The voyage of life!

(John Newton's Autobiography, "Out of the Depths!")

All true believers walk by the same rule, and mind the same things:
   the Word of God is their compass,
   Jesus is both their polar star and their sun of righteousness,
   their hearts and faces are all set Zion-ward.
Thus far they are as one body, animated by one spirit. Yet their experience, formed upon these common principles — is far from being uniform.

The Lord, in His first call, and His following dispensations, has a regard to the situation, temper, and talents of each — and to the particular services or trials which He has appointed them for. Though all believers are tried at times — yet some pass through the voyage of life much more smoothly than others. But he "who walks upon the wings of the wind, and measures the waters in the hollow of His hand," will not allow any of whom He has taken charge, to perish in the storms — though, for a season, perhaps, many of them are ready to give up all hopes.

We must not, therefore, make the experience of others, in all respects — a rule to ourselves.
Nor are we to make our own experience — a rule to others.