The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

Written after seeing a microscope

To E. M., January, 1858.
Very dear friend,
I have been musing with delight upon the wonders developed by the microscope. What perfection is there in every part of the works of our God! All creation shows His handiwork, His wisdom, and His goodness. Dr. Carson beautifully says, "The works of God and the Word of God bear the same testimony of Him as far as they go together; but the Word goes far beyond His outward works. It testifies of salvation, on which subject His works of creation say nothing."

"The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." "All things are possible to those who believe." The Lord gives a promise, and faith receives it in sweet assurance; but anon, all things seem against it. The fogs of sense, flesh, and carnal reason arise, and so veil the promise, that it appears as unreal as that almost invisible. But when faith is again brought into lively exercise, every line and letter is sweetly discerned, with the Divine "yes and amen" upon it. Oh, to look more through the glass of faith, and less with the blinking, deceiving eye of sense and reason.

I have been thinking further (the thought may well make one blush) that even the beauties and loveliness of Jesus, which have so ravished our souls, do at times look only like that diminutive speck, which can scarcely he discerned. How we, then, look all ways to get the clear views of Him, who before so enraptured us. But no—our efforts are vain until the blessed Spirit again sets the glass of faith, and takes of the things of Christ and shows them unto us. In other words, until our Beloved manifests Himself afresh in endearing communion, constraining us to exclaim, "You are fairer than the children of men; the chief among ten thousand, yes, altogether lovely."

But if it be with us that "now we see Him not," yet having once beheld His beauty, no lower charms can satisfy, no other object fill the vacuum in our soul. Oh "Come quickly, my love! Move like a swift gazelle or a young deer on the mountains of spices!" (Song of Songs 8:14) Oh come, and "cause the mountains of Bether" (division) to fall down at Your presence. Blessed Author and Finisher of faith, call into lively exercise that grace, that it may truly be "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." (Heb. 11:1) Wishing you the renewings of the Holy Spirit, (1 Cor. 2:9, 10)

I remain, with best love, your unworthy but affectionate,