Gadsby's Hymnal

#1101     8.7.    W. Williams
    “There remaineth a rest to the people of God.” Heb. 4. 9
    1    Jesus, lead me by thy power
            Safe into the promised rest;
        Hide my soul within thy arms;
            Make me lean upon thy breast.

    2    Be my guide in every peril,
            Watch me hourly, night and day;
        Else my foolish heart will wander
            From thy Spirit far away.

    3    In thy presence I am happy;
            In thy presence I’m secure;
        In thy presence all afflictions
            I can easily endure.

    4    In thy presence I can conquer,
            I can suffer, I can die;
        Far from thee, I faint and languish;
            O thou Saviour, keep me nigh.

    1102     8.7.4.    T. Kelly
    “It is I; be not afraid.” John 6. 20; Mark 6. 50
    1    Why those fears? behold, ’tis Jesus
            Holds the helm, and guides the ship;
        Spread the sails, and catch the breezes,
            Sent to waft us through the deep,
                    To the regions
            Where the mourners cease to weep.

    2    Though the shore we hope to land on,
            Only by report is known,
        Yet we freely all abandon,
            Led by that report alone;
                    And with Jesus
            Through the trackless deep move on.

    3    Led by him we brave the ocean;
            Each tumultuous storm defy;
        Calm amidst tempestuous motion,
            Knowing that the Lord is nigh;
                    Waves obey him,
            And the storms before him fly.

    4    Rendered safe by his protection,
            We shall pass the watery waste;
        Trusting to his wise direction,
            We shall gain the port at last;
                    And with wonder
            Think on toils and dangers past.

    1103     8.8.6.    Augustus Toplady
    “A propitiation through faith in his blood.” Rom. 3. 25
    1    O thou that hear’st the prayer of faith,
        Wilt thou not save a soul from death,
            That casts itself on thee?
        I have no refuge of my own,
        But fly to what the Lord has done,
            And suffered once for me.

    2    Slain in the guilty sinner’s stead,
        His spotless righteousness I plead,
            And his availing blood;
        His righteousness my robe shall be,
        His merit shall atone for me,
            And bring me near to God.

    3    Then snatch me from eternal death;
        The Spirit of adoption breathe,
            And consolation send;
        By him some word of life impart,
        And sweetly whisper to my heart,
            “Thy Maker is thy Friend.”

    1104     11s    S. Turner or Bennett
    “Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Ps. 61. 2
Convinced as a sinner, to Jesus I come,
Informed by the gospel for such there is room;
O’erwhelmèd with sorrow for sin, will I cry;
“Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”
O blessèd be Jesus, for answering prayer,
And raising my soul from the pit of despair;
In every new trial, to him will I cry,
“Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”
When sorely afflicted, and ready to faint,
Before my Redeemer I’ll spread my complaint;
’Midst storms and distresses, my soul shall rely
On Jesus, the Rock that is higher than I.

    1105     L.M.    Samuel Medley
    “But one thing is needful.” Luke 10. 42; Ps. 73. 25
    1    Jesus, engrave it on my heart,
        That thou the one thing needful art;
        I could from all things parted be,
        But never, never, Lord, from thee.

    2    Needful art thou to make me live;
        Needful art thou all grace to give;
        Needful to guide me, lest I stray;
        Needful to help me every day.

    3    Needful is thy most precious blood;
        Needful is thy correcting rod;
        Needful is thy indulgent care;
        Needful thy all-prevailing prayer.

    4    Needful thy presence, dearest Lord,
        True peace and comfort to afford;
        Needful thy promise to impart
        Fresh life and vigour to my heart.

    5    Needful art thou, my soul can say,
        Through all life’s dark and thorny way;
        In death thou wilt most needful be,
        When I yield up my soul to thee.

    6    Needful art thou, to raise my dust
        In shining glory with the just;
        Needful when I in heaven appear,
        To crown and to present me there.

    1106     L.M.    E. Mote
    “It fell not; for it was founded upon a rock.” Matt. 7. 25
    1    My hope is built on nothing less
        Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
        I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
        But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

    2    When darkness veils his lovely face,
        I rest on his unchanging grace;
        In every rough and stormy gale,
        My anchor holds within the veil.

    3    His oath, his covenant, and his blood,
        Support me in the whelming flood,
        When all around my soul gives way,
        He then is all my hope and stay.

    4    I trust his righteous character,
        His counsel, promise, and his power.
        His honour and his name’s at stake,
        To save me from the burning lake.

    5    When I shall launch in worlds unseen,
        O may I then be found in him,
        Dressed in his righteousness alone,
        Faultless to stand before the throne.

    1107     L.M.    J. Swain
    “The Spirit … maketh intercession for us.” Rom. 8. 26
    1    When some sweet promise warms our heart,
        And cheers us under every care,
        It is the Spirit’s gracious part
        To take that word and fix it there.

    2    ’Twas he that turned our hearts away
        From love of sin and hateful strife;
        His all-creating beams display
        The dawn of everlasting life.

    3    ’Tis he that brings us comfort down,
        When we complain and mourn for sin;
        And, while he shows our heavenly crown,
        Assures us sin no more shall reign.

    4    Our great High Priest, before the throne,
        Presents the merits of his blood;
        For our acceptance pleads his own,
        And proves our cause completely good.

    5    When prayer or praise attempts to rise,
        And fain would reach Jehovah’s ear,
        His all-prevailing sacrifice
        Perfumes, and makes it welcome there.

    1108     C.M.    John Newton
    “I waited patiently for the Lord.” Ps. 40. 1; 27. 13, 14
    1    Breathe from the gentle south, O Lord,
            And cheer me from the north;
        Blow on the treasures of thy word,
            And call the spices forth.

    2    Cold as I feel this heart of mine,
            Yet since I feel it so,
        It yields some hope of life divine
            Within, however low.

    3    I seem forsaken and alone;
            I hear the lion roar;
        And every door is shut but one,
            And that is mercy’s door.

    4    Here would I wait, and hope, and pray,
            Till needed mercy come;
        But lest I faint, or turn away,
            Lord, do not tarry long.

    1109     L.M.    A. Steele
    “Come unto me.” Matt. 11. 28, 29; Isa. 55. 1-3
    1    Come, weary souls, with sin distressed,
        Come and accept the promised rest;
        The gospel’s gracious call obey,
        And cast your gloomy fears away.

    2    Oppressed with guilt (a painful load),
        O come and spread your woes abroad,
        Divine compassion, mighty love,
        Will all the painful load remove.

    3    Here mercy’s boundless ocean flows,
        To cleanse your guilt, and heal your woes;
        Pardon, and life, and endless peace;
        How rich the gift, how free the grace!

    4    Dear Saviour, let thy powerful love
        Confirm our faith, our fears remove;
        Forgiveness shed through every breast,
        And guide us to eternal rest.

    1110     C.M.    B. Beddome
    “My times are in thy hand.” Ps. 31. 15; Ecc. 3. 1-8
    1    My times of sorrow and of joy,
            Great God, are in thy hand;
        My choicest comforts come from thee,
            And go at thy command.

    2    If thou should’st take them all away,
            Yet let me not repine;
        Before they were possessed by me,
            They were entirely thine.

    3    Nor let me drop a murmuring word,
            Though the whole world were gone;
        But seek enduring happiness
            In thee, and thee alone.

    1111     7s    W. W. Horne
    “Unclean, unclean.” Lev. 13. 45; Job 40. 4
        1    Jesus, thou alone canst save,
            Thou canst raise the dead to life;
            Thy reviving power I crave,
            To decide this inward strife.

        2    Sin my every power defiles,
            Thought, and word, and action too;
            Jesus, in thy mercy smile;
            Cleanse, and make me white as snow.

        3    Surely none on earth’s so vile,
            So polluted as I am;
            Condescend, in love to smile,
            O thou sin-atoning Lamb!

        4    Fierce, impetuous, o’er my head
            Billows of temptation roll;
            Sorrows rise, and joys are fled;
            Darkness veils my shipwrecked soul.

        5    ’Midst the waves O bear me up;
            In thy strength alone I stand;
            In thy promise is my hope;
            Guide me safe to Zion’s land.

    1112     L.M.    Isaac Watts
    “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Matt. 5. 3-6
    1    Blest are the humble souls that see
        Their emptiness and poverty;
        Treasures of grace to them are given,
        And crowns of joy laid up in heaven.

    2    Blest are the men of broken heart,
        Who mourn for sin with inward smart;
        The blood of Christ divinely flows,
        A healing balm for all their woes.

    3    Blest are the souls that thirst for grace,
        Hunger and long for righteousness;
        They shall be well supplied, and fed
        With living streams and living bread.

    1113     8.8.6.    John Berridge
    “The very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matt. 10. 30
    1    How watchful is the loving Lord,
        How sweet his providential word,
            To children that believe!
        Your very hairs are numbered all;
        Not one by force or chance can fall
            Without your Father’s leave.

    2    Why should I fear when guarded so,
        Or shrink to meet a deadly foe?
            His mouth is held with bit;
        I need not dread his utmost spite,
        Nor can he bark, nor can he bite,
            Unless the Lord permit.

    3    No cross or bliss, no loss or gain,
        No health or sickness, ease or pain,
            Can give themselves a birth;
        The Lord so rules by his command,
        Nor good nor ill can stir a hand,
            Unless he send them forth.

    4    Since thou so kind and watchful art,
        To guard my head and guard my heart,
            And guard my very hair,
        Teach me with child-like mind to sit,
        And sing at the dear Saviour’s feet,
            Without distrust or fear.

    5    So, like a pilgrim let me wait,
        Contented well in every state,
            Till all my warfare ends;
        Live in a calm and cheerful mood,
        And find that all things work for good,
            Which Jesus kindly sends.

    1114     C.M.    John Newton
    New Year. Ps. 65. 8
    1    Now, gracious Lord, thy arm reveal,
            And make thy glory known;
        Hear whilst we plead the Saviour’s name,
            And venture near the throne.

    2    From all the guilt of former sin
            Let mercy set us free;
        And let the year we now begin,
            Begin and end with thee.

    3    Send down thy Spirit from above,
            That saints may love thee more,
        And sinners now may learn to love,
            Who never loved before.

    4    And when before thee we appear,
            In our eternal home,
        May growing numbers worship here,
            And praise thee in our room.

    1115     L.M.    John Newton
    New Year. Ps. 31. 15
    1    Upheld by thy supporting hand,
        We pass, O Lord, from year to year;
        And still we meet, at thy command,
        To seek thy gracious presence here.

    2    Oft feed us, Lord, beneath this vine,
        Through the new year with heavenly bread;
        Oft clothe thy word with power divine,
        To break the rocks and raise the dead.

    3    Oft by a Saviour’s dying love,
        To many a wounded heart revealed,
        Temptations, fears, and guilt remove,
        And be our Sun, and Strength, and Shield.

    1116     8.7.    T. Kelly
    “Stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.” Isa. 53. 4
    1    “Stricken, smitten, and afflicted,”
            See him dying on the tree!
        ’Tis the Christ by man rejected!
            Yes, my soul, ’tis he! ’tis he!
        ’Tis the long expected Prophet,
            David’s son, yet David’s Lord;
        Proofs I see sufficient of it;
            ’Tis a true and faithful word.

    2    Tell me, ye who hear him groaning,
            Was there ever grief like his?
        Friends, through fear, his cause disowning,
            Foes insulting his distress.
        Many hands were raised to wound him,
            None would interpose to save,
        But the awful stroke that found him,
            Was the stroke that justice gave.

    3    Ye who think of sin but lightly,
            Nor suppose the evil great,
        Here may view its nature rightly,
            Here its guilt may estimate.
        Mark the sacrifice appointed!
            See who bears the awful load!
        ’Tis the Word, the Lord’s Anointed,
            Son of man, and Son of God.

    4    Here we have a firm foundation;
            Here’s the refuge of the lost;
        Christ’s the Rock of our salvation;
            His the name of which we boast.
        Lamb of God for sinners wounded!
            Sacrificed to cancel guilt!
        None shall ever be confounded
            Who on thee their hopes have built.

    1117     7s    T. Kelly
    “The love of Christ ... passeth knowledge.” Eph. 3. 19
        1    Lord, dissolve my frozen heart
            By the beams of love divine;
            This alone can warmth impart,
            To dissolve a heart like mine.

        2    O that love, how vast it is!
            Vast it seems, though known in part;
            Strange indeed, if love like this
            Should not melt the frozen heart.

        3    Saviour, let thy love be felt,
            Let its power be felt by me,
            Then my frozen heart shall melt,
            Melt in love, O Lord, to thee.

    1118     8.7.    Zion’s Trumpet, 1838
    “Herein is love.” 1 John 4. 8-16; John 15. 13
    1    What is love?  My soul would answer,
            Nought deserves the endearing name
        But the God of love, the Saviour,
            Whose dear heart’s a constant flame.

    2    View him prostrate in the garden,
            Wet his locks with dews of night,
        Grappling with the powers of darkness,
            Sweating blood, amazing sight!

    3    Hear his groans, till he, expiring,
            Cries triumphant, “It is done;”
        Bearing all the wrathful anger
            Which to us was due alone.

    4    What is love?  My soul would echo
            With the saints in heaven above,
        Who, through Jesus, gone to glory,
            Sing in concert, “This is love!”

    1119     8.7.    J. Fawcett
    “I will guide thee with mine eye.” Ps. 32. 8
    1    Jesus, thou Almighty Saviour,
            Prostrate at thy feet I lie;
        Humbly I entreat thy favour,
            Condescend to hear my cry.

    2    When I was to thee a stranger,
            Wandering in forbidden ways,
        From the paths of sin and danger
            Thou didst call me by thy grace.

    3    Let not, then, my foes confound me,
            Thou art all my help and hope;
        Let thy arms of love surround me,
            Let thy mercy hold me up.

    4    Grant me thy Divine direction
            In the way that I should go;
        Let thy hand be my protection
            From the power of every foe.

    5    Gracious Saviour, never leave me,
            While my toils and conflicts last;
        To thy kind embrace receive me,
            When the storms of life are past.

    1120     112th    John Berridge
    The Lord’s Supper. Matt. 15. 26, 27; John 6. 32, 33
    1    Not worthy, Lord, we must confess,
        That we of children’s bread should taste,
        Yet, trusting in thy righteousness,
        We venture to the gospel feast;
        The bread we ask which comes from heaven,
        O let some blessed crumbs be given.

    2    Lord, set thy cross before our eyes,
        With all its wondrous toil and smart;
        And feast us on thy sacrifice,
        And show our names upon thy heart;
        Till faith cry out, “I Jesus view,
        I trust him now, and feel him too.”

    1121     L.M.    Isaac Watts
    The Lord’s Supper. Luke 22. 19; Matt. 26. 26
    1    ’Twas on that dark and doleful night,
        When powers of earth and hell arose
        Against the Son of God’s delight,
        And friends betrayed him to his foes.

    2    Before the mournful scene began,
        He took the bread and blessed and brake;
        What love through all his actions ran!
        What wondrous words of grace he spake!

    3    “This is my body broke for sin,
        Receive and eat the living food;”
        Then took the cup and blessed the wine –
        “’Tis the new covenant in my blood.”

    4    “Do this,” he cried, “till time shall end,
        In memory of your dying Friend!
        Meet at my table, and record
        The love of your departed Lord.”

    5    Jesus, thy feast we celebrate,
        We show thy death, we sing thy name,
        Till thou return, and we shall eat
        The marriage-supper of the Lamb.

    1122     C.M.    WIlliam Cowper
    Welcome to the Lord’s Table. Matt. 26. 26-28
    1    This is the feast of heavenly wine,
            And God invites to sup;
        The juices of the living Vine
            Were pressed to fill the cup.

    2    O bless the Saviour, ye that eat,
            With royal dainties fed;
        Not heaven affords a costlier treat,
            For Jesus is the bread.

    3    The vile, the lost, he calls to them.
            Ye trembling souls appear;
        The righteous, in their own esteem.
            Have no acceptance here.

    4    Approach, ye poor, nor dare refuse
            The banquet spread for you;
        Dear Saviour, this is welcome news,
            Then I may venture too.

    5    If guilt and sin afford a plea,
            And may obtain a place,
        Surely the Lord will welcome me,
            And I shall see his face.

    1123     L.M.    A. Steele
    “Christ died for the ungodly.” Rom. 5. 6-8; 4. 25
    1    Stretched on the cross, the Saviour dies;
        Hark! his expiring groans arise!
        See, from his hands, his feet, his side,
        Runs down the sacred crimson tide!

    2    But life attends each deathful sound,
        And flows from every bleeding wound;
        The vital stream, how free it flows,
        To save and cleanse his rebel foes!

    3    To suffer in the traitor’s place,
        To die for man, surprising grace!
        Yet pass rebellious angels by –
        O why for man, dear Saviour, why?

    4    Can I survey this scene of woe,
        Where mingling grief and wonder flow?
        And yet my heart unmoved remain,
        Insensible to love or pain?

    5    Come, dearest Lord, thy power impart,
        To warm this cold and stupid heart;
        Till all its powers and feelings move
        In melting grief and ardent love.

    1124     L.M.    T. Kelly
    “And call the Sabbath … honourable.” Isa. 58. 13
    1    I fain would love the day of rest,
        Would still esteem this day the best,
        But oft, alas! I’ve need to say,
        “How barren is my soul today!”

    2    True, I frequent the house of prayer;
        I go and sit with others there;
        I hear, and sing, and seem to pray,
        But oft my mind is called away.

    3    I fain would see the Saviour near,
        Of him would think, and speak, and hear;
        But vain and sinful thoughts intrude,
        And draw my soul from all that’s good.

    4    Redeemed from earth by Jesus’ blood
        I fain would give the day to God;
        But, seldom to my purpose true,
        ’Tis mine to plan, but not to do.

    5    Of sinners, Lord, I am the chief;
        O bring thy worthless worm relief!
        Revive thy work within my soul,
        And all my thoughts and powers control.

    1125     L.M.    T. Kelly
    “Where two or three are gathered together.” Matt. 18. 20
    1    How sweet to leave the world awhile,
        And seek the presence of the Lord!
        Dear Saviour, on thy people smile,
        And come according to thy word.

    2    From busy scenes we now retreat,
        That we may here converse with thee;
        Ah, Lord, behold us at thy feet!
        Let this the “gate of heaven” be.

    3    “Chief of ten thousand,” now appear,
        That we by faith may see thy face!
        O speak, that we thy voice may hear,
        And let thy presence fill this place.

    4    Then let the worldling boast his joys,
        We’ve meat to eat he knows not of;
        We count his treasures worthless toys,
        While we possess a Saviour’s love.

    1126     C.M.    John Newton
    “It is manna.” Exod. 16. 15-21; 2 Cor. 8. 15
    1    The manna, favoured Israel’s meat,
            Was gathered day by day;
        When all the host was served, the heat
            Melted the rest away.

    2    In vain to hoard it up they tried,
            Against tomorrow came;
        It then bred worms and putrefied;
            And proved their sin and shame.

    3    So truths by which the soul is fed
            Must e’er be had afresh;
        For notions resting in the head
            Will only feed the flesh.

    4    Nor can the best experience past
            The life of faith maintain;
        The brightest hope will faint at last,
            Unless supplied again.

    5    Dear Lord, while in thy house we’re found,
            Do thou the manna give;
        O let it fall on us around,
            That we may eat and live.

    1127     L.M.    J. Kent
    “Awake, O north wind.” Song. 4. 16; Isa. 61. 11
    1    When Zion’s sons, great God! appear
        In Zion’s courts for praise and prayer,
        There, in thy Spirit, deign to be
        As one with those who worship thee.

    2    Without thy sovereign power, O Lord,
        No sweets the gospel can afford;
        No drops of heavenly love will fall
        To cheer the weary, thirsting soul.

    3    Winds from the north and south, awake,
        Take of the things of Jesus, take;
        Diffuse thy kind celestial dew,
        Bring pardon, peace, and healing too.

    4    Then shall we count the season dear
        To those who speak or those who hear;
        And all conspire with sweet accord,
        In hymns of joy, to praise the Lord.

    1128     C.M.    John Berridge
    Prayer. Ps. 20. 9
    1    Eternal Father, Lord of all,
            By heaven and earth adored,
        Regard thy guilty creatures’ call,
            Who would revere thy word.

    2    Lord Jesus, Son of God most high,
            Of all the rightful heir,
        Adored by hosts above the sky,
            And by thy people here;

    3    Thee, Saviour of the lost, we own,
            Incarnate God and Lord,
        Refresh us now, and send us down
            The blessings of thy word.

    4    Thou, Holy Ghost, who dost reveal
            The secret things of grace;
        And knowest well the Father’s will,
            And his deep mind can trace;

    5    Disclose the heavenly mysteries,
            And bring the gospel feast;
        Give gracious hearts and opened eyes,
            That we may see and taste.

    1129     148th    S. Barnard
    “He was moved with compassion.” Matt. 9. 36
    1        Jesus, we come to meet
            With thee, our Lord and King,
            To bow before thy feet,
            And here thy praises sing:
        Compassion on us have, we pray,
        And empty send us not away.

    2        May every worldly care
            Be banished from our mind;
            May we with profit hear;
            And peace and comfort find:
        Refresh us from thy word, we pray,
        And empty send us not away.

    3        Our strength will soon decrease,
            Unless our souls be fed;
            We feel our health and peace
            Depend on living bread.
        Thy gracious hand now, Lord, display,
        And empty send us not away.

    4        May all true mourners feel
            Their grief exchanged for joy;
            Thy love to them reveal,
            And all their fears destroy:
        That when they leave thy house this day,
        They may not empty go away.

    5        May all thy children prove
            The riches of thy grace;
            Each taste redeeming love,
            And see thy smiling face:
        So shall we all with pleasure say,
        We are not empty sent away.

    1130     L.M.    John Newton (altered)
    Prayer to God the Spirit. 1 Cor. 12. 6-11; 1. 5
    1    O thou, at whose almighty word
        The glorious light from darkness sprung,
        Thy quickening influence afford,
        And clothe with power the preacher’s tongue.

    2    ’Tis thine to teach him how to speak;
        ’Tis thine to give the hearing ear;
        ’Tis thine the stubborn heart to break,
        And make the careless sinner fear.

    3    ’Tis also thine, Almighty Lord,
        To cheer the poor, desponding heart;
        To speak the soul-reviving word,
        And bid the mourners’ fears depart.

    4    Thus, while we in the means are found,
        We still on thee alone depend
        To make the gospel’s joyful sound
        Effectual to the promised end.

    1131     L.M.    S. Turner
    “If two of you agree … it shall be done.” Matt. 18. 19
    1    We have thy promise, gracious Lord,
        Thou wilt be where thy people meet;
        O, then, fulfil thy gracious word,
        And make our happiness complete.

    2    Thy promise is to two or three,
        Who meet together in thy name;
        That for whatever they agree
        To ask, they surely shall obtain.

    3    We ask thy gracious presence here,
        The sweet enjoyment of thy love;
        From worldly thoughts O keep us clear,
        And set our hearts on things above.

    4    We ask thy Holy Spirit’s aid,
        Whilst we’re engaged in prayer and praise;
        We ask from our great living Head
        To be supplied with every grace.

    5    We ask for faith a sweet increase,
        To find our doubts and fears removed,
        To feel the powerful reign of peace,
        And every sinful thought subdued.

    6    We ask to feel a union sweet,
        We ask a blessing on thy word;
        We ask – but all our askings meet
        In this – we ask thy presence, Lord!

    1132     8.8.6.    J. Kent
    “I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee.” Exod. 20. 24
    1    Where two or three together meet,
        My love and mercy to repeat,
            And tell what I have done;
        There will I be, says God, to bless,
        And every burdened soul redress,
            Who worships at my throne.

    2    Make one in this assembly, Lord,
        Speak to each heart some healing word,
            To set from bondage free;
        Impart a kind celestial shower,
        And grant that we may spend an hour
            In fellowship with thee.

    3    Guilt from the troubled heart remove,
        Constrain the soul, by love, to love,
            Release from slavish fear;
        Then, though in tents of sin we groan,
        We’ll sing like those around thy throne,
            Till thou shalt bring us there.

    1133     8.7.4.    T. Kelly
    “The gospel … the power of God unto salvation.” Rom. 1. 16
    1    May the power that brings salvation,
            Now exerted in the word,
        By its quickening operation,
            Life impart and joy afford!
                    Life to sinners,
            Joy to those who know the Lord.

    2    Hark, the voice of love, proclaiming
            Mercy through a Saviour’s blood;
        Vain the schemes of human framing,
            This alone is owned of God;
                    ’Tis the gospel
            Points to heaven, and shows the road.

    1134     8.8.6.    S. Browne
    “Lead me in thy truth.” Ps. 25. 5; Isa. 25. 9
    1    Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove,
        With light and comfort from above,
            Our waiting souls set free;
        Be thou our guardian, thou our guide,
        O’er every thought and step preside,
            And draw us after thee.

    2    Conduct us safe, conduct us far
        From every sin and hurtful snare,
            That we may not thee grieve;
        Apply thy word that rules must give,
        And teach us lessons how to live,
            And firmly to believe.

    3    Lead us to Christ, our only rest,
        And in his love may we be blest,
            While in his name we meet;
        Let precious drops of heavenly dew,
        Our courage and our strength renew,
            And make the promise sweet.

    1135     8.7.4.    T. Kelly
    “Serve the Lord with fear.” Ps. 2. 11
    1    In thy name O Lord, assembling,
            We thy people now draw near,
        Teach us to rejoice with trembling,
            Speak, and let thy servants hear;
                    Hear with meekness;
            Hear thy word with godly fear.

    2    While our days on earth are lengthened,
            May we give them, Lord, to thee;
        Cheered by hope, and daily strengthened,
            May we run, nor weary be;
                    Till thy glory,
            Without clouds, in heaven we see.

    3    There, in worship purer, sweeter,
            All thy people shall adore;
        Tasting of enjoyment greater
            Than they could conceive before;
                    Full enjoyment,
            Full, unmixed, and evermore.

    1136     8.7.7.    T. Kelly
    “In blessing I will bless thee.” Gen. 22. 17
    1    Saviour! follow with thy blessing
            Truths delivered in thy name;
        Thus the word, thy power possessing,
            Shall declare from whence it came.
            Mighty let thy gospel be,
            Set the burdened sinner free.

    2    Let the word be food to nourish
            Those whom thou hast called thy own;
        Let thy people’s graces flourish;
            May they live to thee alone.
            May we all in Jesus live,
            And to God the glory give.

    1137     8.7.4.    T. Kelly
    “Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance.” Ps. 28. 9
    1    God of our salvation, hear us;
            Bless, O bless us, ere we go;
        When we join the world, be near us,
            Lest thy people careless grow;
                    Saviour, keep us,
            Keep us safe from every foe.

    2    In the day of thy appearing,
            When the trump of God shall sound,
        May we hear it, nothing fearing,
            Though all nature sinks around,
                    By our Saviour
            Raised, and then with glory crowned.

    1138     7s    John Newton
    Dismission. Heb. 13. 20, 21; Rom. 15. 33
        1    Now may he who from the dead
            Brought the Shepherd of the sheep,
            Jesus Christ, our King and Head,
            All our souls in safety keep.

        2    May he teach us to fulfil
            What is pleasing in his sight;
            Perfect us in all his will,
            And preserve us day and night.

        3    To that dear Redeemer’s praise,
            Who the covenant sealed with blood,
            Let our hearts and voices raise
            Loud thanksgivings to our God.

    1139     C.M.    Isaac Watts
    Man Frail, God Eternal. Ps. 90. 1-5
    1    O God, our Help in ages past,
            Our Hope for years to come,
        Our Shelter from the stormy blast,
            And our eternal Home.

    2    Under the shadow of thy throne
            Thy saints have dwelt secure;
        Sufficient is thine arm alone,
            And our defence is sure.

    3    Before the hills in order stood,
            Or earth received her frame –
        From everlasting thou art God,
            To endless years the same.

    4    [Thy word commands our flesh to dust,
            “Return, ye sons of men”;
        All nations rose from earth at first,
            And turn to earth again.]

    5    A thousand ages in thy sight
            Are like an evening gone;
        Short as the watch that ends the night,
            Before the rising sun.

    6    Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
            Bears all its sons away;
        They fly, forgotten, as a dream
            Dies at the opening day.

    7    O God, our Help in ages past,
            Our Hope for years to come,
        Be thou our Guard while life shall last,
            And our eternal Home.

    1140     L.M.    Isaac Watts
    Prayer for Reviving. Ps. 80
    1    Great Shepherd of thine Israel,
        Who didst between the cherubs dwell,
        And led the tribes, thy chosen sheep,
        Safe through the desert and the deep.

    2    Thy church is in the desert now;
        Shine from on high, and guide us through;
        Turn us to thee, thy love restore,
        We shall be saved and sigh no more.

    3    Hast thou not planted with thy hands
        A lovely vine in heathen lands?
        Did not thy power defend it round,
        And heavenly dews enrich the ground?

    4    But now her beauty is defaced;
        Why hast thou laid her fences waste?
        Strangers and foes against her join,
        And every beast devours the vine.

    5    Lord, when this vine in Canaan grew,
        Thou wert its strength and glory too;
        Attacked in vain by all its foes,
        Till the fair branch of promise rose.

    6    Fair branch, ordained of old to shoot
        From David’s stock, from Jacob’s root;
        Himself a noble vine, and we
        The lesser branches of the tree.

    7    ’Tis thy own Son, and he shall stand,
        Girt with thy strength at thy right hand;
        Thy first-born Son, adorned and blessed
        With power and grace above the rest.

    8    Oh! for his sake attend our cry,
        Shine on thy churches lest they die;
        Turn us to thee, thy love restore,
        We shall be saved and sigh no more.

    1141     L.M.    Isaac Watts
    The Church’s Safety and Triumph. Ps. 46
    1    God is the refuge of his saints
        When storms of sharp distress invade;
        Ere we can offer our complaints,
        Behold him present with his aid.

    2    Let mountains from their seats be hurled
        Down to the deep and buried there:
        Convulsions shake the solid world,
        Our faith shall never yield to fear.

    3    Loud may the troubled ocean roar,
        In sacred peace our souls abide,
        While every nation, every shore,
        Trembles and dreads the swelling tide.

    4    There is a stream whose gentle flow
        Supplies the city of our God;
        Life, love, and joy, still gliding through,
        And watering our divine abode.

    5    That sacred stream, thine holy Word,
        That all our raging fear controls;
        Sweet peace thy promises afford,
        And give new strength to fainting souls.

    6    Zion enjoys her Monarch’s love,
        Secure against a threatening hour;
        Nor can her firm foundation move,
        Built on his truth and armed with power.

    1142     L.M.    John Newton
    Confession and Prayer for Church and Nation
    1    O may the power which melts the rock
        Be felt by all assembled here!
        Or else our service will but mock
        The God whom we profess to fear!

    2    Lord, while thy judgments shake the land,
        Thy people’s eyes are fixed on thee;
        We own thy just uplifted hand,
        Which thousands cannot, will not, see.

    3    How long hast thou bestowed thy care
        On this indulged, ungrateful spot!
        While other nations, far and near,
        Have envied and admired our lot.

    4    Here peace and liberty have dwelt,
        The glorious gospel brightly shone;
        And oft our enemies have felt
        That God has made our cause his own.

    5    But ah! both heaven and earth have heard
        Our vile requital of his love;
        We, whom like children he has reared,
        Rebels against his goodness prove.

    6    His grace despised, his power defied,
        And legions of the blackest crimes,
        Profaneness, riot, lust, and pride
        Are signs that mark the present times.

    7    The Lord, displeased, has raised his rod;
        Ah! where are now the faithful few
        Who tremble for the Ark of God,
        And know what Israel ought to do?

    8    Lord, hear thy people everywhere,
        Who meet to mourn, confess, and pray;
        The nation and thy churches spare,
        And let thy wrath be turned away.

    1143     C.M.    A. Steele
    Confession and Prayer for Church and Nation
    1    See, gracious God, before thy throne
            Thy mourning people bend;
        ’Tis on thy sovereign grace alone
            Our humble hopes depend.

    2    Tremendous judgments from thy hand
            Thy dreadful power display;
        Yet mercy spares this guilty land,
            And still we live to pray.

    3    Great God! and why is Britain spared?
            Ungrateful as we are;
        O make thy awful warnings heard,
            While mercy cries, Forbear!

    4    What numerous crimes increasing rise
            Through this apostate isle!
        What land as favoured of the skies,
            And yet what land so vile!

    5    How changed, alas, are truths divine,
            For error, guilt and shame!
        What impious numbers, bold in sin,
            Disgrace the Christian name!

    6    Regardless of thy smile or frown,
            Their pleasures they require;
        And sink with gay indifference down
            To everlasting fire.

    7    O turn us, turn us, mighty Lord,
            By thy resistless grace;
        Then shall our hearts obey thy word,
            And humbly seek thy face;

    8    Then, should insulting foes invade,
            We shall not sink in fear;
        Secure of never-failing aid,
            If God, our God, is near.

    1144     8.7.    John Newton
    Prayer for a Revival. Ps. 80. 3
    1    Saviour, visit thy plantation,
            Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain!
        All will come to desolation,
            Unless thou return again:
        Keep no longer at a distance,
            Shine upon us from on high;
        Lest, for want of thine assistance,
            Every plant should droop and die.

    2    Surely, once thy garden flourished,
            Every part looked gay and green;
        Then thy word our spirits nourished,
            Happy seasons we have seen!
        But a drought has since succeeded,
            And a sad decline we see;
        Lord, thy help is greatly needed;
            Help can only come from thee.

    3    Where are those we counted leaders,
            Filled with zeal, and love, and truth?
        Old professors, tall as cedars,
            Bright examples to our youth!
        Some, in whom we once delighted,
            We shall meet no more below;
        Some, alas! we fear are blighted,
            Scarce a single leaf they show.

    4    Younger plants – the sight how pleasant,
            Covered thick with blossoms stood;
        But they cause us grief at present,
            Frosts have nipped them in the bud!
        Dearest Saviour, hasten hither,
            Thou canst make them bloom again;
        Oh, permit them not to wither,
            Let not all our hopes be vain!

    5    Let our mutual love be fervent,
            Make us prevalent in prayers;
        Let each one esteemed thy servant
            Shun the world’s bewitching snares;
        Break the tempter’s fatal power,
            Turn the stony heart to flesh;
        And begin, from this good hour,
            To revive thy work afresh.

    1145     C.M.    E. Scott
    For National Reprieve. Gen. 18. 32
    1    When Abram full of sacred awe,
            Before Jehovah stood,
        And with a humble, fervent prayer,
            For guilty Sodom sued;

    2    With what success, what wondrous grace,
            Was his petition crowned!
        The Lord would spare, if in the place
            Ten righteous men be found.

    3    And could a single holy soul
            So rich a boon obtain?
        Great God, and shall thy remnant cry
            And plead with thee in vain?

    4    Britain, all guilty as she is,
            Her several saints can boast;
        And now their fervent prayers ascend –
            And can those prayers be lost?

    5    Are not thy righteous dear to thee
            Now, as in ancient times?
        Or does this guilty land exceed
            Gomorrah in its crimes?

    6    Still there are those who bear thy name,
            Here yet is thine abode;
        Long has thy presence blessed our land;
            Forsake us not, O God!

    1146     C.M.    Isaac Watts
    The Promise and Sign of Christ’s Coming. 2 Peter 3
    1    Help, Lord, for men of virtue fail;
            Religion loses ground;
        The sons of violence prevail,
            And treacheries abound.

    2    Their oaths and promises they break,
            Yet act the flatterer’s part;
        With fair deceitful lips they speak,
            And with a double heart.

    3    If we reprove some hateful lie,
            How is their fury stirred!
        “Are not our lips our own?” they cry;
            “And who shall be our Lord?”

    4    [Scoffers appear on every side,
            Where a vile race of men
        Is raised on seats of power and pride,
            And bears the sword in vain.]

    5    Lord, when iniquities abound,
            And blasphemy grows bold,
        When faith is hardly to be found,
            And love is waxing cold –

    6    Is not thy chariot hastening on?
            Hast thou not given the sign?
        May we not trust and live upon
            A promise so divine?

    7    “Yes,” saith the Lord, “now will I rise
            And make oppressors flee;
        I shall appear to their surprise,
            And set my servants free.”

    8    Thy word, like silver seven times tried,
            Through ages shall endure;
        The men that in thy truth confide
            Shall find thy promise sure.

    1147     L.M.    Isaac Watts
    The Book of Nature and the Scriptures. Ps. 19
    1    The heavens declare thy glory, Lord,
        In every star thy wisdom shines;
        But when our eyes behold thy word,
        We read thy name in fairer lines.

    2    The rolling sun, the changing light,
        And nights and days thy power confess:
        And the blest volume thou hast writ
        Reveals thy justice and thy grace.

    3    Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise
        Round the whole earth, and never stand;
        So, when thy truth begun its race,
        Destined to spread to every land:

    4    Nor shall thy living gospel rest,
        Till through the world thy truth has run;
        Till Christ has all the nations blessed
        That see the light, or feel the sun.

    5    Great Sun of righteousness, arise,
        Bless the dark world with heavenly light;
        Thy gospel makes the simple wise,
        Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.

    6    Thy noblest wonders here we view,
        In souls renewed, and sins forgiven;
        Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew,
        And make thy word my guide to heaven.

    1148     C.M.    Isaac Watts
    Perfection alone in God
    1    Let all the heathen writers join
            To form one perfect book,
        Great God, if once compared with thine,
            How mean their writings look!

    2    Not the most perfect rules they gave,
            Could show one sin forgiven,
        Nor lead a step beyond the grave;
            But thine conduct to heaven.

    3    I’ve seen an end to what we call
            Perfection here below;
        How short the powers of nature fall,
            And can no farther go.

    4    Yet men would fain be just with God,
            By works their hands have wrought;
        But thy commands, exceeding broad,
            Extend to every thought.

    5    In vain we boast perfection here,
            While sin defiles our frame;
        And sinks our virtues down so far,
            They scarce deserve the name.

    6    Our faith and love, and every grace,
            Fall far below thy word;
        But perfect truth and righteousness
            Dwell only with the Lord.

    1149     8s    John Newton
    Vital Knowledge of Christ. Matt. 22. 42
    1    What think you of Christ? is the test,
        To try both your state and your scheme;
        You cannot be right in the rest,
        Unless you think rightly of him.
        As Jesus appears in your view,
        As he is belovèd or not;
        So God is disposèd to you;
        And mercy or wrath is your lot.

    2    Some take him a creature to be,
        A man, or an angel at most:
        Sure these have not feelings like me,
        Nor know themselves wretched and lost.
        So guilty, so helpless am I,
        I durst not confide in his blood,
        Nor on his protection rely,
        Unless I were sure he is God.

    3    Some call him a Saviour in word,
        But mix their own works with his plan;
        And hope he his help will afford,
        When they have done all that they can:
        If doings prove rather too light,
        (A little, they own, they may fail),
        They purpose to make up full weight
        By casting his name in the scale.

    4    Some style him the Pearl of great price,
        And say he’s the Fountain of joys;
        Yet feed upon folly and vice,
        And cleave to the world and its toys:
        Like Judas, the Saviour they kiss,
        And while thy salute him, betray;
        Ah! what will profession like this
        Avail in his terrible day?

    5    If asked what of Jesus I think,
        Though still my best thoughts are but poor,
        I say, he’s my meat and my drink,
        My life, and my strength, and my store;
        My Shepherd, my Husband, my Friend,
        My Saviour from sin and from thrall;
        My hope from beginning to end,
        My portion, my Lord, and my All.

    1150     8.7.    Crosse
    Prayer and Praise for National Blessings
    1    Lord of heaven, and earth, and ocean,
            Hear us from thy bright abode,
        While our hearts, with deep devotion,
            Own their great and gracious God;
        Now with joy we come before thee,
            Seek thy face, thy mercies own;
        Lord of life, and light, and glory,
            Bless thy church, and guard the throne.

    2    Health and every needful blessing
            Are thy bounteous gifts t’ bestow;
        Comforts undeserved possessing,
            We before thy footstool bow;
        Young and old do now before thee
            Their united tribute bring;
        Lord of life, and light, and glory,
            Hear the hymn of praise we sing.

    3    Thee, with humble adoration,
            Lord, we praise for mercies past;
        Still to this most favoured nation
            May those mercies ever last;
        Britons, then, shall still before thee
            Songs of ceaseless praises sing;
        Lord of life, and light, and glory,
            We are safe beneath thy wing.

    1151     C.M.    Boyce
    Harvest. Acts. 14. 17
    1    Great sovereign Lord, what human eye
            Amidst thy works can rove,
        And not thy liberal hand espy,
            Nor trace thy bounteous love?

    2    Each star that gilds the heavenly frame,
            On earth each verdant clod,
        In language loud to men proclaim
            The great and bounteous God.

    3    The lesson each revolving year
            Repeats in various ways;
        Rich thy provisions, Lord, appear:
            The poor shall shout thy praise.

    4    Our fruitful fields and pastures tell,
            Of man and beast thy care;
        The thriving corn thy breezes fill,
            Thy breath perfumes the air.

    5    But oh, what human eye can trace,
            Or human heart conceive,
        The greater riches of thy grace
            Impoverished souls receive?

    6    Love everlasting has not spared
            Its best belovèd Son;
        And in him endless life prepared,
            For souls by sin undone.

    1152     C.M.    A. Flowerdew
    Seasons. Gen 8. 22
    1    Fountain of mercy, God of love,
            How rich thy bounties are;
        The rolling seasons, as they move,
            Proclaim thy constant care.

    2    When in the bosom of the earth
            The sower hid the grain;
        Thy goodness marked its secret birth,
            And sent the early rain.

    3    The spring’s sweet influence, Lord, was thine;
            The plants in beauty grew;
        Thou gav’st the summer sun to shine,
            The mild refreshing dew.

    4    These various mercies from above
            Matured the swelling grain;
        A kindly harvest crowns thy love,
            And plenty fills the plain.

    5    We own and bless thy gracious sway;
            Thy hand all nature hails;
        Seed-time, nor harvest, night nor day,
            Summer nor winter fails.

    1153     C.M.    R. Burnham
    “Heirs together of the grace of life.” 1 Peter 3. 7
    1    Great God of order, truth, and grace,
            Fountain of social joys,
        Shine with thy sweet approving smile,
            And crown the nuptial ties.

    2    Look on the now united pair,
            And O, the union bless;
        Here may true friendship ever reign,
            In firmest bonds of peace.

    3    May each the other kindly help
            To run the shining road;
        Join with delight in prayer and praise,
            And ever cleave to God.

    4    May both be fired with one concern
            For one eternal prize;
        And warmest zeal their souls inflame
            For joys beyond the skies.

    5    One be their views, their aim, their end,
            Pure heavenly bliss to prove,
        Meeting at last around the throne,
            To reign in realms of love.

    6    There may we all with them unite
            In one harmonious song;
        And one pure anthem swell the joys
            Of one celestial throng.

    1154     C.M.    D. Denham
    At the Appointment of Deacons
    1    Great Head of influence divine,
            Thy people’s choice approve;
        With favour on our deacons shine,
            And fill us all with love.

    2    Instruct them in thy heavenly will,
            For all thy saints to care;
        Help them their office to fulfil,
            In faith and godly fear.

    3    O make them useful, wise, and kind,
            In principle unmoved;
        Men of one heart, and in one mind,
            In all things well approved.

    4    The Church and congregation bless,
            Our gifts and grace increase;
        May thousands more thy name confess,
            And we all live in peace.

    1155     C.M.    John Newton
    Death of a Believer
    1    In vain the fancy strives to paint
            The moment after death,
        The glories that surround the saints,
            When yielding up their breath.

    2    One gentle sigh their fetters breaks;
            We scarce can say, “They’re gone!”
        Before the willing spirit takes
            Her mansion near the throne.

    3    Faith strives, but all its efforts fail,
            To trace her in her flight:
        No eye can pierce within the vail
            Which hides that world of light.

    4    Thus much (and this is all) we know,
            They are completely blest;
        Have done with sin, and care, and woe,
            And with their Saviour rest.

    5    On harps of gold they praise his name,
            His face they always view;
        Then let us followers be of them,
            That we may praise him too.

    6    Their faith and patience, love and zeal,
            Should make their memory dear;
        And, Lord, do thou the prayers fulfil
            They offered for us here!

    7    While they have gained, we losers are,
            We miss them day by day;
        But thou canst every breach repair,
            And wipe our tears away.

    8    We pray, as in Elisha’s case,
            When great Elijah went,
        May double portions of thy grace,
            To us who stay, be sent.

    1156     C.M.    J. Irons
    Precious Blood. 1 Pet. 1. 19
    1    What sacred Fountain yonder springs
            Up from the throne of God,
        And all new covenant blessings brings?
            ’Tis Jesus’ precious blood.

    2    What mighty sum paid all my debt,
            When I a bondman stood,
        And has my soul at freedom set?
            ’Tis Jesus’ precious blood.

    3    What stream is that which sweeps away
            My sins just like a flood,
        Nor lets one guilty blemish stay?
            ’Tis Jesus’ precious blood.

    4    What voice is that which speaks for me
            In heaven’s high court for good,
        And from the curse has set me free?
            ’Tis Jesus’ precious blood.

    5    What theme, my soul, shall best employ
            Thy harp before thy God,
        And make all heaven to ring with joy?
            ’Tis Jesus’ precious blood.