Pithy gems from John Trapp, 1601-1669

Pleasure, profit and preferment are the worldling's trinity!

Better be pruned to grow, than cut up to burn!

Conscience is God's spy in the bosom.

God casts away many in anger for their supposed goodness, but none for their confessed badness.

A circle cannot fill a triangle, so neither can the whole world fill the heart of a man.
You may as easily fill a chest with goodness, as the heart with gold.

He who will be angry and not sin, must not be angry at nothing but sin.

Be careful what books you read; for as water tastes of the soil though which it runs, so does the soul taste of the books that a man reads.

Truth must be spoken, however it is received.

It is in mercy and in measure, that God chastises His children.

A man may go to Hell with baptismal water upon his face!