The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

Counsels how to meet daily cares

To E. M., Saturday Morning.

Much-beloved friend,
My heart has just been much drawn out towards you in Isaiah 28:26, "His God instructs him and teaches him the right way"--desiring that you may have the experience of it in those domestic and secular cares which must necessarily devolve upon you; that you may not set them as a "wall between" your soul and your God. May each concern and perplexity, which seems to have more of Martha than of Mary--be to you just an errand to Jesus, that you may commune with Him in them and by them, and thus walk with God while you walk in the duties of your family and station. How beautiful to read from the 23d verse of the same chapter, and to see that the Lord so minutely instructs the laborer how to prepare the ground and sow the seed, as also how to prepare the corn for food. Also in Exodus 31:3-6, 35:25, 26, and 36:2, how encouraging to read of the Lord putting wisdom into the hearts of men and women to guide their hands, though their work was for the Tabernacle, and ours for the circumstances in which He has placed us, saying, "Occupy until I come." He will as really instruct us as He did them.

How touching also to read of David going to inquire of the Lord about everything with such sweet simplicity, asking whether he should go against his enemies, (2 Sam. 5:19) and pursue those who had robbed him, (1 Sam. 30:8) even telling the Lord of a report he had heard about Saul, and asking if that were true. (1 Sam. 23:10, 11) Satan and the carnal mind would say, "It is not right to approach the Lord in such inward confusion; wait until the mind is more calm and spiritual." But David came in the midst of all, bringing his doubts and uncertainties with him, and in all the Lord answered him, so that it was with him as with Jothamó"He became mighty because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God." (2 Chron. 27:6)

I cannot tell you how precious these thoughts have been to me, or how often I have resorted to them to encourage my heart to trust in the Lord in secular things, and to expect His teaching in daily concerns--great and small. Though I have mentioned it before, I just stir up your mind by way of remembrance, because you seem to be laid upon my heart in this matter. I know the enemy will fight hard to keep you out of this privilege, trying to make it appear that in 'different circumstances' you could walk more closely with the Lord. This is one of his "devices" to separate us from our God. Oh, for the Spirit's light to discover his snares of darkness!

We are each in the best place to glorify the Lord; and present events, whether pleasing or painful, are those in which to be seeking Him. In this sense we may safely say, "Whoever is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the loving-kindness of the Lord." (Psalm 107:43.) That the Lord may give you this heavenly wisdom in earthly things is the affectionate wish of,
Ruth Bryan.