The Bible, the Word of God!

(John Mason's Spiritual Sayings)

The Word of God must be . . .
  nearer to us than our friends,
  dearer to us than our lives,
  sweeter to us than our liberty, and
  pleasanter to us than all earthly comforts.

Take the candle of God's Word and search the corners of your heart.

We speak to God in prayer.
God speaks to us in His Word.

All arguments against the Word of God are fallacies;
  all ideas against the Word are delusions;
  all derision against the Word is folly; and
  all opposition against the Word is madness.

When God threatens, that's a time to repent;
when He promises, that's a time to believe;
when He commands, that's a time to obey.

If a man believed the threatenings of the Word of God,
he would tremble and fly to the promises for refuge.

As Christ came out of His Father's bosom, so
the promises came out of Christ's riven side.