(John Mason's Spiritual Sayings)

**Two things should comfort suffering Christians, namely:
  all that they presently suffer is not Hell;
  their present suffering is all the Hell that they shall suffer.

**Afflictions are not so much threatened as promised, to the children of God.

**By affliction God separates the sin which He hates, from the soul which He loves.

**Sin is the poison—and affliction is the medicine.

**If the servants of Christ are ever so afflicted, yet
  His heart is with them, and His eye is upon them.

**Though the hand of God may be against you;
  yet the heart of God may be towards you.

**What is bearing a temporal cross, compared to the wearing an eternal crown?

**Our enjoyments are greater than our afflictions,
  and our afflictions less than our sins.

**Our sufferings should stir up our graces, as well as our griefs.