"I lie awake thinking of you, meditating on you through the night watches." –Psalm 63:6

"I long for the Lord more than watchmen long for the dawn, yes, more than watchmen long for the dawn." Psalm 130:6

"Through each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life." Psalm 42:8

1. The Glory of God

2. The Immutability of God

3. The Omnipotence of God

4. The Omnipresence of God

5. The Wisdom of God

6. The Holiness of God

7. The Justice of God

8. The Love of God

9. The Grace of God

10. The Tenderness of God

11. The Patience of God

12. The Faithfulness of God

13. The Sovereignty of God

14. The Providence of God

15. The Word of God

16. The Ordinances of God

17. The Spirit of God

18. The Promises of God

19. The Warnings of God

20. The Chastisements of God

21. The Invitations of God

22. The Consolations of God

23. The Paths of God

24. The Secret of God

25. The Name of God

26. The Favor of God

27. The Jewels of God

28. The Judgment of God

29. God's Banqueting House

30. The Presence of God

31. God's Closing Call