Glued to their lusts!

(Thomas Brooks, "A Cabinet of Choice Jewels" 1669)

Sinners' hearts are so glued to their lusts, that they will rather part with their nearest, dearest, and choicest enjoyments—than part with their sins! Yes, they will rather part with God, Christ, and all the glory of Heaven—than they will part with some darling lust!

"When He comes, He will convict the world about sin." John 16:8
The first work of the Spirit upon the soul, is to make a man . . .
  look upon sin as an enemy,
  deal with sin as an enemy,
  loathe sin as an enemy,
  fear sin as an enemy, and
  fight against sin as an enemy.

Of all the vile things in the world, sin is the most defiling thing.
Sin makes us red with guilt, and black with filth.

Inward corruptions grieve the gracious soul.
"Oh," says the gracious soul, "that I were but rid of . . .
  this proud heart,
  this hard heart,
  this unbelieving heart,
  this filthy heart,
  this rebellious heart,
  this earthly heart of mine!"

The Christian has a sincere willingness to be rid of all sin.
The enmity which grace works in the heart, is against all sin:
  profitable sins,
  pleasurable sins,
  secret sins,
  disgracing sins,
  darling sins,
  small sins,
  great sins.

It is certain that sin is more afflictive to a gracious soul, than all the losses, crosses, troubles, and trials that he meets with in the world.

True grace would not have one Canaanite left in the holy land.
He would have every Egyptian drowned in the red sea of Christ's blood!
"I hate every false way." Psalm 139:24

Saving grace makes a man as willing to leave his beloved lusts,
  as a slave is willing to leave his chains,
  or a prisoner longs to leave his dungeon,
  or a beggar desires to leave his rags.

A sincere heart had much rather be rid of his sins, than of his sufferings. 
Yes, he would rather be rid the least sins, than of the greatest sufferings.

  ~ ~ ~ ~

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