Christmas is coming!

(Arthur Pink)

"Thus says the Lord: Do not learn the ways of the heathen...for the CUSTOMS of the people are vain." Jeremiah 10:1-3

Christmas is coming!
Quite so — but what is "Christmas?" Does not the very term itself denote it's source, "Christ-mass." It is of Roman origin, brought over from paganism.

"But," says someone, "Christmas is the time when we commemorate the Savior's birth." It is? And who authorized such commemoration? Certainly God did not. The Redeemer bade His disciples to "remember" Him in His death — but there is not a word in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, which tells us to celebrate His birth. Moreover, who knows when, in what month, He was born? The Bible is silent thereon.

And WHO is it that celebrates "Christmas?" The whole "civilized world." Millions who make no profession of faith in the blood of the Lamb, who "despise and reject Him". We would ask: Is it fitting that Christ's friends should unite with His enemies in a worldly round of fleshly gratification? Does any true believer really think that He whom the world cast out, is either pleased or glorified by such participation in the world's joys? Truly, the customs of the people are vain! It is written, "You shall not follow a multitude to do evil." Exodus 23:2

Some will argue for the "keeping of Christmas" on the ground of "giving the kiddies a good time." But why do this under the cloak of honoring the Savior's birth? Why is it necessary to drag in His holy name in connection with what takes place at that season of carnal jollification?

There are those who do abstain from some of the grosser carnalities of the "festive season" — yet are they nevertheless in cruel bondage to the prevailing custom of "Christmas".

In the sight of God, the circus and the theater are far less obnoxious than the "Christmas celebration" of Romish and Protestant "churches." Why? Because the latter are done under the cover of the holy name of Christ — the former are not.

"You shall not follow a multitude to do evil." Ah, it is an easy thing to float with the tide of popular opinion; but it takes much grace, diligently sought from God, to swim against it. Yet that is what the heir of Heaven is called on to do: "Do not be conformed to this world" — to deny self, take up the cross, and follow a rejected Christ.

Our final word is to the pastors. To you the Word of the Lord is, "You should be an example to the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity" (1 Timothy 4:12). Is it not true, that the most corrupt "churches" you know of, where almost every fundamental of the faith is denied — will have their "Christmas celebrations?" Will you imitate them? Seek grace to firmly but lovingly set God's truth on this subject before your people, and announce that you can have no part in following Pagan, Romish, and worldly customs!