The root and foundation of all the mistakes in theology

(Charles Spurgeon)

I believe that it is a mistake about God Himself, which has been the root and foundation of all the mistakes in theology. My conviction is that Arminian theology, to a great extent, makes God to be less than He is.

The basis and groundwork of Arminian theology lies in attaching undue importance to man—and giving God the secondary place.

I do not believe in an atonement which is admirably wide, but fatally ineffectual. I had rather believe a limited atonement that is efficacious for all for whom it was intended—than a universal atonement that is not efficacious for anybody, except the will of man be joined with it.

Again, to think that my Savior died for those who were or are in Hell, seems a supposition too horrible for me to entertain. To imagine for a moment that He was the Substitute for all people; and that God, having first punished the Substitute, afterwards punished the sinners themselves—conflicts with all ideas of divine justice.

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If you desire to learn more about the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism, please peruse the following one page Chart of the 5 points of Calvinism.

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