Spurgeon's choice excerpts on Hell

(Charles Spurgeon)

There never was anyone else so kind in heart as Jesus was—yet He clearly taught the dreadful truth that unrepentant sinners shall be punished in Hell forever!

Remember, you can be laughed into Hell—but you can never be laughed out of it!

In countries where leprosy prevails, they shut up the lepers in a place by themselves, lest the terrible disease should infect the whole district. Hell is God's leper colony where sinners must be confined forever when they are incurable and past hope!

There is no sleep in Hell. Oh, what a blessing it would be, if sleep could enter the habitation of the damned!

Men hate Hell, for the same reason that murderers hate the gallows!

To be almost saved—is to be altogether lost!
There are many in Hell who once were almost saved—but who are now altogether damned!

Better to go to Heaven alone, than to Hell with a herd!

If your religion does not make you holy—it will damn you!
It is simply painted pageantry to go to Hell in!

Morality may keep you out of jail—but it takes the blood of Jesus Christ to keep you out of Hell.

There is a clean path to Hell as well as a dirty one.
You will be lost if you trust your good works—as surely if you trusted your sins!

Beware of those who say that there is no Hell—and that there are new ways to Heaven!

You are hanging over the mouth of Hell by a single thread—and that thread is breaking! Only a stopping of the heart for a single moment, and you will be in the eternal world—without God, without hope, without forgiveness!

Beloved, the eternal torment of men is no joy to God.

Scripture does not speak of the fire of Hell as chastening or remedial, or purifying—but as punishment which men shall receive for deeds done in the body. They are to be visited with many stripes, and receive just recompense for transgressions. What can there be about Hell fire to change a man's heart? Surely the more the lost will suffer, the more will they hate God.

There are two flaming jewels of Jehovah's crown which shall be solemnly seen in Hell—His wrath and His power.
"What if God, choosing to show His wrath and make His power known, bore with great patience the objects of His wrath, prepared for destruction?" Romans 9:22

I am not like yon flatterers who tell you that there is a little Hell and a little God, from which you naturally infer that you may live as you like. You will perish everlastingly if you believe them. There is a dreadful Hell—for there is an absolutely holy, just, and righteous God.

A man may as well descend to Hell being orthodox, as being heterodox. Alas, I suppose that no one is more orthodox than the devil—yet no one is more surely lost than he is!