A Cabinet of Choice Jewels, or,
A Box of Precious Ointment

By Thomas Brooks, 1669

CHAPTER II. Containing many choice, precious, and infallible evidences of true saving grace, upon which a Christian may safely and securely, comfortably and confidently, rest and lean the weight of his precious and immortal soul, and by which he may certainly know that it shall go well with him forever; and that he has a real saving interest in Christ, and shall be everlastingly happy, when he shall be here no more, etc.

I. First, There are some things in regard of SIN, and a Christian's actings about it—which manifests a gracious estate, and which discovers a saving principle of grace to be in the soul.

II. Secondly, Where the constant, ordinary, standing, and abiding purpose, disposition, frame, and general bent of a man's heart, soul, spirit, desires, and endeavors—are fixed and set for God, for grace, for holiness in heart and life—there is a most sure and infallible work of God passed upon that man's soul.

III. Thirdly, If your OBEDIENCE be the obedience of faith, then your estate is good, then you have assuredly an infallible work of God upon your souls.

IV. Fourthly, A gracious heart is an UNIFORM heart.

V. Fifthly, A gracious heart sets himself most against his darling sin, his bosom-sin.

VI. Sixthly, True desires of grace is grace; true desires after Christ, and grace, and holinessis grace.