How much time is wasted!

(Elizabeth Hasell)

"The time is short!" 1 Corinthians 7:29
How valuable is time! God has given it to us only minute by minute — to show us how precious a thing it is that He grants in these small drops.

How soon is time over! How short is the longest life! And yet time is given to prepare for eternity! As we spend our time — so shall we spend eternity! The question "Where shall I spend eternity?" must be decided in time. When eternity begins, it will be too late.

Time is given us to serve the Lord in.
Time is given us to repent in and to believe the gospel.
Time is given us to do our duty in our station.
Time is given us to do good to others.

How much time is wasted! Idle gossip from house to house, too much attention to dress, and foolish reading — are so many things to waste precious time!

But there is one idea I would like you to have, one thought that I trust the Spirit may write and keep in all our hearts — for Satan and the world would wish us to think far otherwise. This is it: Time is given us to prepare for eternity! I am answerable to God for my use or abuse of time.

Let us pray to God to give us grace to spend our time in His service, in doing our duty in our day and generation, and in preparing for the life to come. Then, when time shall be over, we shall enter upon a glorious eternity through Christ our Lord.

The ungodly and the careless will then wish, when wishing will be vain — that they had in like manner devoted their time to God. What would lost sinners give at the last, for one short day! Oh, then, be wise now. Be wise in time. Consider your ways, and prepare for a life that shall never end!

"So teach us to number our days — that we may get a heart of wisdom!" Psalm 90:12