Just what is best for you!

(Thomas Moor, "Counsels and Thoughts for the Spiritual Life of Believers" 1882)

Remember that among your chief thoughts of the Lord Jesus, this one must ever have a prominent place: that He is ever looking down upon you and watching you with tenderest love, and ordering all things for your eternal good.

Sometimes it is spiritual medicine, at other times it is spiritual nourishment—but at all times it is spiritual good and just what is best for you! He sees and knows beyond anyone else what is best for you in each circumstance of each moment. So, always when you think of Him, think of Him as thus looking down upon you and ever caring for you.

Often the Lord, in His discipline of love, not only withholds what the heart longs for, but gives what the heart shrinks from naturally. If this is not patiently received at His hands, the discipline is of no avail and the Lord has to begin the discipline again, and sometimes again and again, but all in love—that the believer may at last leave it to Him to give, or take away, or withhold, even as He pleases.

To enjoy rest in the Lord Jesus in every providence however trying—each trying providence should be interpreted in strict accordance with His covenant love and faithfulness. To the believer, He is all love. His providences never contradict this—however unpleasing, undesirable, or disappointing they may be.

The Lord Jesus by affliction calls His people to draw still nearer to Himself in daily fellowship, in secret and personal communion, so that, having become the still deeper necessity of their souls, He may still more become their fullness of life, and peace, and joy.

With believers who are often in much affliction, the question should not be, "Why am I thus afflicted by Him more than many are who appear to be always well?" But rather, "Why am I so loved by Him more than many are; I who deserve this love no more than they do!"

The Lord Jesus wants the believer to look to Him as his all—both in providence and grace, in temporal things and in spiritual.