Why the Cross?

(Octavius Winslow)

True sanctification is a daily mortification of the root of sin in the heart — the continual destruction of the principle.
What is your predominant sin? Lay the axe at its root!
Seek its death and destruction — or it will be death and destruction to you, as long as it prevails.

One sight of a crucified Savior imparted by the Holy Spirit, will effectually weaken the power of indwelling sin — more than all other means combined.

O the might of the Cross!
O the virtue of the blood!
O the power of the grace of Jesus — to crucify, cleanse, and subdue our iniquities!

While the Cross is a comforting truth — it is also a sanctifying truth.

Why the Cross?

To evince the exceeding hatefulness of sin, and to show that nothing short of such a stupendous sacrifice could remove sin consistently with the glory of the Divine nature, and the honor of the Divine government.

When the mind is diverted from the Cross — sin appears to be a trifle. It can be . . .
  looked at without indignation,
  tampered with without fear,
  committed without hesitation,
  persisted in without remorse,
  gloried in without shame,
  confessed without sorrow.

But when Divine justice is seen drinking the very heart's blood of God's only Son, in order to quench its infinite thirst for satisfaction; when Jesus is seen in His humiliation, suffering, and death — all with the design of pardoning iniquity, transgression, and sin — then how fearful a thing does it seem to sin against this holy Lord God! How base, how ungrateful, does our sin appear — in view of love so amazing, of grace so rich, and of glory so great!

Cultivate a constant, an ardent thirst for holiness. Do not be discouraged if the more intensely the desire for sanctification rises — the deeper and darker is the revelation of the heart's hidden evil. The one is often a consequence of the other. The struggle may be painful, the battle may be strong — but the result is certain, and will be a glorious victory — victory through the blood of the Lamb!

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