Gadsby's Hymnal

#601    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    “Shall we sin because we are not under law?” Rom. 6. 15
    1        What, then! shall Christians sin,
            Because freed from the law?
        Shall sinners, saved by grace divine,
            From holiness withdraw?

    2        Shall grace seduce the mind,
            And lead the soul astray?
        And souls who under grace are found,
            Delight to disobey?

    3        Great God, forbid the thought!
            Preserve thy saints in love,
        While Pharisees set grace at nought,
            Saints shall thy ways approve.

    602    148th    W. Gadsby
    “Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.” Heb. 12. 2
    1        [Jesus the Author is
            Of true and living faith;
            This blessed grace he gives,
            And saves our souls from death;
        By faith in him we live, and view
        The wonders God alone can do.]

    2        [The principle of faith
            From Jesus we receive;
            And all the power it hath,
            The Lord the Saviour gave;
        ’Tis Jesus gives us faith to view
        The wonders God alone can do.]

    3        ’Tis Jesus gives us faith
            To fight and overcome;
            To vanquish hell and death,
            And trust in him alone;
        With sweet surprise to sit and view
        The wonders God alone can do.

    4        Nor death, nor sin, nor hell,
            Against this faith can stand;
            She eyes the Saviour well,
            And Jesus holds her hand;
        He gives her power to live and view
        The wonders God alone can do.

    5        Through every trying scene,
            Down to the gates of death,
            Jehovah will maintain
            The life and power of faith;
        For death can never keep from view
        The wonders God alone can do.

    603    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    Precious and Holy Faith. 2 Pet. 1. 1; Jude 20
    1        Faith! ’tis a grace divine,
            A gift both rich and free;
        ’Twas grace that made this blessing mine,
            From guilt to set me free.

    2        The faith of God’s elect
            Is precious, pure, and good;
        Such is its power, and its effect,
            True faith prevails with God.

    3        To Jesus and his blood,
            It looks for life and peace;
        The oaths and promises of God,
            Its power and zeal increase.

    4        [When saints in darkness roam
            With sin and guilt distressed,
        Faith in Christ’s righteousness alone
            Can set the soul at rest.]

    5        Faith lives in spite of hell;
            And, when the soul’s oppressed
        With miseries more than tongue can tell,
            It leans on Jesus’ breast.

    6        Though death and dangers fly
            Like lightning from the skies;
        He that believes shall never die;
            Faith must obtain the prize.

    604    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    “We walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5. 7; 4, 18
    1    Why should a pilgrim grope within,
            And judge by what he feels?
        A loathsome stench of death and sin
            No consolation yields.

    2    Corruptions, base and foul as hell,
            May vex and tease the soul;
        But Jesus’ blood its rage can quell,
            And make the conscience whole.

    3    I have no life, no light, no love,
            No truth or righteousness,
        That God, my Father, can approve,
            Or justice can caress,

    4    But what I have in Christ, my Head,
            And grace on me bestows;
        My life with Christ in God is hid,
            And he’ll redress my woes.

    5    In this dear Christ I all things have;
            Why should I yield to fear?
        All that a living soul can crave,
            Is richly treasured here.

    6    In him I stand completely just;
            His heart is my abode;
        Though in myself, at best, but dust,
            In him I’ve power with God.

    605    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    “The just shall live by faith.” Rom. 1. 17; Heb. 10. 38
    1        The just by faith shall live,
            Nor fear the powers of hell;
        All blessings that a God can give,
            In Christ most richly dwell.

    2        By faith in Jesus’ blood,
            The just shall live indeed;
        Shall have a settled peace with God,
            And from their sins be freed.

    3        When sense and reason fail,
            And all things dark appear,
        By faith, the just shall say, ’Tis well,
            Jehovah will appear.

    4        If providence should frown,
            And crosses still increase;
        By faith, the just shall live and own
            God their salvation is.

    5        By faith in Christ, as God,
            As Prophet, Priest, and King,
        The just shall live, and live to prove,
            That death has lost its sting.

    606    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    “Rejoice in the Lord.” Joel 2. 23; Hab. 3. 18
    1        Let saints lift up their hearts,
            And, with a cheerful voice,
        The wonders of their King proclaim,
            And in the Lord rejoice.

    2        Whatever be thy frame,
            Though dark and cold as ice,
        No change has taken place in him;
            Then in the Lord rejoice.

    3        Till God can change his mind,
            And swear he has no choice,
        The soul that in the Lord believes,
            Shall in the Lord rejoice.

    4        As sure as God is God,
            And Abra’m heard his voice,
        He’ll love his saints unto the end,
            Then let them all rejoice.

    5        Nor sin, nor death, nor hell,
            Can make him hate his choice;
        The cause of love is in himself;
            And in him we’ll rejoice.

    6        He made an end of sin,
            And bought us with a price;
        Our life, our hope, our all’s in him,
            And we’ll in him rejoice.

    607    148th    W. Gadsby
    “Rejoice evermore.” 1 Thess. 5. 16; Luke 10. 20
    1        Rejoice, ye saints, rejoice,
            In Christ, your glorious Head;
            With heart, and soul, and voice,
            His matchless honours spread;
        Exalt his love, proclaim his name,
        And sweetly sing the Lamb once slain.

    2        The blood and righteousness
            Of the incarnate Word;
            The wisdom, truth, and grace,
            Of your exalted Lord,
        Unite, with one immortal voice,
        To bid the saints of God rejoice.

    3        God’s promise and his oath,
            And covenant of grace,
            Abide secure enough,
            To all the chosen race;
        And with a solemn, heavenly voice
        Invite believers to rejoice.

    4        The whole of Deity,
            With all his grace contains,
            In sweetest harmony
            A solemn joy proclaims;
        The Father, Word, and Spirit’s voice
        Unite to bid the saints rejoice.

    608    148th    W. Gadsby
    “Walk worthy of the Lord.” Col. 1. 10; Eph. 4. 1
    1        Ye souls, redeemed with blood,
            And called by grace divine,
            Walk worthy of your God,
            And let your conduct shine;
        Keep Christ, your living Head, in view,
        In all you say, in all you do.

    2        Has Jesus made you free?
            Then you are free indeed;
            Ye sons of liberty,
            Ye chosen royal seed,
        Walk worthy of your Lord, and view
        Your glorious Head, in all you do.

    3        Shall sons of heavenly birth
            Their dignity debase?
            Unite with sons of earth,
            And take a servant’s place?
        The slaves to sin and Satan too?
        Forget to keep their Lord in view?

    4        Forbid it, mighty God!
            Preserve us in thy fear;
            Uphold with staff and rod,
            And guard from every snare;
        Teach us to walk with Christ in view,
        And honour him in all we do.

    5        Increase our faith and love,
            And make us watch and pray;
            O fix our souls above,
            Nor let us ever stray;
        Dear Lord, do thou our strength renew,
        And lead us on with Christ in view.

    609    7s    W. Gadsby
    “Walk in love.” Eph. 5. 2; Rom. 12. 10, 15
        1    Lord, we fain would walk in love,
            But, alas! how slow we move;
            Pride, that haughty monster, pride,
            Often makes us start aside.

        2    Lamb of God, thy power make known;
            Sweetly draw, and we will run;
            Make our love to thee and thine
            Like the sun at noon-day shine.

        3    As the purchase of thy blood,
            May we seek each other’s good;
            And be it our great concern,
            Thee to view, of thee to learn.

        4    May we mourn with those that mourn;
            Make each other’s cause our own;
            Ever keeping this in mind,
            We are to each other joined.

        5    Flesh of flesh, and bone of bone,
            With the King of glory one;
            Of one body each a part,
            Jesus, make us one in heart.

        6    King of kings, enthroned above,
            Come and shed abroad thy love;
            Fill us with that source of joy,
            Which can never, never cloy.

    610    8.7.4.    W. Gadsby
    Panting for Christ, the Friend of Sinners. Ps. 42. 1
    1    Precious Jesus!  Friend of sinners;
            We, as such, to thee draw near;
        Let thy Spirit now dwell in us,
            And with love our souls inspire;
                    Fill, O fill us
            With that love which casts out fear.

    2    Matchless Saviour! let us view thee
            As the Lord our Righteousness;
        Cause each soul to cleave unto thee,
            Come, and with thy presence bless.
                    Dear Immanuel,
            Feast us with thy sovereign grace.

    3    Open now thy precious treasure:
            Let the blessings freely flow;
        Give to each a gracious measure
            Of thy glory here below;
                    Loving Bridegroom,
            ’Tis thyself we want to know.

    4    [Come, and claim us as thy portion,
            And let us lay claim to thee;
        Leave us not to empty notion,
            But from bondage set us free;
                    King of glory!
            We would live and reign with thee.]

    611    7s    W. Gadsby
    Changeableness. Gal. 5. 17; John 3. 6
        1    Lord, I freely would confess,
            I am all unrighteousness;
            Base and vile, from head to feet;
            Full of pride and self-conceit.

        2    [When thy presence I enjoy,
            I can say, My God is nigh;
            And with holy wonder tell,
            Thou, dear Lord, dost all things well.]

        3    When deliverance thou hast wrought,
            I can of thy wonders talk,
            And too often proudly say,
            Nothing more shall me dismay.

        4    [When, by faith, I view my Lord,
            Bathed in agonies and blood,
            I with joy his love repeat,
            Sink to nothing at his feet.]

        5    But, alas! how soon I stand
            At a distance, unconcerned;
            And the trifles of a day
            Almost carry me away.

        6    Lord, with shame and grief I own,
            I to evil still am prone;
            Vile and base I am indeed;
            When from sin shall I be freed?

        7    Make me strong and steadfast too;
            Help me all thy will to do;
            And with patience may I wait,
            Ever knocking at thy gate.

    612    11s    W. Gadsby
    “What will ye see in the Shulamite?” Song. 6. 13
In every believer two armies are seen,
The new man of grace, and the old man of sin;
In Christ he is perfect, and free from all guilt,
Yet in himself evils are both seen and felt.
As one in the Lord, he’s a true son of peace;
In himself, he is nothing but sin and disgrace;
His body’s the temple of the Holy Ghost,
And Christ in him dwelleth as King of one host.
When Christ takes possession, and proves himself King,
Then sin, world, and Satan, their forces will bring;
Nor will they be wanting of gun-shot from hell;
The old prince of darkness will furnish them well.
Yet such is the power and love of our King,
In spite of all hell we of victory sing;
For though sin and devils against us unite,
’Tis Christ fights our battles, and puts them to flight.
The victory is thine! then let hell do its worst;
For Christ will still reign, and of Christ thou shalt boast;
And when the fight’s ended, the crown thou shalt wear,
And glory immortal with Christ thou shalt share.

    613    148th    W. Gadsby
    Glorying in Infirmities. 2 Cor. 11. 30; 12. 5, 9, 10
    1        A helpless worm am I,
            Yet often start aside;
            Infirmities annoy,
            And enemies deride;
        Ten thousand evils me assault,
        And wound my soul, and make me halt.

    2        I want to be set free
            From every hateful foe,
            From each infirmity,
            And only pleasure know;
        But ’tis my heavenly Father’s will,
        That I infirmities should feel.

    3        [Infirmities, as means,
            Have taught my soul to see,
            That nought, how fair it seems,
            But Christ will do for me;
        I must have Christ as All in all,
        Or sink in ruin, guilt, and thrall.]

    4        I’ll gladly glory, then,
            In my infirmity,
            That Jesus’ power and name,
            May ever rest on me;
        I’ll bless his name; he’ll bring me through,
        And he’ll have all the glory too.

    614    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    “The Lord trieth the righteous.” Ps. 11. 5
    1        The Lord the righteous tries;
            Yet we’ll adore his name;
        He never will their cause despise,
            Nor put their hope to shame.

    2        He brings them to the test,
            And tries them by his law;
        Then leads them to the promised rest,
            From whence they comfort draw.

    3        Then he his face conceals,
            And lets them grope within;
        And by his Spirit’s power reveals
            The dreadful plague of sin.

    4        We straightway cry, “Unclean!
            A monstrous mass of woe!
        What can such hosts of evil mean?
            And whither can we go?”

    5        “Look here,” the Lord replies;
            “Thy beauty’s all in me;
        ’Tis thine to flee from self, and prize
            Salvation full and free.

    6        “Whate’er my wisdom does,
            Or lets the tempter do,
        Thy guilt and ruin to disclose,
            One thing I keep in view –

    7        “To teach thee how to live
            By faith in Jesus’ name;
        For guilt and sin to mourn and grieve,
            And sing the Lamb once slain.”

    615    8.7.4.    W. Gadsby
    “In the world ye shall have tribulation.” John 16. 33
    1    Sinners, called by grace, and blessèd
            With a living faith in Christ,
        Must not think to be caressèd
            By a world of sin and vice;
                    Satan’s agents
            Cannot love the Saviour’s choice.

    2    Let this thought the Christian strengthen;
            Jesus’ name is life and peace;
        Angels have not skill to mention
            Half his wisdom, power, or grace.
                    Souls that trust him,
            Soon shall see him face to face.

    3    Though they suffer for a season,
            For the name of Christ, their Lord;
        And at times may know no reason
            Why such sorrows are endured;
                    Soon he’ll teach them,
            That the whole has worked for good.

    4    [Happy is the savèd sinner,
            That endures for Jesus’ sake;
        He of endless life’s a winner;
            Of his glory shall partake;
                    Jesus will not,
            Cannot, such a soul forsake.]

    5    O for love, for faith, and patience!
            Jesus, fix our souls on thee!
        Nor let Satan’s dire vexations,
            Make us start aside or flee;
                    May we ever
            Cling and twine, dear Lord, to thee.

    616    7s    W. Gadsby
    Reproach of Christ Esteemed by Faith. Heb. 11. 26
        1    Precious Jesus! must it be,
            Is it thy all-wise decree,
            That afflictions must attend
            Zion to her journey’s end?

        2    [Must the heirs of endless bliss
            Travel through a wilderness,
            And, by savage beasts of prey,
            Be tormented night and day?]

        3    Yes, affliction is their lot;
            Earth is a polluted spot,
            Where a million evils dwell,
            All in league with death and hell.

        4    Pains and sorrows, sins and woes,
            Will the Christian’s way oppose;
            Every day brings something new,
            Zion’s troubles to renew.

        5    Yet, when faith is strong and true,
            They with cheerfulness go through,
            Scorning all created good,
            When opposed to Christ, their God.

        6    Living faith will still esteem
            The reproaches of the Lamb,
            Greater riches than this earth
            Can afford the sons of mirth.

        7    O for faith this choice to make,
            And endure, for Jesus’ sake,
            The reproaches of his cross,
            Counting all things else but dross!

    617    148th    W. Gadsby
    Flesh and Spirit. Gal. 5. 17; Rom. 7. 15-25
    1        The new man and the old
            By no means can agree;
            The one in sin is bold,
            From sin the other’s free.
        The principles of grace and sin
        A constant warfare must maintain.

    2        [One loves to watch and pray,
            And walk in Jesus’ path;
            The other hates the way,
            And loves the road to death;
        Christ is the new man’s boast and joy;
        Flesh does the old man satisfy.]

    3        Christ, and him crucified,
            The new man loves to view;
            Lust, vanity and pride,
            The old man will pursue;
        One pants with God to live and reign;
        The other hates his sovereign name.

    4        The principle of grace
            On Jesus puts the crown;
            But sin, with shameless face,
            Would pull his glory down.
        Jesus shall reign, the new man cries;
        His right to reign the flesh denies.

    5        Well, let old nature toil;
            The warfare can’t be long;
            And Christians, with a smile,
            Shall sing the conqueror’s song;
        Through Christ we shall victorious prove,
        And live and reign with him above.

    618    148th    W. Gadsby
    “I will lead them in paths … not known.” Isa. 42. 16
    1        The path that Christians tread
            To reason’s eye is strange;
            Through regions of the dead,
            They frequently must range;
        Ten thousand monstrous beasts of prey
        Beset the soul by night and day.

    2        We must not learn God’s truth
            As school-boys learn their task;
            Such knowledge is not proof
            Against delusion’s blast.
        An empty knowledge bloats with air,
        But dies when dreadful storms appear.

    3        Christians oft pray for faith;
            To trace God’s beauties more;
            To triumph over death;
            And Jesus’ name adore.
        God hears and answers their desire;
        But ’tis through scenes of floods and fire.

    4        [Sin, armed with all the spleen
            Of enmity to God,
            Oft rises up within,
            And scorns the Saviour’s blood;
        A world of filth, too base to name,
        Beset and plunge the soul in shame.

    5        To pray, he thinks too bold;
            While he in silence moans,
            His bones keep waxing old,
            By reason of his groans;
        And by such means, though strange to tell,
        The Lord will teach him Jesus well.]

    6        When self and nature die,
            And all our beauty’s gone,
            The Saviour brings us nigh,
            To trust in him alone;
        ’Tis then we trust his righteousness,
        And rest alone on sovereign grace.

    7        Thus Jesus wears the crown;
            We gladly trace the power
            That brings all nature down,
            And leads us to adore
        Jesus, the Lord our Righteousness,
        Who saves in every deep distress.

    619    7s    W. Gadsby
    “I shall be satisfied, … with thy likeness.” Ps. 17. 15
        1    Creatures are but vain at best;
            In them is no solid rest.
            All the world calls good or great
            Cannot perfect bliss create.

        2    Souls renewed by grace divine,
            Carnal pleasures will resign;
            Holiness, without a stain,
            They are thirsting to obtain.

        3    Satisfied! not they indeed,
            Till with Christ, their living Head,
            They in heavenly bliss appear,
            And his likeness fully bear.

        4    [Heart and flesh may fail, ’tis true;
            Sin and Satan plague them too!
            Hell and earth their powers unite,
            Christ to banish from their sight;

        5    For a season they may be
            Left at an uncertainty,
            Overwhelmed with fear and doubt,
            Scarcely know what they’re about;

        6    Yet they feel a panting mind
            For a God supremely kind;
            Satisfied they cannot be,
            But as they his beauty see.]

    620    L.M.    W. Gadsby
    “The heart is deceitful above all things.” Jer. 17. 9
    1    Sin has a thousand pleasing charms,
        Which flatter to preserve from harms;
        She richly gilds her pleasing baits,
        And calls her trash delicious sweets.

    2    Young men and maidens, rich and poor,
        Are pleased with her deceptive ore;
        There’s scarce an eye that views the light,
        But she can charm by day or night.

    3    Nor are the vessels of the Lord
        Free from the chirpings of this bird,
        Her craft and spleen she’ll make them feel,
        And make them like a drunkard reel.

    4    Her nature’s serpentine indeed;
        Her strength could make a Samson yield;
        Nor David could against her stand,
        When David’s God withheld his hand.

    5    Good God! what can a mortal do,
        With such a cursèd, artful foe?
        Let grace divine my soul defend,
        Nor let me to this monster bend.

    6    [Work in me, Lord, to will and do,
        My way to Zion to pursue;
        And while I tread the thorny road,
        Teach me to lean upon my God.]

    621    L.M.    W. Gadsby
    “The carnal mind is enmity against God.” Rom. 8. 7
    1    The carnal mind takes different ways,
        And different objects she surveys;
        She’s pleased with things that suit her taste,
        But hates the God of truth and grace.

    2    No beauty in the Lord she views,
        Nor is she charmed with gospel-news;
        She sets at nought, with vain contempt,
        The Man the Lord Jehovah sent.

    3    She hates him as the mighty God,
        The church’s Wisdom, Life, and Head;
        His priestly office she disdains,
        And wantons with his wounds and pains.

    4    Whatever office Jesus bears,
        Or in what glorious form appears,
        She was, and is, and still will be
        Against him dreadful enmity.

    5    [Is this the case?  Yes, Lord, ’tis true;
        And I’ve a carnal nature too,
        That fights, with all its hellish might,
        Against the God of my delight.

    6    Yet, bless the Lord, through grace I feel
        I have a mind that loves him well;
        Nor shall the dreadful power of sin,
        My better part from Jesus win.]

    7    [May grace not only live and reign,
        But may its powers be felt and seen;
        Dear God, my every foe subdue,
        And make me more than conqueror too.]

    622    L.M.    W. Gadsby
    “Be not dismayed; for I am thy God.” Isa. 41. 10
    1    Poor fearful saint, be not dismayed,
        Nor dread the dangers of the night;
        Thy God will ever be thy aid,
        And put the hosts of hell to flight.

    2    Nor sin, nor Satan, can o’ercome
        The arm that vindicates thy cause;
        God, thy own God, will lead thee home,
        In spite of all that may oppose.

    3    [Should hosts within, and hosts without,
        At once unite to make thee yield,
        Thy God shall put them all to rout,
        And make thee master of the field.]

    4    In every sore and deep distress,
        “I am thy God” shall be thy stay;
        Thy God shall all thy woes redress,
        And drive thy guilty fears away.

    5    This soul-supporting truth contains
        All blessings that a God can give;
        In sorrows, sicknesses, or pains,
        Thy God will every need relieve.

    623    7s    W. Gadsby
    “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.” Heb. 12. 6
        1    Whom the Lord Jehovah loves,
            He in various ways reproves;
            ’Tis his settled, wise decree,
            That his sons chastised shall be.

        2    Them to wean from self and sin,
            Try the grace he works within;
            Strip them of each idol god;
            Make them prize the Saviour’s blood;

        3    Teach them what and where they are;
            Draw forth patience, faith, and prayer;
            Make them closer cling to Christ,
            And in him alone rejoice;

        4    These are ends he has in view,
            And he’ll them accomplish too;
            Nor shall our poor peevish heart
            Make him from his purpose start.

        5    [Yet his love and grace are such,
            He will ne’er afflict too much;
            But, in every chastening, prove
            His paternal care and love.]

        6    Father, make us clearly view
            What thy love designs to do;
            And in every trying case,
            Trust thy faithfulness and grace.

    624    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    God the Father of his People. Ps. 103. 13
    1        The Lord Jehovah is
            Our Father and our Friend;
        Immortal majesty is his,
            Nor can his glory end.

    2        He guards his children well,
            Nor shall they starve for want;
        When they their needs unto him tell,
            He’ll answer their complaint.

    3        He bids his saints draw nigh,
            Nor fear to call him theirs;
        And, though he reigns enthroned on high,
            He calls them sons and heirs.

    4        His sympathising heart
            Feels for them in distress;
        And love divine he will impart,
            With strength and righteousness.

    5        [Though they in darkness walk,
            He is their Father still;
        And when insulting Ishmaels mock
            He will his grace reveal.]

    6        [His children he supplies
            With food and raiment too;
        He with his wisdom makes them wise,
            And will their strength renew.]

    7        Should men and devils try
            To make the saints a prey;
        The Lord, their Father, still is nigh,
            To guard them in his way.

    8        Through all the scenes of time,
            He’ll make his goodness known;
        His sons, in every age and clime,
            His sovereign grace shall own.

    625    L.M.    W. Gadsby
    God a Father. Jer. 31. 9; 2 Thess. 2. 16, 17
    1    God is a Father, just and wise,
        And reigns enthroned above the skies;
        Yet all his saints on earth shall know,
        He condescends to dwell below.

    2    He’ll make his sons and daughters wise,
        And teach them all his ways to prize;
        He’ll lead them forth with love and power,
        And save them in a trying hour.

    3    To them he will his secrets tell,
        And save them from the power of hell;
        And when they leave this world of woe,
        He’ll take them all to glory too.

    626    7s    W. Gadsby
    “And ye are Christ’s.” 1 Cor. 3. 23; Rom. 14. 8
        1    Sinners who on Jesus rest,
            Must eternally be blest;
            All Jehovah’s love can give,
            They from Jesus shall receive.

        2    Loved of God, to Jesus given,
            In the purposes of heaven;
            They are bought with blood divine,
            And they must in glory shine.

        3    They are Jesus’ flesh and bone,
            Nor from him shall e’er be torn;
            Can a part be sent to hell,
            And the whole in Zion dwell?

        4    No! we bless the Lord on high,
            Not a single joint can die;
            Every member lives in him;
            He’s the life of every limb.

        5    They are Christ’s by ties divine;
            Here his brightest glories shine;
            All creation must give place
            To the subjects of his grace.

        6    Matchless Jesus! may we be
            Wholly taken up with thee!
            And, in every deep distress,
            Lean upon thy truth and grace.

    627    8s    W. Gadsby
    Encouragement to Flee to Christ. Matt. 11. 28
    1    Poor sinner, dejected with fear,
        Unbosom thy mind to the Lamb;
        No wrath on his brow he does wear,
        Nor will he poor mourners condemn;
        His arm of omnipotent grace
        Is able and willing to save;
        A sweet and a permanent peace
        He’ll freely and faithfully give.

    2    [Come just as thou art, with thy woe,
        Fall down at the feet of the Lamb,
        He will not, he cannot say, Go,
        But surely will take out thy stain.
        A fountain is opened for sin,
        And thousands its virtues have proved;
        He’ll take thee, and plunge thee therein,
        And wash thee from filth in his blood.]

    3    The soul that on Jesus relies,
        He’ll never, no never deceive;
        He freely and faithfully gives
        More blessings than we can conceive;
        Yea, down to old age he will keep,
        Nor will he forsake us at last;
        He knows, and is known by, his sheep;
        They’re his, and he will hold them fast.

    628    8s    W. Gadsby
    The Fulfilment of God’s Promise Sure. Hab. 2. 3
    1    My soul shall with wonder proclaim
        The love of my Father and God,
        Whose promises ever remain,
        And each in its course is made good;
        They’re great, and exceeding great too;
        More precious than rubies by far;
        Like streams from the fountain they flow,
        And Zion preserve from despair.

    2    Like Abra’m and Sarah, have I
        Endeavoured with reason and wit,
        Some blessing to get and enjoy
        Much sooner than God promised it;
        Like them too, I’ve proved in the end,
        My labour brought bondage and pain;
        And yet (O how faithful’s my Friend!)
        In due time the true blessing came.

    629    148th    W. Gadsby
    Christ the Beggar’s Friend. Ps. 132. 15
    1        The Lord will feed the poor,
            Nor shall their fare be mean;
            Rich blessings are in store,
            In grace’s magazine;
        From which rich treasure Christ will feed
        The hungry soul that feels his need.

    2        Poor trembling sinner, come
            And knock at mercy’s door;
            Though ruined and undone,
            The Lord relieves the poor;
        He knows and loves the beggar’s knock,
        Nor will he send them empty back.

    3        He came to save the lost,
            Nor will he change his mind;
            The souls that in him trust
            He will not leave behind;
        With him they shall for ever reign,
        And glorify the Lamb once slain.

    630    148th    W. Gadsby
    “My soul, wait thou only upon God.” Ps. 62. 5
    1        What foolish worms are we!
            How prone to start aside,
            And in our troubles flee
            From Jesus’ wounded side;
        To wait on self, or something base,
        Instead of trusting sovereign grace!

    2        O that our souls could wait
            At all times on the Lord;
            And watch at wisdom’s gate,
            Whose mercy will afford
        A constant flow of every good,
        To souls that trust alone in God.

    3        The Lord is rich indeed,
            And richly will supply
            The waiting sinner’s need,
            With blessings from on high;
        My expectation is from God;
        Then wait, my soul, upon the Lord.

    4        If darkness him surround,
            His mercy’s still the same;
            He never will confound
            The soul that waits on him;
        He is my All; of him I’ll boast;
        On him I’ll wait, and in him trust.

    631    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    “The Lord be with you all.” 2 Thess. 3. 16
    1    The Lord himself be with you all,
            To teach you his own will;
        And guide you safe from every thrall,
            To Zion’s heavenly hill.

    2    Be with you to unfold his grace,
            And prove his truth divine;
        Unveil the glories of his face,
            And make his counsels shine.

    3    Whatever be your state or case,
            The Lord himself be near;
        Support, protect, defend, embrace,
            And make your passage clear.

    4    Thus may you prove his promise true,
            And glorify his name;
        And every day your songs renew,
            While life and breath remain.

    5    The Lord be with you to the end,
            And land you safe above;
        A long eternity to spend,
            In singing, “God is love.”

    632    8s    W. Gadsby
    The Believer Safe in Christ. John 3. 15, 16
    1    Whoever in Jesus believes,
        The blessing is sure to obtain;
        A full and free pardon Christ gives,
        To all that confide in his name;
        Nor Moses, nor Satan, nor sin,
        Can sentence believers to hell;
        No evil, without or within,
        Shall ever against them prevail.

    2    Till he who immensity fills,
        Whose name is Jehovah, I AM,
        Who governs the sun, moon, and stars,
        And measures the earth with a span;
        Till this God can fall from his throne,
        His promise and faithfulness fail,
        Omnipotence weakness become,
        And hell against heaven prevail –

    3    Till then the believer’s secure,
        Though devils against him unite;
        His faith stands in Jesus’s power,
        And Christ all his battles will fight;
        The feeble shall all be made strong;
        Then let them rejoice in their King;
        The warfare will cease before long,
        And they a sweet victory sing.

    633    L.M.    W. Gadsby
    “Having loved his own ... he loved them unto the end.” John 13. 1
    1    The love of Christ is rich and free;
        Fixed on his own eternally;
        Nor earth, nor hell, can it remove;
        Long as he lives, his own he’ll love.

    2    His loving heart engaged to be
        Their everlasting Surety;
        ’Twas love that took their cause in hand,
        And love maintains it to the end.

    3    Love cannot from its post withdraw;
        Nor death, nor hell, nor sin, nor law,
        Can turn the Surety’s heart away;
        He’ll love his own to endless day.

    4    [Love has redeemed his sheep with blood;
        And love will bring them safe to God;
        Love calls them all from death to life;
        And love will finish all their strife.]

    5    He loves through every changing scene,
        Nor aught can him from Zion wean;
        Not all the wanderings of her heart
        Can make his love from her depart.

    6    At death, beyond the grave, he’ll love;
        In endless bliss, his own shall prove
        The blazing glory of that love
        Which never could from them remove.

    634    148th    W. Gadsby
    Saints Safe in Christ. John 10. 28, 29; 14. 19; Col. 3. 4
    1        When saints together meet
            God’s goodness to declare,
            The season will be sweet,
            If Jesus be but there;
        Of Christ they speak; of Christ they boast;
        While Jesus lives, they can’t be lost.

    2        What though their house with God
            Be not as they could wish,
            And oft a Father’s rod
            Fills them with deep distress,
        Yet in the Lord they firm abide,
        United to him as his bride.

    3        [What if their lust rebel,
            And threaten to devour,
            To plunge their souls to hell,
            In some unguarded hour?
        Their standing fast is in the Lord,
        And they his faithfulness record.]

    4        The Lord will guard them well,
            Nor shall they ever be
            A prey to death and hell,
            For Christ has made them free;
        He bought them with his own heart’s blood,
        And he will bring them home to God.

    635    8s    W. Gadsby
    The Church the Body of Christ. 1 Cor. 12. 27
    1    The body, the church, ever stood
        In Christ their mysterious Head;
        To save them he shed his own blood,
        And they from his fulness are fed.
        A body united indeed;
        Cemented together by love;
        And richly supplied from its Head,
        With blessings from heaven above.

    2    [Each joint is the care of the Lord,
        And he will preserve it from hell;
        His aid and his influence afford,
        And so supply each member well.
        When creatures to time bid adieu,
        Each part shall appear in its place,
        And live to eternity too,
        Where Jesus unveileth his face.]

    3    The arm, and the eye, and the breast,
        Or members less comely to sight,
        Shall ever be honoured and blest,
        In glory’s ineffable light.
        No schism can ever take place;
        ’Tis built and supported by God;
        A temple of infinite grace,
        A mansion of immortal love.

    636    8.8.6.    W. Gadsby
    The Sabbath. Heb. 4. 8-11; Exod. 31. 15
    1    The Sabbath was a day of rest;
        The day the Lord Jehovah blest;
            A lively type of Christ;
        The labouring poor may venture here;
        The guilty banish all their fear,
            And lean on Jesus’ breast.

    2    When foes without, and foes within,
        Wrath, law, and Satan, guilt and sin,
            The child of God molest;
        Fatigued with sin, distressed with fear,
        He enters into Christ, and there
            He finds a settled rest.

    3    Jesus is Zion’s only rest;
        Thrice happy is the man, and blest,
            That into him believes;
        His six days’ toil is finished then;
        His slavish fear for ever gone;
            By faith in Christ he lives.

    4    [A precious resting-place indeed;
        Whatever weary pilgrims need
            Is richly treasured here.
        Here sinners may commune with God,
        And drink full draughts of heavenly love,
            Nor death nor danger fear.]

    5    O may I ever rest in him,
        And never, never stray again,
            Nor after strangers roam;
        Dear Jesus, fix my roving heart,
        Nor ever let me from thee start,
            Till thou shalt take me home.

    637    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    Christ the Believer’s Rest. Isa. 11. 10; 28. 12
    1    Jesus, thou art our only rest
            From sin, and guilt, and fears;
        We love to lean upon thy breast,
            And on thee cast our cares.

    2    With anxious care and painful thought,
            We toiled and toiled again;
        True holiness was what we sought,
            But this we sought in vain.

    3    Stripped naked, and exposed to shame,
            We loud for mercy cried;
        The Lord gave faith to eye the Lamb,
            And fasten in his side.

    4    The works of nature, bad or good,
            Availèd nothing here;
        Faith viewed the Saviour’s precious blood,
            And banished guilt and fear.

    5    [Here’s life, and light, and holiness,
            And righteousness divine;
        A boundless treasure, all of grace,
            And faith says, All is mine.]

    6    O what a rest is Christ to me!
            How precious and how true!
        From guilt and sin he sets me free,
            And gives me glory too.

    7    I have, I want no rest beside;
            Here’s all a God can give;
        Here would I constantly abide,
            And every moment live.

    638    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    No Rest but Christ. Heb. 4. 3-11; Matt. 11. 28
    1    With sin and guilt poor Zion toils,
            And labours hard for peace;
        But till the Lord the Saviour smiles,
            Her conscience gets no ease.

    2    [Her efforts all abortive prove;
            Her working makes her worse;
        Nought but the Saviour’s flesh and blood
            Can save her from the curse.]

    3    The Lord the Saviour is her rest;
            On him she casts her cares;
        By faith she leans upon his breast,
            And banishes her fears.

    4    But till the Holy Ghost applies
            The Saviour’s precious blood,
        Above her guilt she cannot rise,
            Nor lean upon her God.

    639    104th    W. Gadsby
    “Return unto thy rest, O my soul.” Ps. 116. 7
Return to thy rest, my soul, and rejoice;
Let Christ be thy boast, for thou art his choice;
And though sin and Satan, and their hellish guest,
Do vex and dishearten, Jehovah’s thy rest.
A sweet resting-place is Jesus to thee;
A fulness of grace, rich, sovereign, and free;
>From slavish works cease, then, and rest in the Lamb,
For Christ is thy freedom from wrath, law, and sin.
O yield not to fear, rest only in Christ;
His promise is sure: he’s Jesus thy Priest;
And by one atonement thy sin has condemned,
Then by himself sworn that he’ll love to the end.
Return, then, my soul, to Jesus, thy Rest;
By faith on him roll, and lean on his breast;
He will not deceive thee; his faithfulness prove;
He never can leave thee, till God is not love.

    640    7s    W. Gadsby
    “Lord, teach us to pray.” Luke 11. 1
        1    Blessed Jesus, Lord of all,
            Teach us on thy name to call;
            Help us to be much in prayer,
            And upon thee cast our care.

        2    Draw us, Lord, by thy sweet power,
            In temptation’s darkest hour;
            Make us cry to thee our Friend,
            And upon thy grace depend.

        3    At all times, in every case,
            Lead us to thy Throne of Grace;
            Let our needs be what they may,
            Teach us how and what to pray.

        4    Jesus, deign to bless us thus,
            And to glory in thy cross;
            Then, though men and devils roar,
            We will ever thee adore.

    641    8.7.4.    W. Gadsby
    Desiring to be Led by the Lord. Ps. 25.5; 31.3
    1    Jesus, mighty God and Saviour,
            Lead me forth by thy right hand;
        And be it my fixed endeavour,
            To obey thy sweet command;
                    Let me never
            At a trifling distance stand.

    2    Guide, O guide me by thy Spirit;
            Leave me not to walk alone;
        And by faith may I inherit
            The eternal Three-in-One;
                    And with boldness,
            Make thy matchless wonders known.

    3    May my soul be sweetly fillèd,
            With the treasures of my God;
        And my tongue be rightly skillèd,
            To proclaim thy truth abroad;
                    And with pleasure,
            God’s eternal love record.

    642    148th    W. Gadsby
    Prayer for the Presence of Christ. Ex. 33. 15
    1        Once more, dear God of grace,
            Thy earthly courts we tread;
            We come to see thy face,
            And banquet with our Head;
        We long, we faint, we pant for thee;
        And hope that with us thou wilt be.

    2        Though base and vile we are,
            Nor goodness have to bring,
            We cannot well despair,
            While Jesus is our King;
        He welcomes all by sin oppressed,
        Upon his grace to come and feast.

    3        With Christ we would be fed;
            By faith upon him live;
            We wish no other bread,
            And thou hast this to give;
        Lord, fill us well with this rich food,
        And let us drink thy precious blood.

    643    8.8.6.    W. Gadsby
    Praying for Living Bread. Ps. 28. 9
    1    Again, dear Lord, we would be fed;
        We come to seek for living bread,
            And feast on love divine;
        Dear Father, let thy presence be
        Enjoyed by all thy family,
            And make each face to shine.

    2    In thee all blessings richly meet;
        Come, then, and give our souls a treat,
            And let us feast indeed;
        O let us banquet with the King,
        And love, and pray, and praise, and sing,
            As sons from bondage freed.

    3    May faith be strong, and pierce the skies,
        And we with pleasure realise
            The glory now prepared;
        Commune with Jesus as our Friend;
        Upon him live; his love commend;
            And carnal things discard.

    4    If this be granted, we’ll adore
        The hand that gives, yet keeps in store
            A boundless stock of grace;
        In every time of need we’ll cry,
        And thou shalt all our needs supply,
            And that with smiling face.

    644    11s    W. Gadsby
    “Watch and be sober.” 1 Thess. 5. 6; 1 Pet. 5. 8
Watch, watch, and be sober, ye children of God;
Your wonderful Lover has bought you with blood;
Your Husband and Saviour for you gave his life;
Then be your behaviour becoming his wife.
O watch against trusting to your native strength;
Behold Peter boasting, but o’ercome at length;
Your strength will forsake you, and leave you to fall,
Unless the Lord make you to trust him for all.
Treat all as deceivers that lead not to Christ;
As holy believers, rely on your Priest;
Watch ye against sleeping, and stand to your post,
Lest you should go weeping, while Canaanites boast.
By awful temptations attacked and distressed,
Though thousand vexations each moment molest,
Yet watch against falling, and yield not to doubt,
On Christ your Lord calling, your foes you shall rout.

    645    7s    W. Gadsby
    “Watch and pray.” Matt. 26. 41; Mark 14. 38
        1    Dangerous is the path we go,
            In this wilderness below,
            Savage beasts, of every kind,
            Aiming to distress the mind.

        2    Scarce an hour but pilgrims see
            They from danger are not free;
            In some unexpected way,
            Something fills them with dismay.

        3    Thus beset, they daily feel
            They have neither strength nor skill
            Rightly to oppose the foe,
            Or to guard against the woe.

        4    How, then, can they persevere?
            Must they of the prize despair?
            No; ’tis theirs to watch and pray,
            For the Lord will guard the way.

        5    Christ the Master, Lord of all,
            Bids his children watch and call;
            May it be our blessed case,
            Both to watch and seek his face.

        6    When we watch, then may we pray,
            And in prayer watch every day;
            And with pleasure ever prove
            All our strength is from above.

        7    [Thus supported, we shall be
            More than conquerors, Lord, through thee;
            And when every danger’s past,
            Live and reign with thee at last.]

    646    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    Hymn for a Fast Day. Ps. 93. 1-4; 99. 1
    1    Great God! whose universal power
            Through all the earth is known;
        Who governs heaven and earth, nor sits
            On a precarious throne;

    2    No strange commotions on the earth,
            No wars have taken place,
        But what were ever in thy view,
            Almighty God of grace.

    3    Creatures of every sort and kind
            Are all at thy control;
        The God that fills immensity
            Must reign from pole to pole.

    4    Our wars and tumults all arise
            As the effect of sin;
        Sin is the cause of all the woes
            The world has felt or seen.

    5    Dear Lord, we fall before thy face;
            Our guilt and folly own;
        And pray thee, for thy mercy’s sake,
            To make thy goodness known.

    6    In mercy put a stop to war;
            In mercy send us peace;
        Nor let thy vengeance on us fall,
            Almighty King of grace.

    7    Yet, Lord, whate’er thy will may be,
            We pray to be resigned;
        We know thou art too wise to err,
            Too good to be unkind.

    647    8.8.6.    W. Gadsby
    A Song of Praise to the Holy Three. Rev. 19. 5
    1    When will the happy moment come
        That I shall meet my Lord at home,
            And all his glory view?
        Where sin no more shall vex my soul,
        Nor Satan any more control,
            Nor guilt shall me pursue?

    2    [Christ loved, and chose, and ransomed me,
        From sin and Satan set me free,
            And washed me in his blood;
        He clothed me well from top to toe,
        Adorned me with his glory too,
            And brought me home to God.]

    3    When such a guilty wretch as I,
        Deserving nought but misery,
            Shall in full glory be,
        With all the blood-bought throng above,
        I’ll sing the riches of thy love,
            Through vast eternity.

    4    I’ll tell the Father and the Son,
        And the blest Spirit, Three-in-One,
            I’m saved by grace divine;
        And, with a strong, immortal voice,
        In this one God will I rejoice,
            Nor ever more repine.

    648    148th    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Matt. 3. 13-15; Luke 6. 46; John 15. 14
    1        With wonder and with love,
            We at thy courts appear;
            Thy ways our hearts approve,
            And thy great name revere;
        We own the Lamb, our Leader wise,
        Nor would we dare his ways despise.

    2        [What Jesus does command,
            His children should obey;
            He’s King in Zion’s land,
            And does his sceptre sway;
        Let Zion, then, with one accord,
        Obey the precepts of her Lord.]

    3        Can anything be mean,
            That’s worthy of our God?
            The King himself was seen
            In Jordan’s swelling flood;
        And shall the subject scorn to tread
        The path the King himself has made?

    4        Come, fill our souls with love,
            With faith, and peace, and joy,
            Nor let the price of blood
            Against her God reply;
        Dear Father, draw, and we will run,
        In sweet obedience to thy Son.

    649    7s    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Luke 12. 50; Rom. 6. 4; Col. 2. 12
        1    Precious Jesus! here we are,
            Come to witness and declare
            We are thine, redeemed with blood,
            Called and proved the sons of God.

        2    Jesus, ere he gave his blood,
            Was immersed in Jordan’s flood,
            There, and in that way, to show
            What he had to undergo.

        3    In the watery grave we see,
            Looking through it, Lord, to thee,
            Jesus, overwhelmed in blood,
            Sunk in wrath’s tremendous flood.

        4    And shall we for whom he died,
            Rose, and lives to intercede,
            Be too proud to be despised,
            And with him to be baptized?

        5    No, dear Saviour, we will go
            In the watery grave, to show
            We are buried with our King,
            And we rise his praise to sing.

        6    Precious Spirit, make us see
            Love immense, beyond degree;
            Now, and when beneath the flood,
            Fill us with the love of God.

    650    7s    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Luke 12. 50; John 15. 14
        1    Jesus, we thy name adore;
            Thine the kingdom is and power;
            Thou shalt reign on Zion’s hill;
            We would gladly do thy will.

        2    Thou hast bought our souls with blood,
            And hast brought us home to God.
            We would gladly thee obey,
            In thy own appointed way.

        3    [We through grace are dead indeed,
            And from our old husband freed,
            But are married to the Lord,
            And would gladly do his word.]

        4    Thou didst sink in floods of wrath,
            Us to save from guilt and death;
            And with such a scene in view,
            We would thy commandments do.

        5    Thou hast claimed us as thy bride;
            Keep us near thy wounded side;
            Dead to every lord but thee,
            We would fain obedient be.

    651    8.7.4.    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Luke 12. 50; Rom. 6. 4; Col. 2. 12
    1    Jesus, our exalted Saviour,
            We adore thy matchless grace;
        Thou hast borne our misbehaviour,
            Suffered in our wretched place;
                    Wrath and terror
            Sank thy soul in deep disgrace.

    2    For us thou hast borne the horrors
            Of a sin-avenging God;
        Who can understand the sorrows
            Of thy soul in wrath’s deep flood?
                    ’Tis a mystery
            Only fully known to God.

    3    [Yet, through grace, we know in measure
            What thy love has for us borne,
        And we hope, through thy good pleasure,
            To behold thee on thy throne,
                    And for ever
            Sing the victories thou hast won.]

    4    As an emblem of thy passion,
            We with thee would be baptized;
        And to show thy great salvation,
            From the liquid grave we rise;
                    May we never,
            Never dare thy ways despise.

    652    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Luke 12. 50; Rom. 6. 4, 8; Col. 2. 12
    1        Jesus, our Lord and King,
            Thou art our hope and trust;
        Thy boundless love and grace we sing,
            And of thee we will boast.

    2        As sinners saved by grace,
            And made alive to God
        Thy righteous laws we would embrace,
            And tread the heavenly road.

    3        Thy wisdom did ordain
            This solemn rite, to show
        How thou wast plunged in wrath and pain,
            To save our souls from woe.

    4        We come thy name to own,
            And solemnly confess,
        Thou art our Life, our Joy, our Crown,
            Our Strength, and Righteousness.

    653    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    “One Lord, one faith, one baptism.” Eph. 4. 5
    1        Of one Lord will we sing,
            And spread his fame abroad,
        Jehovah Jesus is our King,
            And be his name adored.

    2        One living, vital faith,
            Each Christian will approve;
        A faith that triumphs over death,
            And sweetly works by love.

    3        One baptism we own;
            A sacred, solemn sign
        Of what the Saviour’s undergone,
            To wash away our sin.

    4        [His overwhelming pain,
            And burial we see;
        His rising from the grave again,
            To set his children free.]

    5        Here we by faith may view,
            That every Christian’s dead
        To Satan, sin, and Moses too,
            Through Christ, our living Head.

    6        In rising from the flood,
            Saints solemnly proclaim
        Their life is hid with Christ in God,
            And they shall with him reign.

    654    7s    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Matt. 3. 15; Luke 3. 21; Acts 10. 47
        1    We adore the Lord the Lamb,
            And rejoice in his dear name;
            He has shed his precious blood,
            To redeem our souls to God.

        2    Once we lay immersed in sin;
            Every part and power unclean;
            Enemies to all that’s good,
            We despised the Saviour’s blood.

        3    But the Lord, by grace divine,
            Brought us to abhor the crime;
            And, to make his wonders known,
            Gave us faith in Christ, his Son.

        4    Thus redeemed and saved by blood,
            We esteem the ways of God,
            And would gladly him obey,
            In his own appointed way.

        5    ’Tis from love to Christ, our Head,
            We his footsteps wish to tread;
            And when we his unction feel,
            We with pleasure do his will.

    655    L.M.    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Phil. 3. 10; Acts 8. 38
    1    Jesus, the Lord, enthroned on high,
        To thee we look, to thee we cry;
        We long to view thy lovely face,
        And sweetly sing thy matchless grace.

    2    Thou hast redeemed our souls from death,
        And blessed us with a living faith;
        And thou wilt safely lead us home,
        Where sins and sorrows never come.

    3    As children loved and taught of God,
        We now descend into the flood;
        Nor will we fear, nor blush with shame,
        To be baptizèd in thy name.

    4    Dear condescending God, appear,
        And bless us with a holy fear;
        Give solid joy and sacred love,
        And every idle thought remove.

    5    [Bless with true fellowship with thee,
        When weltering in Gethsemane;
        Thy resurrection’s power display,
        While we thy sacred rite obey.]

    6    Then shall we feel a solemn frame,
        And magnify thy sovereign name;
        And with a holy, reverend awe,
        Yield sweet obedience to thy law.

    656    8.7.4.    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Luke 12. 50; Acts 10. 47; Heb. 2. 9
    1    Precious Jesus! we adore thee;
            Thou hast conquered death and hell;
        We in wonder fall before thee;
            Thy salvation suits us well;
                    May we love thee,
            And obey thy righteous will.

    2    Here we raise our Ebenezer,
            Monuments of grace divine;
        Thou art all our joy and treasure,
            We are wholly, doubly thine;
                    Loved for ever,
            And redeemed with blood divine.

    3    [Give us faith to view thee sighing,
            Under our tremendous load;
        Agonising, groaning, dying,
            Overwhelmed in sweat and blood;
                    Floods of vengeance
            Covering our incarnate God.]

    4    By thy precious love constrainèd,
            We are come to own thy name;
        Thou for us all shame disdainèd;
            We for thee would do the same.
                    Saviour, bless us
            With a holy, solemn frame.

    5    Then, with a transporting pleasure,
            We with Christ will be baptized;
        Follow him, our glorious Leader,
            Let whoever will despise;
                    And for ever
            Sing his praise beyond the skies.

    657    7s    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Luke 12. 50; John 15. 14; Acts 10. 47
        1    Tuned with love divine, we sing,
            Glory to our God and King;
            Matchless in his grace and power;
            We behold, and we adore.

        2    Once in floods of wrath, the Lamb
            Sank, and called it baptism;
            Overwhelmed was he indeed,
            That his chosen might be freed.

        3    [But he conquered when he fell,
            And destroyed the powers of hell;
            He in holy triumph broke
            Sin and death’s tremendous yoke.]

        4    [One with Christ, our living Head,
            We were each considered dead;
            With him, too, we rose again,
            And with him must ever reign.]

        5    Now with pleasure we attend
            To his wise and just command,
            And by faith therein we view
            What the Lord for us went through.

    658    7s    W. Gadsby
    Baptism. Luke 12. 50; Acts 10. 47; Rom. 6. 4, 8;
        1    Mighty King, thy power display,
            Give us grace to watch and pray;
            Strengthened by thy Spirit’s might,
            May we in thy ways delight.

        2    For us Jesus was baptized
            In tremendous agonies;
            Mighty vengeance, like a flood,
            Overwhelmed the Lamb of God.

        3    Come, ye saints, with wonder view
            What the Lord has done for you;
            View the mighty waters roll,
            And break in upon his soul.

        4    View the swelling floods of wrath
            Sink your Saviour low as death;
            Grief him covered like a grave,
            When he died, your souls to save.

        5    Sons of God, lift up your eyes;
            See your slaughtered Saviour rise!
            He has conquered death and hell;
            With him you shall ever dwell.

    659    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    The Church’s Sins charged upon Christ. 2 Cor. 5. 21
    1        The Lord my Saviour is;
            For me he shed his blood;
        And shall I scorn his name to own?
            Forbid it, mighty God.

    2        With me upon his heart,
            He stooped to bleed and die;
        And when my guilt was to him charged,
            The charge did not deny.

    3        The debt, though great, he paid,
            That I might be set free;
        No charge against me can be brought,
            For Jesus died for me.

    4        [’Midst all his vast concerns,
            He could not me forget;
        Then let my heart, my soul, my tongue,
            His dying love repeat.]

    660    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    The Lord’s Supper. 1 Cor. 10. 16, 17; Acts 2. 42
    1    With wondering eyes, Lord, we admire
            The feast prepared by grace;
        Come, Lord, and set our souls on fire,
            And fill each heart with peace.

    2    These emblems of thy precious love,
            By faith may we receive!
        And with a solemn pleasure prove,
            We in thy name believe.

    3    [No goodness of our own we bring;
            We’re sinners vile and base;
        Christ is our all; of Christ we sing,
            And long to see his face.]

    4    O may we each, with heart and tongue
            Sing, “Worthy is the Lamb”;
        To him alone the praise belongs,
            And we’ll adore his name.

    661    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    The Lord’s Supper. 1 Cor. 5. 11; Luke 22. 19, 20; 1 Cor. 11. 23-28
    1    Once more, like children, we are come,
            To banquet with our God;
        May each one feel himself at home,
            And feast upon thy love.

    2    While we receive the bread and wine,
            As emblems of thy death,
        Lord, raise each soul above the sign,
            To feast on Christ by faith.

    3    [We would not come as strangers, Lord,
            Who only see the sign,
        But, as the objects of Christ’s love,
            Would feel we’re one in him.]

    4    Like free-born sons, we would be free
            From every legal chain;
        Praise him who brought our liberty,
            And ever with him reign.

    662    7s    W. Gadsby
    “This do in remembrance of me.” Luke 22. 19
        1    O the matchless love of God!
            He has bought our souls with blood!
            Jesus, our exalted Head,
            For us sighed, and groaned, and bled.

        2    He invites us to this feast;
            Bids our souls his glories taste,
            And with pleasure keep in view,
            What he once for us went through.

        3    Hear him speak, ye savèd few,
            For this word is sent to you,
            You, the objects of his choice,
            Listen to his saving voice:

        4    “This my body is, and blood;
            Take, receive it as your food!
            But, as oft as this you do,
            Keep your slaughtered Lord in view.

        5    [“View him in your wretched place,
            Overwhelmed in deep disgrace;
            Plunged in horror’s dreadful flood,
            The vindictive wrath of God.]

        6    “View him, and with wonder tell,
            He has vanquished death and hell;
            Cancelled all your sins with blood,
            And will bring you home to God.”

    663    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    Sympathy with Christ. Luke 23. 46; Ps. 42. 7
    1        Beloved, we are come
            With Christ to sympathise;
        For us he has the victory won,
            And we shall share the prize.

    2        But O remember him;
            View justice, armed with wrath;
        The vengeance due to Zion’s sin,
            Stung Zion’s Lord to death.

    3        In miseries great he sighed;
            He groaned; he cried; he bled;
        He sank in wrath’s tremendous tide,
            And dying, bowed his head.

    4        Christians, repeat his love;
            With solemn pleasure sing
        The bloody conflicts of your God;
            The victories of your King.

    664    C.M.    W. Gadsby
    “There the weary be at rest.” Job 3. 17
    1    What solemn tidings reach our ears!
            How awful and how grand!
        A brother [or sister] landed safe from fears,
            On Canaan’s happy land.

    2    No clouds shall now obstruct his sun,
            But all be life and peace;
        With him ’tis ever, ever noon,
            Nor can his joy decrease.

    3    He’s gone in endless bliss to dwell,
            And I am left below,
        To struggle with the powers of hell,
            Till Jesus bids me go.

    4    Though he’s more happy, I’m secure;
            God’s promise cannot fail;
        O may I patiently endure
            My heavenly Father’s will.

    5    The counsel of the Lord shall stand,
            And all his will be done;
        I’ll therefore wait in Meshech’s land,
            Until he fetch me home.

    665    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    On the Death of Believers. Prov. 10. 7
    1        Grace taught our friends to know
            What rebels they had been;
        ’Twas grace redeemed them from their woe,
            And made their conscience clean.

    2        Grace taught them to commune
            With Christ the Lamb once slain;
        To hate the sins that made him mourn,
            And put his soul to pain.

    3        Grace taught their souls to sing
            Salvation through his blood;
        Through grace they loved him as their King,
            Their Saviour, and their God.

    4        Grace must and will relieve
            From such a waste as this,
        All souls that in the Lord believe,
            And take them to his bliss.

    666    148th    W. Gadsby
    Last Judgement. Matt. 25. 31-46; 2 Tim. 4. 1
    1        With great and awful power,
            Jesus, the Judge, shall come,
            To bid his foes depart,
            And take his children home;
        How will the wicked quake and fear,
        When they before him must appear.

    2        He comes, the world to judge,
            Nor will he take a bribe;
            His wrath none can escape,
            But his beloved bride;
        Millions will unto mountains call,
        To hide them and upon them fall.

    3        Poor soul, what is thy hope?
            On what dost thou depend?
            Art thou a stranger still
            To Christ, the sinner’s Friend?
        Soon thou must leave thy all below,
        And then, O then, what wilt thou do?

    4        Christians, lift up your heads;
            Say, what has Jesus done?
            His matchless grace to you
            The Saviour has made known;
        Yes, you shall all his glory see,
        And from the second death be free.

    667    10s    W. Gadsby
    Safety in Christ. Phil. 4. 19; Heb. 13. 6
1    Immortal honours rest on Jesus’ head;
My God, my Portion, and my Living Bread;
In him I live, upon him cast my care;
He saves from death, destruction, and despair.

2    He is my Refuge in each deep distress;
The Lord my strength and glorious righteousness;
Through floods and flames he leads me safely on,
And daily makes his sovereign goodness known.

3    My every need he richly will supply;
Nor will his mercy ever let me die;
In him there dwells a treasure all divine,
And matchless grace has made that treasure mine.

4    O that my soul could love and praise him more,
His beauties trace, his majesty adore;
Live near his heart, upon his bosom lean;
Obey his voice, and all his will esteem.

    668    10s    W. Gadsby
    Panting for Pardon. Ezra 9. 5, 6; Job 13. 6
1    Jehovah God! eternal Lord most high!
Permit a worm to bow before thy throne;
A worm deserving endless misery,
But pleads the blood that did for sin atone.

2    [I feel myself a rebel, base and vile;
>From head to feet, a mass of sin and guilt;
Nor have I skill the malady to heal,
But plead the blood that once for sin was spilt.]

3    A base, ungrateful monster I have been,
And now with shame my guilt and folly own;
I cannot, dare not, on my own works lean,
But plead the blood that did for sin atone.

4    Nor dare I promise future good to bring;
I know my heart deceitful is indeed;
Compelled I am on Christ alone to hang,
And plead that blood by which the church is freed.

5    If thou, dear Lord, so base a wretch wilt save,
Then all the glory shall redound to thee;
While here, and when I reach beyond the grave,
My soul shall sing salvation full and free.

    669    10s    W. Gadsby
    Welcome to Jesus. Isa. 44. 22; Dan. 9. 9
1    Poor sinners, sunk in sin’s tremendous cell,
Tormented with the fiery darts of hell,
On Jesus call, though wretched be your case;
He came the lost to seek and save by grace.

2    What though your sins like mountains on you fall,
And God’s just law with terror fills your soul,
Jehovah Jesus is the sinner’s Friend,
And he has answered all the law’s demand.

3    ’Tis true, in self you have no ground for joy,
Nor can you hope the law to satisfy;
But Jesus’ blood has full atonement made,
And faith therein will make the conscience glad.

4    Here sinners, black as hell, obtain relief;
A filthy Mary, and a dying thief;
And guilty I, though vile as they could be,
Have proved his mercy sovereign, rich, and free.

    670    8s    W. Gadsby
    “Without me ye can do nothing.” John 15. 5
    1    United to Jesus, the Vine,
        We’ve life, strength, and righteousness too,
        But this he will teach us in time,
        Without him we nothing can do.
        Our hope of performing what’s right,
        And strictly obeying our God,
        If not wholly built on his might,
        Will leave us exposed to his rod.

    2    Unless he uphold by his grace,
        We sink under Satan and sin,
        And plunge into shame and disgrace,
        Nor can we deliverance obtain;
        We neither can hope nor believe,
        Nor pray in a time of distress,
        But as we from Jesus receive
        The fruits of his own righteousness.

    671    148th    John Berridge
    Approaching a Holy God. Ezra 9. 6; Ps. 51. 2-10
    1        How shall I come to thee,
            O God, who holy art,
            And cannot evil see,
            But with a loathing heart?
        I am defiled throughout by sin,
        And by my very birth unclean.

    2        Soon as my heart could beat,
            It drank in various woe;
            Pride, lust, and self-deceit;
            Through all its channels flow;
        A captive born, a child of earth,
        It knows and craves no higher birth.

    3        From this polluted spring
            All filthy waters rise;
            From this diseasèd thing
            I date my maladies;
        My heart, a most degenerate root,
        Produces only cankered fruit.

    4        And what can wash me clean
            But Jesus’ precious blood?
            This only purgeth sin,
            And bringeth nigh to God;
        Lord, wash my sores, and heal them too,
        And all my leprosy subdue.

    5        Thy heavenly image draw
            Upon my panting heart,
            And well engrave thy law
            Upon the inward part;
        My soul in mercy upward raise,
        And teach me how to love and praise.

    672    148th    John Berridge
    Spiritual Longing. Ps. 119. 174; 55. 6
    1        Jesus, I long for thee,
            And sigh for Canaan’s shore,
            Thy lovely face to see,
            And all my warfare o’er;
        Here billows break upon my breast
        And brooding sorrows steal my rest.

    2        [I mourn to see thy blood
            So foully trampled on;
            And sinners, daring God,
            To swift destruction run;
        With heedless heart and simpering face,
        They dance the hell-ward road apace.]

    3        I pant, I groan, I grieve
            For my untoward heart;
            How full of doubts I live,
            Though full of grace thou art!
        What poor returns I make to thee
        For all the mercy shown to me!

    4        And must I ever smart,
            A child of sorrows here?
            Yet, Lord, be near my heart,
            To soothe each rising tear;
        Then at thy bleeding cross I’ll stay,
        And sweetly weep my life away.

    673    148th    John Berridge
    No Rest but Christ. Isa. 11. 10; Matt. 11. 28, 29
    1        When Jesus’ gracious hand
            Has touched our eyes and ears,
            O what a dreary land
            The wilderness appears!
        No healing balm springs from its dust;
        No cooling stream to quench the thirst.

    2        Yet long I vainly sought
            A resting-place below;
            And that sweet land forgot
            Where living waters flow;
        I hunger now for heavenly food,
        And my poor heart cries out for God.

    3        [Lord, enter in my breast,
            And with me sup and stay;
            Nor prove a hasty guest,
            Who tarries but a day;
        Upon my bosom fix thy throne,
        And pull each fancy idol down.]

    4        My sorrow thou canst see,
            For thou dost read my heart;
            It pineth after thee,
            And yet from thee will start;
        Reclaim thy roving child at last,
        And fix my heart and bind it fast.

    5        I would be near thy feet,
            Or at thy bleeding side;
            Feel how thy heart does beat,
            And see its purple tide;
        Trace all the wonders of thy death,
        And sing thy love in every breath.

    674    148th    John Berridge
    “Power belongeth unto God.” Ps. 62. 11; Phil. 2. 13
    1        How sinners vaunt of power
            A ruined soul to save,
            And count the fulsome store
            Of worth they seem to have,
        And by such visionary props
        Build up and bolster sandy hopes!

    2        But God must work the will,
            And power to run the race;
            And both through mercy still,
            A work of freest grace;
        His own good pleasure, not our worth,
        Brings all the will and power forth.

    3        Disciples who are taught
            Their helplessness to feel,
            Have no presumptuous thought,
            But work with care and skill;
        Work with the means, and for this end,
        That God the will and power may send.

    4        [They feel a daily need
            Of Jesus’ gracious store,
            And on his bounty feed,
            And yet are always poor;
        No manna can they make or keep;
        The Lord finds pasture for his sheep.]

    5        Renew, O Lord, my strength
            And vigour every day,
            Or I shall tire at length,
            And faint upon the way;
        No stock will keep upon my ground;
        My all is in thy storehouse found.

    675    C.M.    D. Herbert
    Freedom of Access to a Throne of Grace. Heb. 4. 16
    1    Come boldly to a throne of grace,
            Ye wretched sinners, come;
        And lay your load at Jesus’ feet,
            And plead what he has done.

    2    “How can I come?” some soul may say,
            “I’m lame, and cannot walk;
        My guilt and sin have stopped my mouth;
            I sigh, but dare not talk.”

    3    Come boldly to the throne of grace,
            Though lost, and blind, and lame;
        Jehovah is the sinner’s Friend,
            And ever was the same.

    4    He makes the dead to hear his voice;
            He makes the blind to see;
        The sinner lost he came to save,
            And set the prisoner free.

    5    Come boldly to the throne of grace,
            For Jesus fills the throne;
        And those he kills he makes alive;
            He hears the sigh or groan.

    6    Poor bankrupt souls, who feel and know
            The hell of sin within,
        Come boldly to the throne of grace;
            The Lord will take you in.

    676    C.M.    D. Herbert
    The Doubting Soul’s Soliloquy. Job 12. 14; Ps. 55. 6
    1    O could I lift this heart of mine
            Above these creature things,
        I’d fly, and leave this world below,
            As though on eagle’s wings.

    2    [But ah!  I feel no love at all,
            Can neither praise nor pray;
        O would the Lord but shine again,
            And turn this night to day!]

    3    But whither can I go to lodge
            My sorrow and complaint?
        Unless the Lord is pleased to shine,
            I mope, I grieve, I faint.

    4    I find my striving all in vain,
            Unless my Lord is near;
        My heart is hard; I’m such a wretch –
            Can neither love nor fear.

    5    I ask my soul this question then,
            For here I would begin:
        O do I feel a want of Christ
            To save me from my sin?

    6    The souls redeemed by precious blood
            Are taught this lesson well;
        ’Tis not of him that wills or runs,
            But Christ who saves from hell.

    677    C.M.    D. Herbert
    Prayer Meeting. Ps. 17. 1; 32. 5, 6
    1    Behold, dear Lord, we come again,
            To supplicate thy grace;
        We feel our leanness and our wants;
            We want to see thy face.

    2    Thou know’st, dear Lord, for what we’re come;
            Each heart is known to thee.
        Lord, give our burdened spirits rest,
            And bid us all go free.

    3    We’ve nothing of our own to plead,
            We come just as we are;
        And who can tell but God may bless,
            And drive away our fear?

    4    While one is pleading with our God,
            May each one wrestle too;
        And may we feel the blessing come,
            And cheer us ere we go.

    5    Then shall we sing of sovereign grace
            And feel its power within;
        And glory in our Surety, Christ,
            Who bore our curse and sin.

    6    For this we come, for this we plead,
            In spite of every foe;
        Until thou give this blessing, Lord,
            We would not let thee go.

    678    C.M.    D. Herbert
    The Warfare. Acts 4. 12; Rom. 7. 21
    1    There’s not a man that’s born of God,
            But readily will say,
        “If ever my poor soul be saved,
            ’Tis Christ must be the way.”

    2    There’s not a man that’s born of God,
            But feels the plague of sin;
        And though his outside be kept clean,
            He feels the filth within.

    3    The old man struggles hard to gain
            The conquest over grace;
        And oft he seems to gain the field,
            When Jesus hides his face.

    4    God knows we can do nothing well,
            He knows we are but dust;
        He came to seek poor sinners out,
            And you and me the worst.

    679    C.M.    D. Herbert
    Prayer. Matt. 18. 20; Exod. 20. 24
    1    Come, thou Almighty Comforter,
            And bring upon thy wing
        Sweet consolation to each soul,
            That we may praise and sing.

    2    We want to feel, we want to see,
            We want to know thee more;
        We want sweet foretastes of thy love,
            As we have had before.

    3    And shall we come in vain to God?
            Dear Lord, that cannot be;
        Thy promise stands engaged to come,
            And bless e’en two or three.

    4    Come, Lord, and grant each soul to feel
            Its interest in thy grace;
        And give us faith, and hope, and love,
            And strength to run the race.

    5    [If thou should’st leave us, we must fall;
            Without thee, cannot rise;
        For when our Jesus hides his face,
            Our hope, our comfort, dies.]

    6    Lord, give more faith, more solid faith,
            More confidence in thee;
        Break off our legal chains, O God,
            And let our souls go free.

    680    C.M.    D. Herbert
    Eternal Settlements. Eph. 1. 3-12; 2 Tim. 1. 9; Tit. 1. 2
    1    Before all worlds, the glorious plan,
            The blest eternal deed,
        Was settled by the eternal Three,
            That Christ for man should bleed.

    2    Astonished angels stand amazed,
            That Christ should die for man;
        This proves the eternal love of God,
            Who gloried in his plan.

    3    But what can poor lost sinners say,
            When once they get a view;
        And hear the blessed Spirit say,
            “All this was done for you”?

    4    “Why me, why me, O blessed God,
            Why such a wretch as me?
        Who must for ever lie in hell,
            Were not salvation free.”

    5    All those that God had foreordained,
            These shall and must believe;
        Not all the craft of earth or hell
            Shall one of these deceive.

    681    L.M.    J. Hart
    “Son … thy sins be forgiven thee.” Matt. 9. 2
    1    Blessèd are they whose guilt is gone,
        Whose sins are washed away with blood,
        Whose hope is fixed on Christ alone,
        Whom Christ has reconciled to God.

    2    Though, travelling through this vale of tears,
        He many a sore temptation meet,
        The Holy Ghost this witness bears,
        He stands in Jesus still complete.

    3    This pearl of price no works can claim;
        He that finds this is rich indeed;
        This pure white stone contains a name,
        Which none but who receives can read.

    4    This precious gift, this bond of love,
        The Lord oft gives his people here;
        But what we all shall be above
        Does not, my brethren, yet appear.

    5    Yet this we safely may believe,
        ’Tis what no words will e’er express;
        What saints themselves cannot conceive,
        And brightest angels can but guess.

    682    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    “Thy will be done.” Matt. 6. 10; Luke 11. 2
    1        While Jesus whispers peace,
            And unctuously displays
        The matchless beauties of his grace,
            Our hearts approve his ways.

    2        But when the Lord withdraws
            The unction of his love,
        His will we wickedly oppose,
            His judgments disapprove.

    3        So fickle, false, and blind,
            Are these unstable hearts,
        We only are to God resigned,
            As he the grace imparts.

    4        Father, thy will be done,
            In words we oft express;
        When in our hearts we want our own,
            And wish our sufferings less.

    5        Dear God, our guilt forgive,
            Thy pardoning love display;
        And may we to thy glory live,
            Thy righteous will obey.

    6        [Thy presence let us view,
            And give our conscience rest;
        The visits of thy love renew,
            Then do what thou think’st best.]

    683    S.M.    W. Gadsby
    “Thy kingdom come.” Matt. 6. 10; Dan. 2. 44
    1        Great God! thy kingdom come,
            With reverence would we pray,
        May the eternal Three-in-One
            His sovereign sceptre sway.

    2        May grace triumphant reign,
            And Christ exalted be;
        Sinners, deserving endless pain,
            Thy great salvation see.

    3        May mercy, truth, and peace,
            Fill each believer’s soul,
        And the sweet kingdom of thy grace,
            Their raging lusts control.

    4        [May love and harmony
            Among thy saints abide,
        Thy presence set each bosom free
            From enmity and pride.]

    5        Go on, thou mighty God,
            Thy wonders to make known,
        Till every sinner bought with blood,
            Shall trust in thee alone.

    6        Thus let thy kingdom come,
            And free salvation reign,
        Till all thy saints arrive at home,
            And never part again.

    684    C.M.    John Berridge
    Living Waters. Jer. 2. 13; John 4. 10
    1    Of cistern waters art thou sick,
            And loath’st the mire they bring?
        Then hither stretch thy thirsty neck,
            And taste a living spring.

    2    A spring that issues from a rock,
            Where purest waters flow;
        And rocky hearts, by Moses struck,
            May to these waters go.

    3    No spring will quench a thirst like this;
            It makes a conscience whole,
        Inspires the heart with heavenly bliss,
            And purifies the soul.

    4    Whoe’er can truly say, “I thirst,”
            May come and take his fill;
        ’Tis free for sinners, vile and lost;
            ’Tis God who works the will.

    5    [Its owner is a heavenly King;
            And by his winning ways,
        He draws the thirsty to his spring,
            Who drink and sing his praise.]

    6    Lord, draw me by thy secret touch,
            Or backward I shall start;
        For sure I want entreating much,
            So fearful is my heart.

    685    C.M.    J. Hart
    “And the Lord shut him in.” Gen. 7. 16
    1    When Noah, with his favoured few,
            Was ordered to embark,
        Eight human souls, a little crew,
            Entered on board his ark.

    2    Though every part he might secure
            With bar, or bolt, or pin,
        To make the preservation sure,
            Jehovah shut him in.

    3    The waters then might swell their tides,
            The billows rage and roar,
        They could not stave the assaulted sides,
            Nor burst the battered door.

    4    So souls that into Christ believe,
            Quickened by vital faith,
        Eternal life at once receive,
            And never shall see death.

    5    In his own heart the Christian puts
            No trust; but builds his hopes
        On him that opes, and no man shuts;
            And shuts, and no man opes.

    6    In Christ, his Ark, he safely rides,
            Not wrecked by death or sin.
        How is it he so safe abides?
            The Lord has shut him in.

    686    7s    John Berridge
    Praying for Humility. Luke 22. 61, 62; Matt. 5. 3
        1    Jesus, cast a look on me;
            Give me sweet simplicity;
            Make me poor, and keep me low,
            Seeking only thee to know.

        2    [Weanèd from my lordly self,
            Weanèd from the miser’s pelf,
            Weanèd from the scorner’s ways,
            Weanèd from the lust of praise.]

        3    All that feeds my busy pride,
            Cast it evermore aside;
            Bid my will to thine submit;
            Lay me humbly at thy feet.

        4    Make me like a little child,
            Of my strength and wisdom spoiled,
            Seeing only in thy light,
            Walking only in thy might.

        5    Leaning on thy loving breast,
            Where a weary soul may rest;
            Feeling well the peace of God
            Flowing from thy precious blood.

        6    In this posture let me live,
            And hosannas daily give;
            In this temper let me die,
            And hosannas ever cry.

    687    104th    John Berridge
    “Wait on the Lord.” Ps. 27. 14; Isa. 8. 17
Ye broken hearts all, who cry out, “Unclean,”
And taste of the gall of in-dwelling sin;
Lamenting it truly, and loathing it too,
And seeking help duly, as sinners must do;
The Lord whom ye seek is nigh to your call,
Attends when you speak, nor lets a word fall;
Your sorrow and sighing are felt in his breast;
He pities your crying, and will give you rest.
[If often he hides his face from his friends,
And silent abides for merciful ends,
At length he uncovers himself from his cloud,
And sweetly discovers his face and his blood.]
All penitent cries his Spirit imparts,
And fetches out sighs from sin-feeling hearts;
He puts you in mourning, the dress that you want,
A meek suit adorning both sinner and saint.
A time he has set to heal up your woes,
A season most fit his love to disclose;
And till he is ready to show his good-will,
Be patient and steady, and wait on him still.

    688    L.M.    C. Wesley
    “Behold the man!” John 19. 5; Lam. 1. 12
    1    Ye that pass by, behold the Man!
        The Man of griefs condemned for you;
        The Lamb of God for sinners slain,
        Weeping to Calvary pursue.

    2    See there his temples crowned with thorns;
        His bleeding hands extended wide;
        His streaming feet transfixed and torn;
        The fountain gushing from his side.

    3    O thou dear suffering Son of God,
        How does thy heart to sinners move!
        Sprinkle on me thy precious blood;
        Help me to taste thy dying love.

    4    The rocks could feel thy powerful death,
        And tremble, and asunder part;
        O rend with thy expiring breath,
        The harder marble of my heart.

    689    8.7.    J. Swain
    He “bare our sins … on the tree.” 1 Pet. 2. 24
    1    On the wings of faith uprising,
            Jesus crucified I see;
        While his love, my soul surprising,
            Cries, I suffered all for thee.

    2    Then beneath the cross adoring,
            Sin does like itself appear;
        When, the wounds of Christ exploring,
            I can read my pardon there.

    3    Here I’d feast my soul for ever;
            While this balm of life I prove,
        Every wound appears a river
            Flowing with eternal love.

    4    Who can think without admiring?
            Who can hear and nothing feel?
        See the Lord of life expiring,
            Yet retain a heart of steel?

    5    [Angels here may gaze and wonder,
            What the God of love could mean,
        When he tore the heart asunder,
            Never once defiled with sin.]

    690    8.8.6.    John Berridge
    “A remnant shall be saved.” Rom. 9. 27; 11. 4, 5
    1    On wings of love the Saviour flies,
        And freely left his native skies,
            To take a human birth;
        The wise and righteous men go near,
        His wonders see, his sermons hear,
            And think him nothing worth.

    2    A remnant small of humble souls
        His grace mysteriously controls
            By sweet alluring call;
        They hear it, and his person view,
        They learn to love and follow too,
            And take him for their all.

    3    One of this remnant I would be,
        A soul devoted unto thee,
            Allurèd by thy voice;
        No more on gaudy idols gaze,
        No longer tinsel grandeur praise,
            But fix on thee my choice.

    4    Thou knowest well my secret smart,
        And readest all my aching heart,
            And hearest every sigh;
        Can any creature give me rest,
        Or any blessing make me blest,
            Unless my Lord is nigh?

    5    While walking on the gospel-way,
        I would see Jesus every day,
            And see in all his grace;
        See him my Prophet, Priest, and King;
        See him by faith, and praises sing;
            Then see him face to face.

    691    C.M.    John Newton
    The Thaw. Job 12. 14; John 15. 5
    1    All outward means, till God appears,
            Will ineffectual prove;
        Though much the sinner sees and hears,
            He cannot learn to love.

    2    But let the stoutest sinner feel
            The softening warmth of grace,
        Though hard as ice, or rocks, or steel,
            His heart dissolves apace.

    3    Feeling the blood which Jesus spilt,
            To save his soul from woe,
        His hatred, unbelief, and guilt,
            All melt away like snow.

    4    Jesus, we in thy name entreat;
            Reveal thy gracious arm;
        And grant thy Spirit’s kindly heat,
            Our frozen hearts to warm.

    692    L.M.    John Newton
    “Ask what I shall give thee.” 1 Kings 3. 5
    1    If Solomon for wisdom prayed,
        The Lord before had made him wise;
        Else he another choice had made,
        And asked for what the worldings prize.

    2    Thus he invites his people still,
        But first instructs them how to choose,
        Then bids them ask whate’er they will,
        Assured that he will not refuse.

    3    And dost thou say, “Ask what thou wilt”?
        Lord, I would seize the golden hour;
        I pray to be released from guilt,
        And freed from sin and Satan’s power.

    4    More of thy presence, Lord, impart,
        More of thy image let me bear;
        Erect thy throne within my heart,
        And reign without a rival there.

    5    Give me to read my pardon sealed,
        And from thy joy to draw my strength;
        To have thy matchless love revealed
        In all its height, and breadth, and length.

    6    Grant these requests, I ask no more,
        But to thy care the rest resign;
        Sick or in health, or rich or poor,
        All will be well if thou art mine.

    693    10s    W. Gadsby
    Desiring Love’s Sanctifying Effects. 1 John 5. 3
1    Lord, let me feel the unction of thy love,
To cheer my heart, and set my mind above;
Give me a precious glimpse of thy sweet face,
And make me gladly all thy will embrace.

2    Draw me from all forbidden toil and care,
>From lust, and pride, and every hurtful snare;
Make Satan and his hellish powers to flee,
And let me have true intercourse with thee.

3    Subdue that monstrous host that dwells within,
That cursèd train of unbelief and sin;
Let faith be active in the Lamb once slain,
And all my soul adore, and love his name.

    694    8.7.    W. Gadsby
    The Church Praying for Themselves and their Minister
    1    Lord, direct thy own-sent servant;
            Teach him how and what to speak;
        Make him humble, wise and fervent,
            Skilled the bread of life to break;
        Let each child enjoy a portion,
            Feel their souls alive to God;
        Freed from pride and empty notion,
            Eat thy flesh and drink thy blood.

    2    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
            Dwell thou sensibly in us;
        And may we thy love inherit,
            Freed from guilt, law, and the curse.
        Sweetly view and feel thy glory,
            Open all our hearts to thee;
        Sing and tell the pleasing story,
            Matchless grace has set us free.

    695    7s    W. Gadsby
    Prayer to the Comforter. John 16. 14; Gal. 5. 5
        1    Blessed Comforter, appear
            To thy waiting children here;
            Bless us with a solemn frame;
            Magnify the Saviour’s name.

        2    Raise our souls from earth and sin;
            Let us feel thy power within,
            Make the blessings of free grace
            Unctuously suit every case.

        3    Make us humble and sincere;
            Free us from each carking care;
            Jesus’ love and blood impart,
            Drive each rival from the heart.

        4    Shower down blessings from above;
            Fill our souls with heavenly love;
            May we mutually agree,
            With the Father, Son, and Thee.

    696    148th    W. Gadsby
    Public Meeting Place. 1 Kings 8. 28, 29, 43
    1        Within these walls, dear Lord,
            Display thy matchless grace;
            Thy constant aid afford,
            And show thy smiling face;
        And may thy blessed family
        Enjoy salvation full and free.

    2        Here may the eternal Three
            His glorious power make known,
            Set captive sinners free,
            Bring wandering sinners home;
        Display the wonders of his love,
        And fix his children’s hearts above.

    3        May watchmen, taught of God,
            Jehovah’s love declare;
            Proclaim a Saviour’s blood,
            To vanquish guilty fear;
        And may the heavenly Paraclete,
        Their message seal in Zion’s heart.

    697    8.7.    W. Gadsby
    Prayer for Nearness to the Lord. Ezek. 36. 25
    1    O thou lovely, loving Saviour,
            Bless us with a solemn frame,
        Teach us now, henceforth, and ever,
            To adore thy matchless name.
        Give us, blessed Jesus, give us,
            A sweet glimpse of thy sweet face;
        From all carking care relieve us;
            Fill us with thy boundless grace.

    2    [Let the unction of redemption
            Supple every conscience well;
        Give us now a sweet exemption
            From the rage of sin and hell.
        Tell us, Lord, and make us feel it,
            We are thine, for ever thine.
        Take each wounded heart and heal it,
            Let thy glory in us shine.]

    3    Plunge us in that crimson ocean,
            Thy atonement made for sin;
        Freed from trusting empty notion,
            May we feel thy power within.
        With thy presence, Lord, refresh us,
            Aid and keep us by thy power;
        May we ever be ambitious
            Thee to love, crown, and adore.

    698    8.7.4.    W. Gadsby
    “The Lord is at hand.” Phil. 4. 5; Amos 4. 12
    1    Pause, my soul! and ask the question,
            Art thou ready to meet God?
        Am I made a real Christian,
            Washed in the Redeemer’s blood?
                    Have I union
            To the church’s living Head?

    2    Am I quickened by his Spirit;
            Live a life of faith and prayer?
        Trusting wholly to his merit;
            Casting on him all my care?
                    Daily panting,
            In his likeness to appear?

    3    If my hope on Christ is stayèd,
            Let him come when he thinks best;
        O my soul! be not dismayèd,
            Lean upon his loving breast;
                    He will cheer thee
            With the smilings of his face.

    4    But, if still a total stranger
            To his precious name and blood,
        Thou art on the brink of danger;
            Canst thou face a holy God?
                    Think and tremble,
            Death is now upon the road.

    699    10s    W. Gadsby
    New Year. Ps. 65. 11; 103. 4
1    Lord, we adore thee, and would fain express
Thy matchless goodness and our worthlessness;
Ashamed of self, we prostrate at thy door,
Confess our sin, and thy free grace implore.

2    Another year of our short life is gone,
And many are the wonders we have known;
Our path’s been strewed with blessings rich and rare,
Proceeding from thy special love and care.

3    Sometimes in solemn silence we have sat,
Then peevishly cried out, How hard’s our lot!
Each trial we have viewed with fretful eye,
And every mercy passed in silence by.

4    We’ve swelled our woes to an immense degree,
And often said, None are so tried as we;
God’s righteous ways our carnal hearts despise,
And often say they’re neither just nor wise.

5    Yet sovereign favours we have oft enjoyed;
To us the Holy Ghost has them applied;
Through God’s free goodness, mercies, rich and rare,
Have cheered our souls and vanquished every fear.

6    Christ, and him crucified, has been our song;
His unctuous love has tuned our hearts and tongue;
We’ve been abashed, our vileness have confessed,
And felt that God in blessing has us blessed.

    700    148th    W. Gadsby
    New Year. Ps. 65. 11; Hab. 3. 2
    1        Great God, to thee we come,
            And solemnly confess,
            Our hearts are prone to roam
            From paths of righteousness;
        We view the year already past,
        And see great cause to be abashed.

    2        Thy sovereign love and care
            Thus far have brought us on,
            ’Midst sins, and woes, and fear,
            Thy goodness is made known.
        That grace must needs be rich and free,
        Which saves such worthless worms as we.

    3        We now begin the year,
            Dependent on thy grace;
            May we possess thy fear,
            And often see thy face;
        Lord, make us daily live by faith,
        Triumphant over sin and death.

    4        [Revive thy work within,
            And make us watch and pray;
            Subdue each hateful sin,
            And guide us in thy way;
        In Jesus may we live and rest,
        And sweetly lean upon his breast.]