It is no wonder that they were so dejected!

(James Buchanan, "The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit" 1842)

"I am now going away to Him who sent Me . . . Because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your heart." John 16:5-6

It is no wonder that they were so dejected in the prospect of losing the personal presence of Him who was . . .
  their kindest friend,
  their unwearied benefactor,
  their patient teacher — whose . . .
wisdom was their guide,
power was their defense,
sympathy was their consolation,
approval their was reward, and
salvation was their highest hope.

They were attached to Him as a personal Friend — by the strongest ties of gratitude, and admiration, and love.

They had long associated with Him on terms of most endearing intimacy.

They had often looked with delight on His compassionate countenance, 'full of grace and truth'.

They had listened to his public preaching and His private conversation, when 'He spoke as never any man spoke'.

They had witnessed His miracles of mercy, and His life of unwearied beneficence, 'when He went about continually doing good'.

They had themselves received at His hands every benefit which divine love, combined with the most perfect human kindness, could bestow.

And can we deem it astonishing, if the thought of parting with such a Friend, whose appearance, and voice, and person were entwined with their fondest affections — filled their hearts with especial sadness?