The cause of all His anguish!

(John Newton)

"My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" Mark 15:34

Come, friend, let us leave our troubles to themselves for a while--and let us walk to Golgotha, and there take a view of His troubles!

Behold the Beloved of God, perfectly spotless and holy--yet made an example of the severest vengeance. Behold Him . . .
  prostrate and agonizing in the garden;
  enduring the vilest insults from wicked men;
  torn with whips, and nails, and thorns;
  suspended, exposed, wounded, and bleeding upon the cross;
  heavily distressed, being forsaken by His Father.

Sin was the cause of all His anguish! He stood in the place of sinners--and therefore He was not spared. Not any, or all, the evils which the world has known, afford such proof of the dreadful effects and detestable nature of sin, as the knowledge of Christ crucified!

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