The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

A foretaste of the glory which excels

To Miss C., May 24, 1838.
My dearest Anne,
Join me, I beseech you, in praising and adoring that precious Jesus, who has done so much for such an unworthy worm as I am. The language of my heart is, "What shall I render to God?" for again have I been favored with draughts of heavenly joy and unutterable bliss. Again has the high and lofty One who inhabits eternity revealed Himself to me in the person of Jesus, by the power of the Spirit. Oh yes, the bright beams of uncreated glory have again shone upon my soul in the face of my Beloved, in whose life-giving countenance their radiant effulgence is so softened that mortals may in spirit behold, admire, and love. O my dear friend, I cannot tell you the holy joy with which I have again tasted, nay, drunk of the cup of salvation, being washed in blood, robed in righteousness, and crowned with love; so that I have basked in the sunshine of my Redeemer's presence, and bathed in the ocean of unutterable bliss, finding all human language inadequate to sound forth His praise. I have exultingly called upon the glorified spirits (in whose society I felt myself) to aid my feeble strains, and teach me nobler sounds; and with triumph I have solicited the angelic hosts to strike their immortal lyres, and louder sound His praise whose name is love, for mercy revealed to vile ungrateful me!

Oh for more gratitude to my precious Savior, my Lord, my life, my all, through whose streaming veins these blessings come to me! I am lost in astonishment at His amazing condescension; and view with adoring wonder the heights, lengths, breadths, and depths of His love--which passes knowledge. When I ask why I should be thus loved and blessed, I am confounded. The cause is beyond my reachóbut the effects blessedly flow into my soul. I know you will--you do rejoice with me. Oh to remember that we have an eternity to spend together in the full-orbed presence of God, our own God, where sin will never interruptóbut we shall unceasingly serve and love Him as we ought, and sing, "Unto Him who loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood!" To the Lord God and the Lamb--be glory forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah! May the Lord vouchsafe to each of us more and more foretastes of the glory which is to be revealed, until we hear the soul-thrilling words, "Arise, my love, my beautiful one--and come away." "Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

I meant this to have been a note of thanks for your kindnessóbut that must be another time, for Jesus's fragrant name, full of sweetness, has absorbed my soul--and now none, none but Jesus! O adorable Prince of Life, draw us closer and closer to Yourself, fill us more and more with Your undeserved and overwhelming love, until it shall please You to grant us in one long everlasting embrace--to lose our sorrow and our sins.

I write with a trembling handóbut an overflowing heart. I know you understand my language, and therefore I speak freely, though unable to utter a thousandth part of my Redeemer's grace and my happiness! Adieu, my much-loved friend.

Accept the sincere love of your unworthy,