It was not human misery — but divine love!

(James Smith, "Streams in the Desert" 1849)

"You are to name Him JESUS — because He will save His people from their sins!" Matthew 1:21

This verse teaches that Jesus came into the world having . . .
  a definite people in His mind,
  a definite work in His hand, and
  a definite principle in His heart.

He had a definite PEOPLE in His mind!
They are simply called "His people." He had . . .
  a special interest in them,
  a special right to them, and
  a special concern for them.

They were given to Him as a pledge of His Father's love — to be His associates, joy and delight — His crown and glory. They were . . .
  sunk in sin and wretchedness,
  under the condemnation of the law,
  the captives of the prince of darkness!

They were His sheep — but lost sheep!

They were His jewels — but jewels in a heap of rubbish!

They were His  bride — but in a state of adultery!

He had . . .
  the eye of His omniscience watching them,
  the love of His heart pursuing them, and
  the arm of His omnipotence protecting them!

His eye was upon them . . .
  when in Heaven in His Father's bosom,
  and when enclosed in Mary's womb!
His eye ever was — and ever will be on them — from the beginning to the end of time — to save and to bring them safely to glory!

He had a definite WORK in His hand!
It was a work for His Father — and a work for His people.
He had . . .
  the law to fulfill,
  justice to satisfy,
  sin to remove,
  Heaven to open,
  Satan to conquer,
  death to destroy!

This work He proceeded to perform — until in triumph He exclaimed, "It is finished!"

He had a definite PRINCIPLE in His heart.
And what was that powerful principle, which brought Him . . .
  from Heaven — to earth,
  from glory — into contempt,
  from unutterable bliss — into inconceivable sorrow?

It was LOVE! Love,
  the ruling attribute of His nature,
  the prominent feature of His character,
  the rule of His conduct towards His people!
It was love which . . .
  eternally existed in His bosom,
  fanned His heart, and
  directed His ways!

It was . . .
  eternal love,
  immutable love,
  omnipotent love,
  unconquerable love,
  unfathomable love!

It was this sacred principle which led Jesus into our world — and conducted Him through all the stages of His redemptive work!

His name then, is 'Jesus' — because He loves and saves all of His people!

Never think that it was merely human misery, or the doleful cries of suffering mortals — which brought Jesus to our world; for if these would move Him — then He would assuredly empty Hell itself!

It was not human misery — but divine love!

It was not man's cries — but His own glory, which brought Jehovah Jesus into suffering circumstances and a miserable condition!

O the love! O the depth of the love of Jesus!