The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

Lessons in the furnace

"He has done all things well."

To Mrs. H., June 7, 1860.
I was grieved to hear of your affliction, my beloved Amelia. But while with affectionate sympathy I feel for your suffering, I know most fully that it was not by chance or in vain, for

"Not a single shaft can hit,
 Until the God of love sees fit;"

and each shaft shall hit the right place, and accomplish His purpose. Oh! it is so sweet and quieting to know that Divine purpose runs through every event of our livesó"let fall some of the handfuls of purpose for her," not only handfuls of pleasant merciesóbut also of afflictions and trials at the appointed season, while His will runs as a straight line through every crooked circumstance, and our dissolving into that will, shall be our peace amidst it all. I hope you are now restored to your usual health. Thanks for your note and Mr. Hó's, in both which I found a suitable word. I ought to have acknowledged them sooneróbut I have been much worse. I am now reviving againóbut very weak, having at times very deep exhaustions, at others much suffering. It is marvelous how I am kept in this stateóbut I know it is all right. If my gracious Lord will but be glorified thereby, I shall rejoice.

I have had the exercise of not seeing or hearing my Beloved, which was an additional trial under increased afflictionóbut at length He instructed me thereby from 1 Peter 1:7, and I felt the trial had been profitable and strengthening. I am now favored with more conscious nearness, which alleviates bodily suffering.

Excuse all defects, I am very feeble. I have not written it all at once, and find it difficult to write, my arm being so contracted; but never mind, "the lame take the prey," and sit at the King's table, so all is well. Adieu, my beloved Amelia. The storms of life will soon be over, the fetters of flesh will fall off, and the freed spirit reach its own element of holiness and love.

With dear love in our lovely and loving Lord, I rest in Him, your very affectionate,