The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

Christ the Burden-bearer

"Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you." Psalm 55:22

To E. M.

Much-beloved friend,
The above words came to my mind when thinking of your weak health and present anxieties, in both of which I feel tender sympathy. Oh may the Spirit enable you to make use by faith of your heavenly Husband, who is ever present, who is afflicted in all your afflictions, who has delivered, who does deliver, who will yet deliver. May you not be carrying your burdens when you have such a precious Burden-bearer, so able, so willing, who says, "Call upon me in the day of trouble—I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me." Pour out your heart before Him. God is a Refuge for us.

Roll your burdens upon Him as fast as they come upon you. This is a very profitable exercise of faith in the time of tribulation; it is one which He much approves, and which often is the means of bringing the soul into an endearing familiarity with Him, unknown before. Of this, I am a living witness; for it was by means of many weights, and many trials, that I was pressed to try how much I might put upon Him, and brought to know the blessed 'life of faith' in the every-day occurrences and many perplexities of the wilderness way. I can truly praise Him now for those heavy storms, and "sharp-pointed things," which made every creature help too little, and made me to live in the sympathy of such a heart, and the home of such a love as His. May you, dear friend, have like benefit, and now, even now, find rest in the midst of trouble by realizing that infinite love, power, and wisdom are working all things together for your good, and His glory. May the felt utterance of your heart be "Father, glorify Your name!"

May the droppings of the sanctuary this day be refreshing to our souls.

With tender and sympathizing love, your grateful and affectionate,

See Mark 4:37-40. If Jesus seems to be asleep in the storm, it is only for the trial of faith. He is watching all the time, and waiting to be gracious!