Pithy gems from Richard Baxter's "A Call to the Unconverted!"

There is not a soul in Hell but knows that it was a mad exchange to forfeit Heaven for a little mirth, or fleshly pleasure, or worldly riches or honor.

Nothing can quench Hell fire!

There can be no reason to warrant a man to damn his eternal soul.

Will Hell not be as hot to you, as to others?

Heaven will pay for the loss of anything that we lose to get it; but nothing can pay for the loss of Heaven.

The joys of Heaven are of so pure and spiritual a nature, that the heart of the wicked cannot desire them.

Is it possible that a man can have any good reason to damn his own immortal soul?
Is eternal damnation a thing to be desired?
Are you in love with Hell?
What reason have you to willfully perish?

There is no separating sin and Hell.

Heaven is such a thing, that, if you lose it, nothing can make up the loss.
Hell its such a thing, that, if you suffer it, nothing can remove your misery or give you ease and comfort.

If damnation and Hell are pleasant to you, then it is no wonder that you go on in sin.

Are the pleasures of this world to be valued above the joys of Heaven?
Are they worth the sufferings of eternal Hell-fire?

Men will damn themselves for a little sinful pleasure, and run into endless torments for a little earthly delight!

It is easier to hear of Hell, than feel it.

Unless you are converted, you are but dead and damned men!

O sinner! If you did but know the thousandth part of the danger that is near you, and the misery that you are running into--you would turn to God at once!

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Could every damned sinner weep a whole ocean!
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