The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

The faithfulness of our heavenly Boaz
towards a heart He is alluring to Himself

To Miss C.
My dear Anne,
We read this morning the 1st and 2nd chapters of Ruth, and the thought forcibly struck me that you are like my namesake when she was but a gleaner in the field of Boaz. He was then her near kinsman, and had the right to redeemóbut the time was not come. He said nothing about relationshipóbut just encouraged her to glean in his field, abide by his maidens, and sit beside his reapers, partaking of their fare. Thus it is with you; you have picked up ears and gleaned handfuls in the field; you have fed with the maidens and servants, and have been surprised that such bounty should be given unto you; and though now you are longing for higher privilege and closer communion, yet forget not to be thankful for such things as you have, for He has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." He says also, as Boaz did, chapter 2:8, and your humble friend would say, as Naomi did, verse 22--keep on in the field until he says to you, Come up higher; for in truth "the man" (1 Tim. 2:5) will not be in rest until he has finished the thing in open consummation of union, ancient as eternity.

He may try your faith and patience, and He has a right to do so, for whether they be little or much He is the author of them; but be not discouraged; His time is best, though yours seems always ready. He feeds and upholds you, and keeps your soul alive in famine--and these are but a part of His ways. When He brings you openly to His home and His heart, and feasts you at a plentiful meal of wine well refined, and fat things full of marrow--His love for you will not be greater than it is now.

Oh, believe well of Him, however ill things may seem to sense and reason. These are evil counselors, and they, with Satan, do often bring us to dishonor our best Friend, and judge Him by feeble sense. If one soul perishes hanging on Him and pleading His blood and righteousness, the Rock of Ages would have become shifting sand; and what would He do with His great name? It would be tarnished indeedówhich will not, cannot be. Rest, beloved, upon the blood and righteousness of Jesus, and the faithfulness of Jehovah, when you have neither feeling nor fruit in yourself to encourage you.

Adieu. With love and longing for your soul's health, I am your fellow-gleaner,