What are these Christians doing on Satan's ground?

(James Smith)

"What are these Hebrews doing here?" 1 Samuel 29:3

David's men wanted to mingle with the Philistine army — this was decidedly wrong.

It is always wrong when God's people unite with the world, contrary to His holy Word.

We may ask, "What are these Christians doing here?" What are they doing — joining with the world? Their Master has told them to "Come out from among them and be separate! Touch no unclean thing!" He has said, "Arise and depart, for this is not your rest
— because it is defiled, it is ruined, beyond all remedy!" What are these Christians doing out of the path of duty — or by their presence, sanctioning sin?

God has said, "Be holy — for I am holy." What are these Christians doing on Satan's ground? They are in the enemy's ranks? Do they intend to leave Jesus — and go back to the world? Are they  . . .
  tired of His company,
  set against His Word, and
  determined to throw off His yoke?

Do they intend to share in . . .
  the slavery of Satan,
  the sinner's doom,
  the wrath of God?

What are these Christians doing here? Their conduct is . . .

Christian! you should . . .
  keep the company of Jesus,
  walk with holy people, and
  keep yourselves unspotted from the world!

"The Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins — to rescue us from the present evil age!" Galatians 1:3-4