Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life

by Theodore Cuyler, 1883

Section 1

The Song at the Well

Christ the Fountain

The Great Promise

Patching the Old Garment

A Good Life—How to Begin it

Be Thorough

Christ's Jewels

Citizens of Heaven

Section 2

Give Christ the Best

Right and Wrong Praying

The Night of Failure—the Morning of Faith

Christians for the World—Not of it

A Sermon All the Week

The Lily-work on the Pillars

Standing the Strain

Turning Winter into Spring

Section 3

One by One

Gleaning for Christ

Seeking after Holiness

Glimpses of Heaven

The Wreck of the Gold ships

The Honey of the Word

Can We Be Sure?

Asleep in Jesus

The Seven "Blesseds"