Such likeness between men and swine!

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Rowland Hill illustrated the folly of sinners, by the story of a butcher who was followed by the swine right into the slaughterhouse. As pigs are not usually in the mind to go where they are wanted, it seemed a mystery how these animals were so eager to follow their executioner; but when it was seen that he wisely carried a bag of corn with which he enticed the creatures onward, the riddle was solved at once. Unsuspicious of impending death, the hogs cared only for the passing gratification of their appetites, and hastened to the slaughter!

Just in the same manner, ungodly men follow the great enemy of souls down into the jaws of Hell, merely because their depraved passions are pleased with the lusts of the flesh and the pleasures of sin which the devil gives them by handfuls along the road. Alas, that there should be such likeness between men and swine!

The joys of sin are so short and so unsatisfactory that they can never be thought of for a moment, as a fitting inducement for a rational being to lose his immortal soul. Will a few hours' foolery, gambling, drinking, or immorality—compensate for eternal fire? Is the momentary indulgence of a base passion, worth . . .
  enduring of flames which never can be quenched,
  eternally moaning in vain for a drop of water,
  being tormented by the never-dying worm,
  being shut out from Heaven forever,
  being eternally cursed by God!

Is any sin worth all this?

Can any gain make up for this?

O you who delight in the poisonous sweets of sin, remember that though pleasant in the mouth for the moment—sin will be as wormwood and gall in your belly forever!

Why will you swallow the bait, when you know that the hook is there?

Why will you be lured by the Satanic fowler? Surely in vain is the net spread in the sight of any bird. But you are more foolish than the birds, and fly into the snare when you know it to be there! O that you were wise, and would consider your latter end. Let that one word "Eternity!" ring in your ears, and drive out the giddy laughter of worldlings who prefer fleeting sensual joys, to the eternal pleasures at God's right hand!