Sin has robbed us of six jewels

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(William Dyer, "Christ's Famous Titles")

"Christ died for the ungodly." Romans 5:6

Certainly the misery of man was very great, that man should need such redemption as this. Oh. what a breach had sin made between God and us, that the Son of God must come from Heaven to earth to suffer all this.

Oh sirs, mischievous sin has undone us. Sin has robbed everyone of six jewels, every one of which is of more worth than Heaven and earth. Would you know what jewels they are, which sin has robbed us of? I will tell you, and then you will agree that we were in a very miserable case indeed.

1. Sin robs us of the image of God. Was not this a precious jewel? I say, sin robbed us of the image of God, and drew the devil's picture in us.
  Malice is the devil's eye,
  oppression is the devil's hand,
  blasphemy is the devil's tongue,
  hypocrisy is the devil's cloven foot.

2. Sin robs us of our divine sonship, and makes us . . .
  slaves to the devil,
  slaves to sin,
  slaves to the world,
  slaves to ourselves.
This is another jewel we have lost.

3. Sin robs us of our friendship with God, and makes us . . .
  enemies to God,
  enemies to Christ,
  enemies to our own souls,
  enemies to all that is holy.

4. Sin robs us of our communion and fellowship with God, and makes us strangers and aliens to God.

5. Sin robs us of our rights and privileges of Heaven and heavenly things, and makes us children of wrath and heirs of Hell.

6. Sin robs us of our honor and glory, and makes us vile and miserable; as you may see in Isaiah 1:6, "There is no soundness in us, but only wounds, and bruises, and putrefying sores."

Now sirs, put all this together, and then see whether or not we are miserable, and whether we needed a Savior to come and deliver us from this misery into which our souls were plunged.

Now here is our happiness, Christians: in Christ we have these jewels back again, which we lost in the old Adam.
The glorious image of God,
our divine sonship,
our friendship with God,
our fellowship with God,
our heavenly privileges,
our glory and honor,
we have regained all these by Jesus Christ!