I can assure her that her child shall certainly recover!

(John Newton's Letters)

I hope the Lord will spare Mrs. K's child, to be a comfort to her. But should He appoint otherwise — He will be faithful to His promise, and make her strength equal to her day. I can assure her that her child shall certainly recoverIF He who is infinitely wise, sees it is best for her upon the whole.

But we are short-sighted creatures, not only unworthy — but unable to rightly choose for ourselves.
If the choice was left to us
— it would be our wisdom to refer it back to God.

We may be sure that He does not willingly grieve or afflict us. He takes no pleasure in seeing us weep and mourn — rather, every day brings us ten thousand proofs that He delights in our prosperity.

Whenever we are in heaviness, therefore, there is a need-be for it — faithful are the wounds of such a Friend! Our trials are made no sooner, nor longer — than the necessity of the case requires. He who wounds — has promised likewise to heal. He is all sufficient, and can give more than He will ever take away from His redeemed people. I trust she will find power to commit herself, and her every concern, into His hands; and that she will have reason to acknowledge, from day to day, that He does all things well!

Whatever the outcome may be — our Lord is wise and good in all His dealings. His mercies to us are new every morning — and as numerous as the minutes of our lives!