The Letters of Ruth Bryan, 1805-1860

Faith's grasp of things unseen

To Mrs. H., June 1858.
My dearest friend,
Warmest thanks for your last letter. I judge you are in straits and trials. May the Lord strengthen your faith, so that you may be reconciled to all His ways and dealings. When fully reconciled we can walk lovingly with Him, even while He walks contrary to our flesh and its idols. Oh to follow Him fully, as Joshua and Caleb did, who held fast to His faithfulness amidst all the cavilings and improbabilities of flesh and blood, and even though the people talked of stoning them. They were quite sensible of their own weakness and the strength of their enemiesóbut what of all this? Faith did not look to creature weapons or mightóbut stood on firmer ground. "If the Lord delights in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it to us; a land which flows with milk and honey." Surely Christ is our good land; and though unbelief and Satan rage, and carnal reason cavils--the children of the promise shall possess their possessions. "I am your inheritance, says the Lord." In Him all things are ours, not to glory in or rest inóbut to seek the things of Christ in them, and His glory by them. "Let no man glory in men, for all things are yours." (1 Cor. 3:20-23)

Oh, this precious grace of faith, may the Lord nourish and sustain it. Yes, faith is strong in old age to claim the fulfillment of the promise; and, having seen many wars and wonders of the Lord, it puts in the plea for every inch of ground for which the word has gone forth. See Joshua 14:9-11, yes, read the whole chapter, for it is very rich, and also Numbers 13 and 14. Oh for more Joshuas and Calebs! for truly "no good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly," which is to walk in Him, not in the flesh.

Affectionate love to your precious child. Dear girl, she bears the yoke in her youth as I also didóbut have praised the Lord for it many times. His yoke is easy, and His burden light; it is the endeavor to evade it which is the misery. His cross is lined with love, however rugged and unsightly the outside may appear to carnal reason. Praise Him, O my soul, and praise Him, O you cross-bearing companions. See what your forerunner did. He, bearing His cross, went forth. (John 19:17) Fear not to follow the Lamb, wherever and however He leads. In each footprint he has left a blessing. "The Lord is with you while you are with Him," (2 Chron. 15:2) and if He is for us we need not fear what flesh can do unto us.

With much love in our lovely and loving Lord the Lamb, your own ever-affectionate,