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Today's Puritan AUDIO Devotional:

No oil!
Horatius Bonar, very insightful
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The Star!

(Henry Law, "Numbers" 1858)

"A star will come out of Jacob." Numbers 24:17

A star, what is it, but a glittering orb set in the canopy of night? It sparkles, as a gem amid surrounding gloom. It darts a cheering ray on the black pall around. It smiles with lovely radiance on a dark ground.

Such is Christ Jesus. Where He beams not--it is unmitigated night. It is the skies without a star. What is such blackness, but a chilly type of ignorance, and wretchedness, and sin? Take the poor soul, in which Christ never shone. All these vile troops there brood. Is God there known? Far otherwise. There may be vague idea of some supreme director. But the realities of God's grace, and love, and truth, and justice--are utterly unseen. There is no basking in a Father's smile. Each step is through the maze and thickness of impenetrable doubts. There is no joy of a felt pardon. There is no knowledge of sins blotted out. Such is each Christless soul.

But let the Star appear--and what loveliness pervades the scene! So when Christ rises in the heart, that brightness comes, before which sin and misery flee.

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For further reading: J.R. Miller's insightful short article on affliction, "AFTERWARD".

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