Jesus never gave any money!

(J.R. Miller, "Woman's Ministry")

Many shrink from ministering to the poor, because they have no money to give. But money alone is the poorest alms ever bestowed! There are gifts which every true Christian, however poor, has to bestow — which are infinitely better than money.

The apostles gave no money. They had no silver nor gold to bestow.

Jesus never gave any money!
We never read of Him giving a mite to any who were poor or in distress. And yet no man was ever such a lavish giver of beneficence as He. What Christ gave was loving service, pity, sympathy, compassion, tears and personal help.

These are the coins that the Christian should chiefly give. They are coins that bear the stamp of Heaven. The image and superscription of Jesus, our great King, are upon them. They were minted in Heaven! They are better than gold — for money is a poor thing to give, without love. "If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames — but have not love, I gain nothing."
1 Corinthians 13:3

Money will neither . . .
  comfort the sad,
  nor cheer the lonely,
  nor lift up the fallen,
  nor strengthen the faint,
  nor support the tempted,
  nor heal the broken-hearted,
  nor soothe weariness,
  nor wipe away tears.

Love-gifts are what the poor, suffering, and sorrowing most need.
And these heavenly coins, the poorest Christian may scatter!

Jesus asked nothing nobler on earth than this — and He has made these lowly ministries forever glorious and divine.

Let Christians go out into the world, and repeat everywhere the tender, beautiful, helpful ministry of Jesus — and they will do more to bless the world, than if they opened a mine of wealth and made thousands rich!