The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

All in Jesus

Dear Miss W.
September, 1858.
You complain of having but little of the sensible love and presence of your Beloved, and that once you enjoyed much more. I do not know sufficient of your experience, to be able to judge whether the Lord is withholding sensible enjoyments to bring you to live more by faith upon Himself than upon His benefits. If so, I am sure the more you are brought so to live upon the precious Person and work of Jesus, the more stability of soul you will experience. Your soul being brought to triumph in Him who is the "Lord our Righteousness." I know not whether it be so, or whether the Lord is saying Rev. 2:4, 5; if so, you will cry Psalm 19:12, and Psalm 51:12. But, however, though no fellow-pilgrim may exactly understand your present exercises and position in the Divine life, your dear Lord knows all about it; and, if you closely wait upon Him, He will reveal what He intends, by the change in your experience. Oh! may He cause you to come out of self continually, and find your all in Jesus. The Lord establish, strengthen, and settle you on the Rock, as David sings (Psalm 40:2). My heart longs that it may be thus with you, for this is the victory that overcomes; all faith in Jesus and in His doing and suffering. Excuse all this from one who longs that your heart may be "established with grace." To Him I commend you—may He be revealed more fully in your soul.

R. B.