    3    Yet would I trust in him that died,
            For Jesus is his name;
        Yet would I in his grace confide,
            For he is still the same.

    4    If once his grace renew the heart,
            Jesus will there remain;
        He cannot finally depart,
            But must return again.

    5    Then, dearest Lord, teach me to wait
            Thy own appointed time;
        O change my captive, mournful state,
            And witness thou art mine.

    954     L.M.    Henry Fowler
    “Save me O God.” Ps. 69. 1; 3. 7; 31. 16
    1    Save me, O God, my spirit cries,
        And on thy faithful word relies;
        Save me from sin, my desperate foe,
        That fills my soul with every woe.

    2    Save me from pride, that angel-form
        That swells a poor, weak, sinful worm;
        That moves the tongue, the hands, the eyes,
        And often takes me by surprise.

    3    Save me from this bewitching world,
        That has to death ten thousand hurled;
        Whose charms enchant, and lead astray
        From Jesus Christ, the living Way.

    4    Save me from Satan’s wiles and snares,
        From all the malice which he bears
        Against thy image, work, and grace,
        Against the visits of thy face.

    5    Save me from gloomy black despair;
        On thee alone I’d cast my care,
        And wait, and pray, and groan, and sigh,
        Till thou in mercy drawest nigh.

    955     112th    C. Wesley
    “With well doing ye may put to silence.” 1 Pet. 2. 15
    1    Watched by the world with jealous eye,
        That fain would see our sin and shame,
        As servants of the Lord most high,
        As zealous for his glorious name,
        May we in all his footsteps move
        With holy fear and humble love.

    2    That wisdom, Lord, on us bestow,
        From every evil to depart;
        To stop the mouth of every foe
        By upright walk, and lowly heart;
        The proofs of godly fear to give;
        And show the world how Christians live.

    956     7s    John Newton
    “Come unto me, all ye that labour.” Matt. 11. 28
        1    Christ has blessings to impart,
            Grace to save thee from thy fears;
            O the love that fills his heart!
            Sinner, wipe away thy tears.

        2    Why art thou afraid to come?
            Why afraid to tell thy case?
            He will not pronounce thy doom;
            Smiles are seated on his face.

        3    Though his majesty be great,
            Yet his mercy is no less;
            Though he thy transgressions hate,
            Jesus feels for thy distress.

        4    Raise thy downcast eyes and see,
            Numbers do his throne surround;
            These were sinners once, like thee;
            But have full salvation found.

        5    Yield not, then, to unbelief;
            Courage, soul, “there yet is room!”
            Though of sinners thou art chief,
            Come, thou burdened sinner, come.

    957     L.M.    A. Steele
    “I am thy God.” Isa. 41. 10; 43. 1
    1    Why sinks my weak, desponding mind?
        Why heaves my heart the anxious sigh?
        Can sovereign goodness be unkind?
        Am I not safe, since God is nigh?

    2    He holds all nature in his hand;
        That gracious hand on which I live
        Does life, and time, and death command,
        And has immortal joys to give.

    3    ’Tis he supports this fainting frame;
        On him alone my hopes recline;
        The wondrous glories of his name,
        How wide they spread, how bright they shine!

    4    Infinite wisdom! boundless power!
        Unchanging faithfulness and love!
        Here let me trust, while I adore,
        Nor from my Refuge e’er remove.

    5    My God, if thou art mine indeed,
        Then I have all my heart can crave;
        A present help in times of need;
        Still kind to hear, and strong to save.

    6    Forgive my doubts, O gracious Lord!
        And ease the sorrows of my breast;
        Speak to my heart the healing word,
        That thou art mine, and I am blest.

    958     C.M.    WIlliam Cowper
    Walking with God. Gen. 5. 22, 24
    1    O for a closer walk with God,
            A calm and heavenly frame;
        A light to shine upon the road
            That leads me to the Lamb.

    2    Where is the blessedness I knew
            When first I saw the Lord?
        Where is the soul-refreshing view
            Of Jesus and his word?

    3    What peaceful hours I then enjoyed,
            How sweet their memory still!
        But now I find an aching void
            The world can never fill.

    4    Return, O holy Dove! return,
            Sweet messenger of rest!
        I hate the sins that made thee mourn,
            And drove thee from my breast.

    5    The dearest idol I have known,
            Whate’er that idol be;
        Help me to tear it from thy throne,
            And worship only thee.

    6    So shall my walk be close with God,
            Calm and serene my frame;
        So purer light shall mark the road
            That leads me to the Lamb.

    959     C.M.    John Newton
    “What shall I render unto the Lord?” Ps. 116. 12
    1    For mercies countless as the sands,
            Which daily I receive
        From Jesus my Redeemer’s hands,
            My soul, what canst thou give?

    2    Alas! from such a heart as mine,
            What can I bring him forth?
        My best is stained and dyed with sin;
            My all is nothing worth.

    3    The best returns for one like me,
            So wretched and so poor,
        Is from his gifts to draw a plea,
            And ask him still for more.

    4    I cannot serve him as I ought;
            No works have I to boast;
        Yet would I glory in the thought,
            That I shall owe him most.

    960     L.M.    John Newton
    “Ask for the old paths … and walk therein.” Jer. 6. 16
    1    By faith in Christ I walk with God,
        With heaven my journey’s end in view;
        Supported by his staff and rod,
        My road is safe and pleasant too.

    2    I travel through a desert wide,
        Where many round me blindly stray;
        But he vouchsafes to be my guide,
        And will not let me miss my way.

    3    Though snares and dangers throng my path,
        And earth and hell my course withstand,
        I triumph over all by faith,
        Guarded by his almighty hand.

    4    With him sweet converse I maintain;
        Great as he is, I dare be free;
        I tell him all my grief and pain,
        And he reveals his love to me.

    5    Some cordial from his word he brings,
        Whene’er my feeble spirit faints;
        At once my soul revives and sings,
        And yields no more to sad complaints.

    961     L.M.    John Newton
    “Lacked ye any thing?” Luke 22. 35; Deut. 2. 7
    1    Be still, my heart! these anxious cares
        To thee are burdens, thorns, and snares;
        They cast dishonour on thy Lord,
        And contradict his gracious word.

    2    Brought safely by his hand thus far,
        Why dost thou now give place to fear?
        How canst thou want if he provide,
        Or lose thy way with such a guide?

    3    Did ever trouble yet befall,
        And he refuse to hear thy call?
        And has he not his promise passed,
        That thou shalt overcome at last?

    4    He who has helped me hitherto,
        Will help me all my journey through;
        And give me daily cause to raise
        New Ebenezers to his praise.

    962     8.8.6.    A. Steele
    “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness.” John 8. 12
    1    Come, dearest Lord, and melt my heart,
        Thy animating power impart,
            Blest Source of life divine!
        Jesus, thy love alone can give
        The will to rise, the power to live,
            For every grace is thine.

    2    If in my soul thy Spirit’s ray
        Has ever turned my night to day,
            I bless thee for the same;
        But O! when gloomy clouds arise,
        And veil thy glory from my eyes,
            I know not where I am.

    3    Without thy life-inspiring ray,
        My soul is filled with sad dismay;
            Each cheerful grace declines;
        Yet I must live on thee, dear Lord,
        For still in thy unchanging word,
            A beam of comfort shines.

    4    Yes, on thy word alone I’ll rest,
        And hang upon thy arm; thy breast
            Shall be my soft repose.
        With the beloved disciple, I
        Would on thy sacred bosom lie,
            ’Midst all my sins and woes.

    963     7s    Gospel Mag., 1781
    “The Spirit also helpeth our infirmities.” Rom. 8. 26
        1    Blessed Spirit from above,
            Teach, O teach me how to pray;
            Fill my soul with heavenly love;
            Lead me the celestial way.

        2    When temptations me surround,
            Help me, Lord, on thee to call;
            When iniquities abound,
            Save, O save me, or I fall.

        3    When thou hidest thy lovely face,
            Till the cloud is passed away,
            And I feel the sweets of peace,
            Never let me cease to pray.

        4    When I feel my heart like stone,
            When I have no heart to pray,
            At thy feet, O God, I’d groan,
            “Take this stony heart away.”

        5    Holy Spirit, on me shine;
            Make my evidences clear;
            Then I’ll say that God is mine!
            I shall with the Lord appear!

    964     7s    A. Serle
    “Let my cry come near before thee.” Ps. 119. 169
        1    If to thee I breathe my prayer,
            Lord, wilt thou not deign to hear?
            Shall I seek, but seek in vain?
            Shall I ask, and not obtain?

        2    Shall the foretaste thou hast wrought,
            Be to disappointment brought,
            (Though thy promise calls it sure),
            Of the life that shall endure?

        3    Lord, to thee I trembling run,
            Void of refuge and undone;
            And if thou reject my prayer,
            Ruined, lost, I’ll perish there!

    965     8.7.    Gospel Mag., 1781
    “They … shall not want any good thing.” Ps. 34. 10
    1    Tell us, O our best Beloved,
            Where thou feed’st thy tender flock;
        Where they rest at noon, discover;
            Shelter us beneath that rock!
        Let no idol e’er divide us
            From thee, Lord, in whom we live;
        By thy loving counsel guide us,
            And our souls at last receive.

    2    Show us, Lord, thy great salvation;
            Keep us till the storm shall cease;
        In the world we’ve tribulation,
            But in thee a solid peace.
        No good thing shall be denied us;
            Thou wilt grace and glory give;
        By thy counsel thou wilt guide us,
            And at last our souls receive.

    966     C.M.    John Newton
    “Happy art thou, O Israel!” Deut. 32. 29
    1    Happy are they to whom the Lord
            His gracious name makes known!
        And by his Spirit and his word
            Adopts them for his own.

    2    He calls them to a mercy-seat,
            And hears their humble prayer,
        And when within his house they meet,
            They find his presence near.

    3    The force of their united cries
            No power can long withstand;
        For Jesus helps them from the skies,
            By his almighty hand.

    4    Then mountains sink at once to plains,
            And light from darkness springs;
        Each seeming loss improves their gains;
            Each trouble comfort brings.

    5    Dear Lord, assist our souls to pay
            The debt of praise we owe;
        That we enjoy a gospel-day,
            And heaven begun below.

    967     L.M.    WIlliam Cowper
    “Is any among you afflicted? let him pray.” James 5. 13
    1    God of my life, to thee I call;
        Afflicted at thy feet I fall;
        When the great water-floods prevail,
        Leave not my trembling heart to fail.

    2    Friend of the friendless and the faint,
        Where should I lodge my deep complaint?
        Where but with thee, whose open door
        Invites the helpless and the poor?

    3    Did ever mourner plead with thee,
        And thou refuse that mourner’s plea?
        Does not the word still fixed remain,
        That none shall seek thy face in vain?

    4    That were a grief I could not bear,
        Didst thou not hear and answer prayer;
        But a prayer-hearing, answering God
        Supports me under every load.

    5    Poor though I am, despised, forgot,
        Yet God, my God, forgets me not;
        And he is safe, and must succeed,
        For whom the Lord vouchsafes to plead.

    968     7s    WIlliam Cowper
    “Lovest thou me?” John 21. 15-17; 14. 21
        1    Hark, my soul! it is the Lord;
            ’Tis thy Saviour, hear his word;
            Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee;
            “Say, poor sinner, lovest thou me?”

        2    “I delivered thee when bound,
            And when wounded healed thy wound;
            Sought thee wandering, set thee right,
            Turned thy darkness into light.

        3    “Can a woman’s tender care
            Cease towards the child she bare?
            Yes, she may forgetful be,
            Yet I will remember thee.

        4    “Mine is an unchanging love,
            Higher than the heights above;
            Deeper than the depths beneath,
            Free and faithful, strong as death.

        5    “Thou shalt see my glory soon,
            When the work of grace is done;
            Partner of my throne shalt be;
            Say, poor sinner, lovest thou me?”

        6    Lord, it is my chief complaint,
            That my love is cold and faint;
            Yet I love thee and adore;
            O for grace to love thee more!

    969     L.M.    WIlliam Cowper
    “He is before all things.” Col. 1. 17
    1    My song shall bless the Lord of all;
        My praise shall climb to his abode;
        Thee, Saviour, by that name I call,
        The great Supreme, the mighty God.

    2    Without beginning or decline,
        Object of faith, and not of sense;
        Eternal ages saw him shine;
        He shines eternal ages hence.

    3    As much when in the manger laid
        Almighty Ruler of the sky,
        As when the six days’ work he made
        Filled all the morning stars with joy.

    4    Of all the crowns Jehovah wears,
        Salvation is his dearest claim;
        That gracious sound well-pleased he hears,
        And owns Immanuel for his name.

    970     7s    (Author Unknown)
    “The Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost.” 1 John 5. 7
        1    Holy Father, God of love!
            Throned in majesty above,
            Just and true are all thy ways,
            Worthy of eternal praise.

        2    Fill my heart with thy rich grace;
            Then with joy I’ll run my race;
            Christ’s fair image on me seal,
            And thy love in him reveal.

        3    Holy Jesus, Lamb of God,
            Send thy healing word abroad;
            Show how kind and strong thou art,
            Let me see thy loving heart.

        4    Holy Spirit, quickening breath!
            Work in us thy precious faith;
            Bless our hearts with gospel peace,
            Furnish us with every grace.

        5    Breathe upon us from above,
            Teach us truth, and give us love;
            All that feel thy quickening flame,
            Will adore and bless thy name.

    971     8.7.    H. F. Lyte
    “Lo, we have left all and followed thee.” Mark 10. 28
    1    Jesus, we our cross have taken,
            All to leave and follow thee;
        Naked, poor, despised, forsaken,
            Thou, from hence, our All shalt be.

    2    Let the world despise and leave us;
            They have left the Saviour too;
        Human hearts and looks deceive us;
            Thou art not, like them, untrue.

    3    And while thou shalt smile upon us,
            God of wisdom, love, and might,
        Foes may hate, and friends disown us,
            Show thy face, and all is bright.

    4    Man may trouble and distress us,
            ’Twill but drive us to thy breast;
        Life with trials hard may press us,
            Heaven will bring us sweeter rest.

    972     8.7.4.    T. Kelly
    “King of kings and Lord of lords.” 1 Tim. 6. 15
    1    Look, ye saints! the sight is glorious!
            See the exalted Saviour now,
        From the fight returned victorious;
            Every knee to him shall bow.
                    Crown him, crown him!
            Crowns become the victor’s brow!

    2    Crown the Saviour; saints, adore him;
            Rich the trophies Jesus brings!
        Saints and angels bow before him,
            While the vault of heaven rings;
                    Crown him, crown him!
            Crown the Saviour King of kings!

    3    Hark! those bursts of acclamation,
            Hark! those loud triumphant chords!
        Jesus takes the highest station;
            O what joy the sight affords!
                    Crown him, crown him!
            King of kings, and Lord of lords!

    973     7s    John Newton
    Not to Sinai, but to Zion. Heb. 12. 18-24
        1    Not to Sinai’s dreadful blaze,
            But to Zion’s throne of grace,
            By a way marked out with blood,
            Sinners now approach to God.

        2    Not to hear the fiery law,
            But with humble joy to draw
            Water, by that well supplied
            Jesus opened when he died.

        3    Lord, there are no streams but thine
            Can assuage a thirst like mine!
            ’Tis a thirst thyself didst give;
            Let me, therefore, drink and live!

    974     L.M.    T. Kelly
    “Seek peace.” Ps. 34. 14; Rom. 12. 18
    1    While contests rend the Christian church,
        O may I live the friend of peace;
        The sacred mine of Scripture search,
        And learn from man, vain man, to cease.

    2    O teach me, Lord, thy truth to know,
        And separate from all beside;
        This I would guard from every foe,
        Nor fear the issue to abide.

    3    But keep me, Lord, from party zeal,
        That seeks its own and not thy praise;
        This temper I would never feel,
        Or when I do, would own it base.

    4    Be mine to recommend thy grace,
        That sinners may believe and live;
        That they who live may run the race,
        And then a crown of life receive.

    5    Lord, search my heart; O search me through!
        Detect, destroy what’s not thy own;
        Whene’er I speak, whate’er I do,
        O may I seek thy praise alone.

    975     C.M.    T. Kelly
    “He shall come, saith the Lord of hosts.” Mal. 3. 1
    1    He comes; the Saviour full of grace,
            By ancient prophets sung;
        The smile of mercy on his face,
            And truth upon his tongue.

    2    In him the world no beauty sees,
            No form nor comeliness;
        Rejected and despised he is,
            And plunged in deep distress.

    3    But there’s a people taught by grace
            To know his matchless worth;
        They own him, though accounted base,
            And show his praises forth.

    4    They own him as the Lord of all,
            Their Saviour and their God;
        Before his feet they prostrate fall –
            The purchase of his blood.

    976     8.7.    R. Burnham
    Christ a Physician. Matt. 9. 12; Mark. 2. 17
    1    Jesus is a wise Physician,
            Skilful and exceeding kind;
        Through him sinners find remission,
            And enjoy sweet peace of mind.

    2    Moved with tenderest compassion,
            He relieves the wounded heart;
        And the richest consolation
            His blest Spirit does impart.

    3    This Physician understandeth
            All disorders of the soul;
        And no payment he demandeth,
            When he makes the wounded whole.

    4    Come, ye souls, who now are sighing
            Under guilt’s distressing chains,
        To the Saviour now be flying;
            He will ease you of your pains.

    5    What though bad is your condition,
            And your wounds you can’t endure?
        He, the sinner’s wise Physician,
            Will effect a perfect cure.

    977     L.M.    A. Steele
    “They that are whole need not a physician.” Luke 5. 31
    1    Deep are the wounds which sin has made;
        Where shall the sinner find a cure?
        In vain, alas! is nature’s aid;
        The work exceeds all nature’s power.

    2    Sin, like a raging fever, reigns
        With fatal strength in every part;
        The dire contagion fills the veins,
        And spreads its poison to the heart.

    3    And can no sovereign balm be found?
        And is no kind physician nigh,
        To ease the pain and heal the wound,
        Ere life and hope for ever fly?

    4    There is a great Physician near;
        Look up, O fainting soul, and live.
        See, in his heavenly smiles appear
        Such ease as nature cannot give.

    5    See, in the Saviour’s precious blood,
        Life, health, and bliss abundant flow!
        ’Tis only this dear sacred flood
        Can ease thy pain and heal thy woe.

    978     L.M.    Samuel Medley
    “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Matt. 5. 3; Luke 6. 20
    1    How blessed are they who truly see
        Their emptiness and poverty;
        Whose souls are humbled in the dust,
        And who in Jesus only trust!

    2    Glad they renounce their former pride,
        And wholly in his name confide;
        Only in him they make their boast,
        Who came to seek and save the lost.

    3    They’re vile and poor in their own eyes,
        But Jesus’ love they highly prize;
        They never think they’re laid too low
        If Jesus on them pity show.

    4    To be the meanest they’re content,
        So Jesus but their souls present
        With pardoning grace and heavenly love,
        To fit them for the joys above.

    5    These are the souls whom Christ will bless
        With all the riches of his grace;
        And these are they who soon shall rise
        To a bright kingdom in the skies.

    979     L.M.    Samuel Medley
    “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst.” Matt. 5. 6
    1    Jesus those happy souls does bless,
        Who hunger for his righteousness;
        Who seek the smilings of his face,
        And thirst for fresh supplies of grace.

    2    They cannot here contented live
        On all the dainties earth can give;
        Their souls can feast on nothing less
        Than Christ’s eternal righteousness.

    3    Some sweet foretastes they have below,
        But the bright world, to which they go,
        Will them a glorious banquet yield;
        There shall their souls be ever filled.

    4    May this my blest experience be;
        To hunger, Lord, and thirst for thee,
        And on thy righteousness to live,
        Which can both food and comfort give!

    5    Then when at death my soul shall rise
        To the blest banquet in the skies,
        I shall partake the heavenly store,
        And feast and sing for evermore.

    980     L.M.    A. Steele
    “Because I live, ye shall live also.” John 14. 19
    1    When sins and fears prevailing rise,
        And fainting hope almost expires,
        Jesus, to thee I lift my eyes,
        To thee I breathe my soul’s desires.

    2    Art thou not mine, my living Lord?
        And can my hope – my comfort die,
        Fixed on thy everlasting word,
        That word which built the earth and sky?

    3    If my immortal Saviour lives,
        Then my immortal life is sure;
        His word a firm foundation gives;
        Here let me build and rest secure.

    4    Here let my faith unshaken dwell;
        Immovable the promise stands;
        Not all the powers of earth or hell
        Can e’er dissolve the sacred bands.

    5    Here, O my soul, thy trust repose;
        If Jesus is for ever mine,
        Not death itself, that last of foes,
        Shall break a union so divine.

    981     L.M.    Dobell’s Selection
    “If the Lord were pleased to kill us.” Judg. 13. 23
    1    Why should I yield to slavish fears?
        God is the same to endless years;
        Though clouds and darkness hide his face,
        He’s boundless both in truth and grace.

    2    Would e’er the God of truth make known
        The worth and glory of his Son;
        His love and righteousness display,
        And cast my soul at last away?

    3    Would he reveal my sin and woe,
        Teach me my numerous wants to know,
        And help me in my darkest frame
        To build my hopes on Jesus’ name;

    4    Would God preserve my soul from hell,
        And make his love at times prevail,
        Would he bestow such mercies past,
        And yet reject my soul at last?

    5    Though unbelief may long molest,
        And sin and Satan break my rest,
        Grace shall at last the victory get,
        And make my conquest quite complete.

    982     8.7.4.    T. Kelly
    “It is finished.” John 19. 30; 4. 34; 17. 4
    1    “It is finished!”  Sinners, hear it;
            ’Tis the dying Victor’s cry;
        “It is finished!”  Angels bear it,
            Bear the joyful truth on high :
                    “It is finished!”
            Tell it through the earth and sky!

    2    Justice, from her awful station,
            Bars the sinner’s peace no more;
        Justice views with approbation
            What the Saviour did and bore;
                    Grace and mercy
            Now display their boundless store.

    3    Hear the Lord himself declaring
            All performed he came to do;
        Sinners, in yourselves despairing,
            This is joyful news to you.
                    Jesus speaks it,
            His are faithful words and true.

    4    “It is finished!” all is over;
            Yes, the cup of wrath is drained;
        Such the truth these words discover;
            Thus the victory was obtained;
                    ’Tis a victory
            None but Jesus could have gained.

    5    Crown the mighty Conqueror, crown him,
            Who his people’s foes o’ercame!
        In the highest heaven enthrone him!
            Men and angels, sound his fame!
                    Great his glory!
            Jesus bears a matchless name.

    983     S.M.    C. Wesley
    “No man can say that Jesus is the Lord….” 1 Cor. 12. 3
    1        Spirit of truth, come down,
            Reveal the things of God;
        O make to us salvation known,
            And witness with the blood.

    2        No man can truly say
            That Jesus is the Lord,
        Unless thou take the veil away,
            And breathe the living word.

    3        Then, only then, we feel
            Our interest in his blood;
        And cry, with joy unspeakable,
            “Thou art my Lord, my God!”

    4        O that we now might know
            The all-atoning Lamb!
        Spirit of faith, descend and show
            The virtue of his name.

    5        Inspire the living faith,
            Which whosoe’er receives,
        The witness in himself he hath,
            And joyfully believes.

    984     L.M.    C. Cole
    “The great trumpet shall be blown.” Isa. 27. 13
    1    Hark! how the gospel trumpet sounds!
        Christ and free grace therein abounds;
        Free grace to such as sinners be;
        And if free grace, why not for me?

    2    The Saviour died, and by his blood
        Brought rebel sinners near to God;
        He died to set the captives free;
        And why, my soul, why not for thee?

    3    The blood of Christ, how sweet it sounds,
        To cleanse and heal the sinner’s wounds!
        The streams thereof are rich and free;
        And why, my soul, why not for thee?

    4    Thus Jesus came the poor to bless,
        To clothe them with his righteousness;
        The robe is spotless, full, and free;
        And why, my soul, why not for thee?

    5    Eternal life by Christ is given,
        And ruined rebels raised to heaven,
        Then sing of grace so rich and free,
        And say, my soul, why not for thee?

    985     112th    J. Cennick
    “Ho, every one that thirsteth.” Isa. 55. 1
    1    Ho, ye despairing sinners, hear,
        Ye thirsty, sin-sick souls, draw near;
        Here’s water, whose all-powerful stream
        Shall quench your thirst and wash you clean,
        Its healing power has always wrought
        Beyond the reach of human thought.

    2    Bethesda’s pool is not like this,
        Nor heals nor cures such leprosies;
        Nor Siloam’s streams, nor Jordan’s flood,
        Could to my heart seem half so good;
        ’Tis Jesus’ blood, that crimson sea,
        That washes guilt and filth away.

    3    To this dear Fountain I’d repair,
        With all the wounds and pains I bear;
        I’d keep my station near its side,
        And wash, and drink, and there abide;
        Nor from the sacred streams remove,
        Till taken to their source above.

    986     C.M.    D. Herbert
    “And let him that is athirst come.” Rev. 22. 17
    1    Ho, poor distressèd, thirsty soul,
            The fountain is just by,
        Whose waters run both full and free;
            Come, drink, and never die.

    2    O come, poor helpless thirsty soul,
            The call is made to you;
        That God who made you feel your thirst
            Will prove his promise true.

    3    O ye who long to feel and see
            Your interest in his blood,
        This thing is proved beyond a doubt,
            Because you thirst for God.

    4    There’s not a sinner out of hell,
            The vilest of the base,
        If he is made to trust in Christ,
            Who shall not see his face.

    987     C.M.    Samuel Medley
    “I will give unto him that is athirst.” Rev. 21. 6
    1    O what amazing words of grace
            Are in the gospel found!
        Suited to every sinner’s case
            Who knows the joyful sound.

    2    Come, then, with all your wants and wounds,
            Your every burden bring;
        Here love, eternal love, abounds,
            A deep celestial spring.

    3    This spring with living water flows,
            And living joy imparts;
        Come, thirsty souls, your wants disclose,
            And drink with thankful hearts.

    4    To sinners poor, like me and you,
            He says he’ll freely give,
        Come, thirsty souls, and prove it true,
            Drink, and for ever live.

    988     7s    Augustus Toplady
    “Happy is that people whose God is the Lord.” Ps. 114. 15
        1    Happiness, thou lovely name,
            Where’s thy seat, O tell me, where?
            Learning, pleasure, wealth, and fame,
            All cry out, “It is not here.”

        2    Not the wisdom of the wise
            Can inform me where it lies;
            Not the grandeur of the great
            Can the bliss I seek create.

        3    Object of my first desire,
            Jesus, crucified for me;
            All to happiness aspire,
            Only to be found in thee.

        4    Thee to praise and thee to know,
            Constitute our bliss below;
            Thee to see and thee to love,
            Constitute our bliss above.

        5    Lord, it is not life to live,
            If thy presence thou deny;
            Lord, if thou thy presence give,
            ’Tis no longer death to die.

        6    Source and Giver of repose,
            Singly from thy smile it flows;
            Happiness complete is thine;
            Mine it is, if thou art mine.

    989     C.M.    Spiritual Mag., 1790
    “If the Son shall make you free….” John 8. 36
    1    Ye captive souls, in fetters bound,
            Who feel your misery;
        The way to liberty is found –
            The Son shall make you free.

    2    Hear the Redeemer’s gracious call :
            “Poor captives, come to me;
        Into my arms for freedom fall;
            Come, and I’ll make you free.”

    3    Why should you doubt his love or power?
            To him for refuge flee;
        This is the Lord’s appointed hour;
            He waits to make you free.

    4    The souls who are by Jesus freed,
            No more shall bondage see;
        From sin and death they’re free indeed;
            Dear Saviour, make me free.

    5    Divorce my soul from every sin,
            Let me thy servant be;
        O make and keep my conscience clean
            To show that I am free.

    990     7s    R. Burnham
    “I cry unto thee daily.” Ps. 86. 3; 55. 17
        1    Jesus, now thyself reveal;
            Manifest thy love to me;
            Make me, Saviour, make me feel
            All my soul’s delight in thee.

        2    All thy ways I’d well approve,
            Under thy dear wings abide;
            Never from thy cross I’d move,
            Never leave thy wounded side.

        3    Daily I’d repent of sin,
            Daily wash in Calvary’s blood,
            Daily feel thy peace within,
            Daily I’d commune with God.

        4    Daily I’d thy name adore,
            Prize thy word, and love to pray;
            All thy kindness well explore,
            Still press on to perfect day.

        5    When with evils I’m beset,
            Foes advancing all around,
            Down I’d fall at thy dear feet,
            Wait to see thy grace abound.

    991     L.M.    Augustus Toplady
    “Their strength is to sit still.” Isa. 30. 7, 15
    1    Emptied of earth I fain would be,
        The world, myself, and all but thee;
        Only reserved for Christ that died,
        Surrendered to the Crucified.

    2    Sequestered from the noise and strife,
        The lust, the pomp, the pride of life;
        For heaven alone my heart prepare,
        And have my conversation there.

    3    Constrain my soul thy sway to own;
        Self-will, self-righteousness dethrone;
        Each idol tread beneath thy feet,
        And to thyself the conquest get.

    4    Detach from sublunary joys
        One that would only hear thy voice.
        Thy beauty see, thy grace admire,
        Nor glow but with celestial fire.

    5    Larger communion let me prove
        With thee, blest Object of my love;
        But O for this no power have I!
        My strength is at thy feet to lie.

    992     L.M.    T. Kelly
    “An afflicted and poor people.” Zeph. 3. 12
    1    “Poor and afflicted,” Lord, are thine,
        Among the great unfit to shine;
        But, though the world may think it strange,
        They would not with the world exchange.

    2    “Poor and afflicted,” yes, they are;
        Their cup is filled with grief and care;
        But he who saved them by his blood,
        Makes every sorrow work for good.

    3    “Poor and afflicted;” yet they sing,
        For Jesus is their glorious King;
        “Through sufferings perfect,” now he reigns,
        And shares in all their griefs and pains.

    4    “Poor and afflicted;” but ere long
        They’ll join the bright celestial throng;
        Their sufferings then will reach a close,
        And heaven afford them sweet repose.

    5    And while they walk the thorny way,
        They’re often heard to sigh and say,
        “Dear Saviour, come; O quickly come,
        And take thy mourning pilgrims home.”

    993     11s    J. Grant
    “O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest.” Isa. 34. 11
O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave,
Whom no man can comfort, whom no man can save;
With darkness surrounded, by terrors dismayed,
In toiling and rowing thy strength is decayed.
Loud roaring, the billows now nigh overwhelm;
But skilful’s the Pilot who sits at the helm;
His wisdom conducts thee, his power thee defends,
In safety and quiet thy warfare he ends.
“O fearful, O faithless!” in mercy he cries;
“My promise, my truth, are they light in thy eyes?
Still, still I am with thee; my promise shall stand;
Through tempest and tossing, I’ll bring thee to land.
“Forget thee I will not, I cannot; thy name
Engraved on my heart does for ever remain;
The palms of my hands while I look on I see
The wounds I receivèd when suffering for thee.
[“I feel at my heart all thy sighs and thy groans,
For thou art most near me, my flesh and my bones;
In all thy distresses thy Head feels the pain;
Yet all are most needful; not one is in vain.
“Then trust me, and fear not; thy life is secure;
My wisdom is perfect, supreme is my power;
In love I correct thee, thy soul to refine,
To make thee at length in my likeness to shine.”]

    994     S.M.    J. Kent
    “Leaning upon her Beloved.” Song. 8. 5
    1        From sin’s dark thorny maze,
            To Canaan’s fertile plains,
        A travelling fair one in distress,
            On her Beloved leans.

    2        Through fire and flood she goes,
            A weakling, more than strong;
        Vents in his bosom all her woes,
            And leaning moves along.

    3        When dangers round her press,
            And darkness veils the skies,
        She leans upon his righteousness;
            From thence her hopes arise.

    4        When guilt, a mighty flood,
            Her trembling conscience pains,
        Then on his peace-securing blood
            This travelling fair one leans.

    5        She views the covenant sure;
            Her hopes all centre there;
        And on his bosom leans secure,
            Whose temples bled for her.

    995     S.M.    T. Kelly
    Seeking the Heavenly Caanan. Heb. 13. 14; 11. 10
    1        From Egypt lately come,
            Where death and darkness reign,
        We seek our new, our better home,
            Where we our rest shall gain.

    2        To Canaan’s sacred bound,
            We haste with songs of joy;
        Where peace and liberty are found,
            And sweets that never cloy.

    3        There sin and sorrow cease,
            And every conflict’s o’er;
        There shall we dwell in endless peace,
            And never hunger more.

    4        There, in celestial strains,
            Enraptured myriads sing!
        There love in every bosom reigns,
            For Christ himself is King.

    5        We soon shall join the throng
            And all their pleasure share;
        And sing the everlasting song
            With all the ransomed there.

    996     L.M.    Samuel Medley
    “There is a river.” Ps. 46. 4; Ezek. 47. 1-12
    1    While the dear saints of God below
        Travel this vale of sin and woe,
        There is a river through the road,
        “Makes glad the city of our God.”

    2    This river is his heavenly love,
        Proceeding from the throne above;
        And all its streams which here are found,
        With comfort, joy, and peace abound.

    3    Blest river! great its virtues are;
        Pure river, O how sweet and clear!
        Deep river, through the desert way;
        Full river, never to decay!

    4    Ye thirsty, poor, and needy souls,
        For you this wondrous river rolls.
        Though sin and sorrow make you sad,
        Yet drink, and let your hearts be glad.

    5    Drink, and for ever bless his name,
        From whom these streams of mercy came :
        Drink, for the fountain’s open still;
        Drink, for he says, “Whoever will.”

    997     C.M.    R. Burnham
    “I go mourning all the day long.” Ps. 38. 6
    1    Lord, while I wander here below
            What ills my soul annoy!
        For ’tis of thee I little know,
            And ah! still less enjoy.

    2    I often hear the word of life,
            And all seems death within;
        Yet feel a strange mysterious strife
            Between my soul and sin.

    3    I read the truth and think it o’er,
            And long to know thy will;
        And wrestle for thy Spirit’s power;
            But ah! how barren still!

    4    But shall I from thy throne retreat,
            And hopeless, yield to fear?
        No, in the strength of God I’d wait,
            Till mercy shall appear.

    5    Then still, my soul, fresh cries lift up;
            Stand firm in Zion’s ways;
        Till God at length shall crown thy hope,
            And fill thee with his praise.

    998     104th    W. Hammond
    “Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope.” Zech. 9. 12
Ye prisoners of hope, o’erwhelmèd with grief,
To Jesus look up for certain relief;
There’s no condemnation in Jesus the Lord,
But strong consolation his grace does afford.
Should justice appear a merciless foe,
Yet be of good cheer, and soon shall you know
That sinners, confessing their wickedness past,
A plentiful blessing of pardon shall taste.
Then dry up your tears, ye children of grief,
For Jesus appears to give you relief.
If you are returning to Jesus, your Friend,
Your sighing and mourning in singing shall end.

    999     C.M.    John Newton
    “Will ye also go away?” John 6. 67; Ps. 73. 25
    1    When any turn from Zion’s way,
            (Alas, what numbers do!)
        Methinks I hear my Saviour say,
            “Wilt thou forsake me too?”

    2    Ah!  Lord, with such a heart as mine,
            Unless thou hold me fast,
        I feel I must, I shall decline,
            And prove like them at last,

    3    Yet thou alone hast power, I know,
            To save a wretch like me;
        To whom, or whither, could I go,
            If I should turn from thee?

    4    No voice but thine can give me rest,
            And bid my fears depart;
        No love but thine can make me blest,
            And satisfy my heart.

    5    What anguish has that question stirred:
            If I will also go?
        Yet, Lord, relying on thy word,
            I humbly answer, No.

    1000     104th    J. Wingrove
    “There is therefore now no condemnation.” Rom. 8. 1
Ye tempted and tried, to Jesus draw nigh,
He suffered and died your wants to supply;
Trust him for salvation; you need not to grieve;
“There’s no condemnation to them that believe.”
By day and by night his love is made known;
It is his delight to succour his own;
He will have compassion; then why should you grieve?
“There’s no condemnation to them that believe.”
Though Satan will seek the sheep to annoy,
The helpless and weak he ne’er shall destroy,
Christ is their salvation, and strength he will give;
“There’s no condemnation to them that believe.”