By Horatius Bonar, 1867

These sermons are short; and will, on that account, be found the more suitable for family reading. They are not about family duties; but are statements of the glorious gospel of the grace of God, in some of its manifold aspects.

Bethlehem and Its Good News

Nazareth and Its Good News

The Manifested Life

Divine Philosophy

The Banished One Bearing Our Banishment

The Servant of Sinners

Christ the Healer

Christ the Cleanser

The Surety's Baptism

The Surety's Sorrow

The Surety's Thirst

The Surety's Cross

The Cross, the Expression of Man's Unbelief

Life and Fruitfulness Through Death

The Risen Christ and the Things Above

Faith in an Unseen Christ

Consecration by Blood

A Present Savior

Self or Christ; Which is it?

Christ and the World

The God of Grace

The Sincerity of the Divine Compassion

The Sincerity of Divine Expostulations

The Sin Against the Holy Spirit

The Sin Unto Death

The Three Witnesses

The Divine Banquet

Bethany and its Feast

The Church's Widowhood

The World's Oracles

The Vain Wish

The Mortal and the Immortal

Longings for the Land

Christ and the New Creation

Apostolic Sighs

The Church’s Amen