Louis Berkhof, 1933

I. Preface and Introduction

    A. Religion

    B. Revelation

    C. Scripture


II. The Doctrine of GOD and His Works

    A. The BEING of God

        The Essential Nature of God

        The Names of God

        The Attributes of God

        The Trinity

    B. The WORKS of God

        The Divine Decrees in General





III. The Doctrine of Man in Relation to God

    A. Man in His ORIGINAL State

        The Constitutional Nature of Man

        Man as the Image of God, and in the Covenant of Works

    B. Man in the State of SIN

        The Origin and Essential Character of Sin

        Sin in the Life of the Human Race

    C. Man in the Covenant of Grace

        The Covenant of Redemption

        The Covenant of Grace


IV. The Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ

    A. The PERSON of Christ

        The Names of Christ

        The Natures of Christ

        The States of Christ   

    B. The WORK of Christ

        The Offices of Christ

        The Atonement Through Christ


V. The Doctrine of the Application of the Work of Redemption

    A. The Common Operations of the Holy Spirit

    B. Calling and Regeneration

    C. Conversion

    D. Faith

    E. Justification

    F. Sanctification

    G. Perseverance of the Saints


VI. The Doctrine of the Church and the Means of Grace

    A. The Church

        Nature of the Church

        The Government of the Church

        The Power of the Church

    B. The Means of Grace

        The Word as a Means of Grace

        The Sacraments in General

        Christian Baptism

        The Lord's Supper


VII. The Doctrine of the Last Things

    A. Individual Eschatology

        Physical Death

        The Intermediate State

    B. General Eschatology

        The Second Coming of Christ

        The Millennium and the Resurrection

        The Last Judgment and the Final State

(N.B. Some material from the original has been left out.)